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Bunny biting!

A little ficlet of 300ish words cos the bunny is biting and won't go away and chapter 17 of Navigating Rough Waters won't write it's self until I get it out of my system. I'm hoping this short piece will make it calm down and go back to the hole it came from.

Totally unbeta'd

Autor: Tempestsreach
Word count: 306
Feedback: If you wanna!
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Hints of Child abuse, Angst.
Disclamer: I own nothing and just play with the boys cos it makes me happy.

Xander shivered, the dark figure above him loomed with fist raised. Memories flashed back to other beatings, in other places. Childhood nightmares of lost innocents, broken action figures and ripped pants, all had brought about the anger.

The cool brick work pressed against his sore face easing the bruises, cooling the burn.

“Please… Please I’m sorry.” He whimpered.

The flash and burn of fist as it connected, the slow-slip slide in to darkness a welcome release.

In this place of darkness recollections danced of happy times filled with laughter and joy. The first smile, the first touch, friends who supported one another in the hormone filled circle of his life.

The joy like a thousand shining gilt edged clouds as he stood proud and told them of his new love.

But they had twisted it, turning love to lust, friendship to a means to an end, pouring their mistrust and suspicion down like heavy rain.

“Oh Xander! He’s just using you!”

“Is this to get even at me?”

“Good grief do you understand what you have done?”

Even after six long months they still spoke with unthinking intent. A moment of panic and a new truth, no long quite so human, justification for every harsh word.

“Look what he’s done to you.”

“My God Xander! Sharing blood!”

The words had eventually worked and twisted the golden dream, thunder clouds had darkened the horizon, the sun dimmed. Anger had twisted perfection and let loose the beast.

Each word a wooded thorn, driven in until flesh bruised so even evil pleaded for a cessation of battle, but childish eyes could not see the harm of words carelessly dropped.

So Xander paid for each slur and thoughtless deed, the sun now winter pale, a barren land in a fertile valley. Chained by love to an unending future, caught until the last dust filled breeze would set him free.


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