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Want 1

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Blood Play, Rimming, Bondage, Food Play, CBT

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: Everyone has wants and desires, Xander and Spike enjoy each others, while trying to keep the ones they love safe.

Previous parts: Sequel to Need

"I know you can get out of these if you really need to, but I also know that you won't because I don't want you to. Isn't that right, baby?" The gagged and cuffed figure beneath him nodded, while eyes darkened with lust watched his every move. "That's my good boy." He said stroking along a tight chest, pinching a nipple roughly then sliding lower to stroke a leaking cock then moved down lower still to cup a pair of heavy cleanly shaven balls and tap the base of a thick butt plug.

"You know you're not allowed to cum, baby. I know you want to be good, but I also know just how good your imagination is at being bad, and I think once I leave you all alone you're going to spend all that time in the dark just thinking, so I'm going to help you out."

He started winding a rope around the tight balls he'd been playing with, tying the ends off tightly, causing a gasp around the gag. He took another piece of rope and tied it around the base of the throbbing hard cock, then wrapped the rope slowly up the shaft until just below the head. He tied it off and then trailed the rope up to a D ring on the thick leather collar his mate wore. He pulled the rope through tight, stretching the cock up until it was pulled taunt, but not to the point of damage.

He stepped back to admire the image as a whole when he realized something was missing. He turned a rifled through a drawer until he found a pair of nipple clamps. He slipped them on, enjoying the sound of his lover's lust induced moan. That done he leaned down and kissed his mate on the nose and left to run errands, shutting the light out and turning the air conditioning on high on his way out the door.


Xander Harris was a man on a mission. A mission to complete all the things on his short, but complicated, list of errands.

He had to pick up the dry cleaning; Spike, sex, and lube were Hell on his newly acquired suits. Since he wasn't giving either up anytime soon, he was quickly becoming one of the local dry cleaner's best customers.

He had to pick up some big smelly bag of herbs from Anya and deliver it to Willow and Tara, as per their request earlier. It seems they just had to have it the minute they got out of class or the spell would be ruined. He wasn't quite sure what it did, but the sale of the herbs would put Anya in a good mood, and the magic would put Willow in a good mood, and that would put Tara in a good mood. Xander figured it was a damned good thing, if it he could make that many of his girls smile at the same time.

Once that was done, Giles had asked him to fix a couple shattered displays still in pieces from the last time something big ugly and slimey had decided to knock around the store. The fixing wouldn't take long, really, if it weren't for having to special order the glass. The supplier had called to let him know it was in yesterday, and he had to pick it up during business hours. He wasn't going to actually fix the displays today. Nope, not today, thank heavens.

The last thing he had to do was pick Dawn up from school. Buffy was busy with school and Riley and lord knows what else, and Joyce was busy with the gallery. He had volunteered to drop Dawn off at the Magic Box, where Joyce would pick her up later.

He really needed to take some time to talk with the rest of the gang. Angel, not that he counted as part of the gang, Willow and Tara all knew about him and Spike. He really wanted Dawn and Mrs. Summers to know, too, but he worried about how well Buffy would not handle it. Also, Giles might just go into Ripper mode, and father figure or not... or maybe because of, that scared him. Ripper could be counted on to smash right through the bullshit and end up at the bottom line without sentiment; something that in this case could very well lead to his mate as sediment, if Giles determined Spike was a threat to Xander. Having Willow on his side would help some, but would also cause problems in a 'you told her but not us' sort of way, and Lord help them all if they found out Angel knew first and didn't say anything. Speaking of which, Giles would probably guess about that.

And then there was Riley. He had sort of liked Riley as a friend for awhile. Hell he didn't exactly hate him now, but he did resent the man who'd helped the people who'd hunted and hurt his mate. There was also the fact that he was more than a bit leery of becoming someone the remnants of the Initiative would see as a prime target; not only was he not quite human, but he was a mated consort, something fairly unique. There was also the sad fact that most of his company's clients had lost friends and family to the fiasco with Adam.

Xander shook his head to clear it and started in on his errands. The hard decisions would have to wait for now, it's not like anyone was chomping at the bit to out him to Buffy or the rest, so he had a little breathing room to prepare them for his new lifestyle and his new mate.


Xander slipped back into the apartment as quietly as possible. It wasn't that he didn't expect his mate to instantly know he was there, but he wanted to be able to hear any noises he might be making. There was a lovely low growl/whine coming from their playroom. Xander stood for a moment with a silly grin on his face as he contemplated just what he had in store for his vampire, and then he jerked back to life and went about getting things all ready.

