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Flip The Script (23/31)

Title: Flip The Script (23/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

The brain storming session lasted long into the evening and
was finally called to an end when every one realized they hadn't
eaten all day.
The plan had been discussed and all the possibilities
that go with a new idea were examined from different angles.
The excitement was like electricity in the air.

Larry and Willow each went their own way with dozens of
ideas relating to their end of the plan buzzing around their minds.
Willow was anxious to get home to her computer to begin drafting
a letter to the Attorney General and any other California authority
that could help in their investigation.

Larry had the names and number of the other workers on site
and would begin contacting them and encouraging them to refuse
to engage in construction that was unsafe or unstable. He knew
they would be more ameniable to the idea if they had the promise of
another job to fall back on.

William and Xander were thrilled bordering on overwhelmed
at the prospect of starting the new business.
Each one in turn would think of another obstacle to overcome.
They needed a building for an office.
They needed a book keeper. Supplies,tools, all the legal requirements.

Finally William got up.
Dumping his last cup of tea down the drain he turned
laughing to face Xander.
"Enough! I can't think anymore. We need to call it a day.
Too much has happened and I think we need a break."

Xander went over to the sink pressed himself against Will, trapping
him between the counter and Xander's larger body.
"What kind of a break do you want to take?" Involuntairily thrusting
his hips forward, Will could feel the heat rolling off Xander.
"Actually I was thinking of a sandwich, but I kind of like where this is
going better."

Without further comment Xander picked Will up by the waist and set
him on the kitchen counter.
"Lift your hips" Will did as he was told. Xander slid his sweat pants
off and threw them to the side.
Spreading Will's knees Xander stepped in between them. Leaning in
he kissed Will. Deeply and passionatly.

Throwing his arms around Xander's neck Will pulled him in even closer
and met him tongue for tongue. Grinding his naked hard cock against the
feel of Xander's cloth covered one was maddening.

Reaching over he tugged till Xander helped by pulling them down.
God how Will loved to look at Xander's cock.
It stood hard and straight against his belly. It was big and dark.
A man's cock. His man's cock.

Grabbing Will by the ankles Xander placed his feet up on the counter
causing Will to lean back and rest on his elbows.
Xander bent down a licked a strip from Will's sac up the length of his cock.

'Such a wonderful cock' He thought. Slender, stiff and always ready.
Xander studied the hood of skin.
Kind of reminded him of a Sharpei dog. Well this is one puppy he was
about to take for a walk.

Without further hesitation, Xander dropped, sucking Will's cock to the root.
"Xander, you... I... yes."
William was amazed at his ability to articulate so well
under the circumstance.
While wasn't exactly sure what the protocol was in this
type of situation, he was positive he should reciprocate somehow.

Then Xander swallowed around the head. With his tongue pressed
against the bundle of nerves Xander slid his lips up and down snugly.
Finally tasting the pre come oozing he licked it up greedily.
All thoughts escaped Will's brain.
Making sure the shaft was thoroughly wet with saliva he let his
hand take over as he kissed and nibbled his way down to
the sac and lower.

Leaning back the way he was exposed his hole to Xander's searching tongue.
Licking and sucking the puckered opening soon turned to devouring.
William felt like every nerve in his body was settled in his hole and firing
like electricity.
He grabbed Xander's hand and pumped his cock frantically.
Finally when he thought he could take no more, Xander rammed his
tongue into Will and felt him explode in orgasm.
Continung to hold Xander's hand tightly aroung his cock,
Will pumped out his juices with his emotions.

Slowly coming back to himself, Will opened his eyes to see
Xander smile and lick the white sticky cream off his fingers.
Will's eyes roamed down Xander's body and parked themselves on Xander's
still hard erection. "I believe you have a situation there." He lifted his gaze and
looked Xander in the eye.
"Would you like to bend me over and work off some of that tension?'

Xander groaned but never broke eye to eye contact.
Easily Will glided down from the counter and bent over.
Spreading his legs,he looked back over his shoulder. "So what do you think, Xan? Want to play? Want to show me who I belong to?"

Xander grabbed Will around the waist and pulled him back,
pressing his throbbing cock against Will's ass. "Lube, Baby,
we need lube, and a condom.
Jerking open a cupboard door, Will found what he was looking for and
handed it quickly to Xander.
Snickering, Xander read the lable. Virgin Olive Oil.
And when had Will hidden condoms around the apartment?

"Excuse me. Back to business please, Mr. Harris."
Xander lined his oiled cock head up to Will's hole and prepared to enter.
"Oh, a pushy bottom. That's why I love you."
When he heard those word, Will straightened up quickly, removing his ass
from the target area.

Turning around he held his breath. "Do you? Do you love me, Xander?
You never said it before."
"God, yes, I love you. I love everything about you. If I
didn't say it before it's because I was a coward. But I can't even remember now what I was afraid of."
Throwing his head back, Xander yelled out

Will smiled his biggest smile, threw his arms around Xander
and kissed him soundly.
He then turned back around and bent over with his legs spread wide.
"Come on, Lover, show me what you got."

Xander lined himself up again and slowly pressed forward.
When the head popped through the tight ring, Xander's grip on
Will's hips tightened. He wanted desperatly to ram in as
deep as he could go,but knew hurting Will was something
he could never do.

Feeling Xander enter his body caused an automatic reaction
in Will. His heart rate kicked up and his own cock
twitched to life. Bracing himself in anticipation of that
incredible sensation of Xander's hot, thick, cock pounding
into that sweet spot in his body, Will held on.
Working his way in, Xander was finally slapping his larger,
heavier balls against Will's softer sac.

Reaching around with traces of olive oil still on his hands,
Xander wrapped his hand around Will's cock and made a smooth
slippery fist to pump into.
Unable to restrain himself any longer, Xander slid
back till only the head was still snuggly burried in Will's hole.
He slammed home.
Both men groaned and after a moment or two to adjust, began thrusting together.
Xander hitting Will's hot spot just often enought to keep him on
the edge.

Soon, though, Xander knew he had been aroused to long and couldn't
hold off much longer. "Come on, Will. Come with me,"
Feeling his balls tighten up painfully, Will jerked forward
and came on the cupboards and Xander's hand, causing his
inner muscles to grip and flutter around Xander's cock.

Xander let every muscle in his body tighten as his orgasm filled the condom.
God how he wanted his come to fill Will's body. To drip out
and smell like him.
It was a conversation they would have later.
Later when his brain resumed function.
For now, a quick shower and bed.

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