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Um..Help Finding a Fic?

This is my first time posting here..I hope I'm alowed to post this here. I'm looking franticly for this fic but can't find it anywhere.
The pairing is Xander/Spike. I know that for some reason Anya was hurt/dieing/or tired of being human and I'm pretty sure she got her powers back. She wanted Xander to have someone to love and/or take care of so she made Spike female and human too.
I remember one scene where Xander kinda gives Dawn ans femaleSpike the 'talk' and show them how to use condoms and have safe oral sex also..there were bannanas involved also ^_^ Eventualy Spike and Xander get together and Spike gets pregnant and gives birth. I know that after Spike gives birth he turns male and vapiric agian and is scared Xander does't want him anymore but they stay together.


EDIT: FOUND! by an Anonymous lurker. The fic is 'Love Me Like A Man' by Ruth Sadelle Alderson(
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