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Fic search Bad me


Newbie to the community but not to the reading of the community or the rest of the SX fanfic community. I'm the original lurker. So my problem is this; my laptop did a swandive in to concrete and is no more. Usually when I want to re read a fic I have it in my files, but now ... kaput. I'm in mourning.

Right, I saw the BTVS episode Villains and longed to read a specific fic.
a) AU where the evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart rule the world. The resident lives underground.
b) Xander, Willow (with a electronic eye) and some other members of the Resistance rescue Spike from a official building where the Seniors and others have used Spike ad a whore.
c) During the rescue xander, spike, willow et al goes threw a portal to the dimension and existence of the Scoobies we know.
d)Spike and angel was lovers. Angels dead but Spike doesn't know. Xander is the chief and commander (kinda). Xander really wants Spike. And future (as all above) Xander really thinks his double/au self is a wanker or rather a spineless creature.

Hope you can help me.

Since I'm taking up space already I can compliment all the writers I LOVE (ok on top off my head I wont remember all, but I'll try):

sexymermaid, rngrdead, frk_werewolf, 50ftqueenie, ladycat777, winterlive, txrabbit, eyezrthewindows, nasty_shrew, kaygrr, reremouse, amejisuto, crazydiamondsue, denied_heaven, jackson_rayne, jameschick, lazuli_kat, savoytruffle, tabaqui, tgray, kimberly and many more.

So thank you to all writers listed and all other SX writers because this is my favorite fandom and paring and you keep it alive.

MVH Keshan
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