He slipped several containers from a very nice restaurant into the oven on warm, dropped two pints of ice cream into the freezer, and a case of imported beer into the refrigerator.

That done he pulled out a jar of cherries, a can of Reddi Whip, and a jar of Hershey's Chocolate Shell, put them in their own bag and sat it on the counter. They'd be sharing dessert first tonight, before dinner.

Finished, he stripped down, slipped on a cock ring, so he wouldn't cum too soon, and with a whistle, picked up the bag and slipped into the room with his mate.

Dark blue eyes were on him the second he slipped inside. He sat the bag beside the bed and then climbed up into the bed on one side. Xander slid his hand down Spike's taunt body running one finger around pinched sore nipples, trailing it over the head of the dripping red cock that was pulled tight and bound with rope. He scraped a nail lightly over the cock head and pulled his finger to his mouth for a taste of precum.

Spike groaned as Xander removed the nipple clamps and began exploring his neck and chest with his mouth and tongue and teeth. He sucked and nibbled and licked across both shoulders and down either side, and then down each arm. Xander slithered up between Spike's legs laying across his bound cock and balls lightly, eliciting a light groan. He untied the rope from the collar and with a few quick moves, pulled the rope wrapped around Spike's cock.

Spike let out a long low groan of both pain and appreciation, and the moment his cock was unwrapped, Xander darted froward and sucked it into his mouth. He sucked and slurped around it while he teased his fingernails over Spike's still bound balls lightly. When Spike was back full and hard in his mouth, he reached for the shells and spread some on Spike's cock. He let it bob stickily just above Spike's stomach while he slid up and liberally coated each nipple. Once that was done he removed the gag from Spike's mouth, kissed him long and hard, and then smeared a finger full across his tongue and lips, before Spike had the chance to complain about the cold or the sticky or the length of time he'd been gone.

Xander slid back down to Spike's legs, this time armed with the can of whipped cream. He added some to the chocolate coated cock, and then each nipple, and finally a quick spritz into Spike's mouth. He repeated the process with the jar of cherries, perching one on the head of Spike's cock, on his nipples and one just on the tip of his tongue. Satisfied, Xander grabbed the leftovers and climbed off the bed.

With the air conditioning still running on high, and Spike's lack of body heat, the treats didn't melt the way they would on anyone warm blooded. Xander took the extra time to get a few good shots with his digital camera, before he slipped up the bed between Spike's legs and began licking at the chocolate coating.

By the time Xander had cleaned off every sticky drip from Spike's cock, Spike was writhing under him, dripping precum, and thrusting his hips up to meet Xander's mouth. Ignoring Spike's demanding cock, Xander slid up his body, pinning the wanting, wanton cock between their bodies, and began licking off each nipple.

When the nipples were cleaned off, and hard red nubs from the nibbling and licking, Xander untied Spike's legs. He settled in between them and grabbed the end of the plug he'd left buried in Spike's ass. He pulled and pumped it in and out a few times, until Spike was thrusting himself on and off it in need. Satisfied, Xander pulled it out and tossed it aside. He slid a hand up his very hard throbbing cock, lubricating it, and then slid into Spike.

Once he was balls deep in Spike, he reached between them and unwound the rope from Spike's balls, causing the smaller man to groan appreciatively. He then slipped a hand down around his own cock and released the cock ring he'd been wearing. He held stock still, buried in the man he loved, and held his breath, trying to ward off an orgasm. Only after he was sure of his control did he move.

He reached up to free Spike's hands, then wrapped one around his cock, and leaned forward to lick and suck on Spike's sweet coated tongue. He cleaned off the whipped cream and chocolate and they let the cherry slip back and forth between them. He began sliding in and out of Spike, his tongue mimicking the action.

Their bodies thrust forward and back, a strange combination of rutting and dancing, faster and faster until Xander's mouth slid from Spike's, and found his claim mark. He bit down hard and Spike let out a scream and came. His body clenched as he spurted, dragging Xander over the edge with him. They lay together in a sticky cum coated mass, arms and legs entwined, lips and teeth and tongues lazily playing against each other, for minutes, hours, eternities.

Finally reality slipped in and the pair slid into the shower. Once they were warm and clean, if not entirely dry, Xander shut off the air conditioning, then settled with his lover on the couch. They fed each other dinner and then ice cream.

"Next time, luv, I'm tying you down and drizzling your goodies with goodies, and doing what I want with you." Spike declared, sleepily, before the pair slipped into bed.

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