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FIC: Dies Irae (S/X, NC-17) 
26th-Nov-2006 09:08 am
Title: Dies Irae
Author: Gwen (electricalgwen)
Pairing: Spike/vamp!Xander
Rating: NC-17
Words: 10,000+ in 3 chapters (complete)
Feedback: Oxygen to the flame. Concrit also highly welcome via email.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Full disclaimer here.
Warnings: Mild bloodplay; character death (not our boys).
Summary: In the days leading up to the final fight, Spike is triggered on a different victim. Now everyone's dealing with the consequences.
Notes: Takes place in BtVS season 7, starting from roughly before Lies My Parents Told Me, though I have taken a few liberties with the timeline and certain events. Contains some dialogue from the show and, obviously, spoilers.
Written for fall_for_sx. Many thanks go out to cordelianne and apreludetoanend for last-minute beta reading, cheering me on, and offering to beat up Angel for me.

Start with Chapter 1 and follow links at end of each part.
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