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Flip The Script (24/31) 
27th-Nov-2006 10:15 am
Title: Flip The Script (24/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

Something was off. Lindsey couldn't quite put his finger on it,
but it was there just the same.
Ever since that fucking accident the men had been tense and
challenging, some going so far as to question his decisions.

He knew who the ring leader was. It was that fucking Larry.
Larry who thought that he was such hot shit cause Xander had fucked
him once or twice. So now Larry was probably jealous.
Jealous cause Xander and Lindsey were a real item.
All summer they were.
And they would be again. Larry just couldn't stand
that so he was turning the other men on the crew against him.

Of course the threat of unemployment had shut them up, but
it was still happening far too often for his comfort.

It had cost him a fucking fortune to pay off those union inspectors
and convince them that the accident was Xander's incompetence.
OSHA was still sniffing around him, and his uncle was breathing
down his neck.

His cocksucking uncle was another thorn in his side. Republican
pain in his ass had threatened to ruin him just because he caught him
with that young boy from the gas station in town.
Christ, the shit he had to do.
Actually had to marry that stupid bitch, Sherry, and hire
her idiot nephew just to shut them all up.
But none of that mattered.
In the end he would still have Xander, and fuck anyone who
got in the way.

He just couldn't catch a fucking break.
All that money he had skimmed and saved was gone in bribes and
the quality of the materials he was ordering had gone from seconds
to damn near scrap. This job should have been a money one.
The one to make him a real pocket of change.
Now he was broke and getting in deeper.

He couldn't wait till this job was done. He needed a vacation.
Somewhere far away from here, at least till things were cool again.
Funny thing was, all this could have been avoided if Xander
wasn't acting like such a prick.
He knew Lindsey was the only man for him.
Why wouldn't he just admit it? But, no, he had to go panting
after that little bitch-in-heat, William.

Now he didn't have any money, he had the building authorities
breathing down his neck for more kick backs, and worst of all,
he hadn't seen Xander once in the two weeks since he had
been off work. He missed him.
Fuck! Why was life so unfair?
He didn't deserve this.

But this morning it was something else. As soon as he arrived on
the site he could feel it. The men were in a good mood.
Laughing and joking.
Acting like they used to.
Like they didn't have a care in the world.
'Well if I'm the one they are laughing at I'll put a stop to that.
I'm nobody's fuckin' joke.
Maybe I just better remind them of a few things.'

"LARRY! Get your ass in here."

The men who had just arrived on site had been contacted last
night and though they were somewhat apprehensive, they were
feeling better than they had in weeks.

When they heard Larry's named called the chatter stopped.
They knew this could be the turning point.
Would Larry really have the guts to stand up to him?
Larry also knew this was a make of break time in their plan.
The men would follow a strong leader, that's why they had always
willingly followed Xander. Larry hoped he had the courage to do this.
He couldn't let Xander down.
He couldn't let the men down.
He couldn't let himself down..
Standing up tall and sucking in a huge breath, Larry reached the trailer
and opened the door.

"What do you want, Lindsey? I'm busy."
"Don't you fuckin' disrespect me. I told you to call me Mr. McDonald,
and you're busy when I give you a job to make you busy.
I'm the fuckin' boss here."

Giving off an air of slight boredom, Larry leaned against the door.
"We all know you're the boss, Lindsey."
Accepting the faux pas of using his first name, Lindsey was
starting to relax "I want to hear you say it."

"Say what?" Larry was unsure how far Lindsey was willing to
take this show
"That I'm the boss" Lindsey's smirk was starting to make
Larry's fists itch.
His instincts told him the time was not yet right, so gritting his
teeth he straightened up and rolled his eyes "You're the boss"

"Good boy. Now, I have a load of supplies due in this morning, when
they arrive I want you to sign for them and send them to inventory.
That's all. You can go now." Lindsey waved him off.

Larry understood exactly what Lindsey was doing. By having
Larry sign for the supplies Lindsey could deny knowlege of what
was being done on site.

Without argument he left the trailer and headed directly over to Eddie.
"Wait one hour, then do it." Eddie nodded his understanding and
both men went their separated ways.

With everyone's stupidity checked, Lindsey couldn't have been feeling
more smug if he were wearing mink underwear. Confident he could
regain control of this sinking ship, he sat at his desk and studied the books.
There must be other ways of playing these numbers to send a little more
cash into his pockets.

Studiously tapping away at the calculator Lindsey was startled out of his
musings by Eddie shouting his name outside the trailer.
"Now what the fuck."
Racing outside Lindsey saw all the workers running for the far end of the lot.
"Foundations cracking!" Eddie waved his hands in the direction of the
eastern wall
"Were going to lose the wall if we can't sheer it up."
"Oh, Holy Fuck!" Lindsey took off with the crowd. Not noticing
Larry who had previously gone to his truck for a camera and was now slipping quickly into Lindsey's office.

It took less than an hour for Lindsey to determine the crack wasn't
serious enough to require structural repair. Most of that time
was spent arguing with that stupid ass Eddie.

It was almost like he was trying to keep him there just to fucking
argue the point.
No doubt just wanting to piss him off and ruin his day.

Returning to the trailer he passed Larry who was headed in the other direction.
"Where the fuck were you?"
"Christ, Lindsey, you told me to go wait on those fucking
delivery trucks. I can only be one place at a time.
Get off my back!"
"Fuck you, Larry!" Lindsey stomped off back to his office.

Larry strolled smugly back to his truck, dropped off his evidence,
picked up his lunch, and locked the doors.
Whistling he looked up a bird singing in a tree.
"Beautiful fucking day"

The next few days were a blur of activity. The massive amount of information Larry had collected was invaluable. It read like a
blue print of criminal intent, and would spell out the charges
against the McDonalds and their contractors company.

Willow set up camp in Xander's living room and organized it into understandable documentation.
Towards the end of the week she brought several changes of clothes
and began sleeping on the couch.

Larry kept things on the site low key. The men were getting
antsy to make a move, but understood that the timing needed
to be right.
Xander had met with an accountant and lawyer and was beginning to
find the paperwork involved in starting the contractors business overwhelming.
Most of the confusion delt with government regulations and
tax prep forms.

Luckily Mr. Rayne had contacts in California and had set them up
with an extremley competent attorney that understood business laws
and regulations, and was helping them work their way through it
much faster than they could have possibly done on their own.

During all this he and William had very little time together,
and when they did, were unable to express themselves fully
with Willow sleeping on the couch.
William had discovered, much to both their surprise, that he was
a natural screamer.
Silent sex was simply not his cup of tea.

While Xander was not bothered by the strange looks he got from the neighbors, he really didn't want to share that part of his life
with his little sister, so they had taken to grabbing afternoon
encounters before she returned back home.

Will's part of the plan was to work with a realtor by the name
of Joyce Summers.
Xander had instructed him to find a building they could use to
house their new business. They needed something with an office and possibly a large garage for tool storage.

Will had met with Mrs. Summers each day for a week, but never
reported any results, so Xander assumed he had not had any luck
in finding something suitable.

Everyone involved agreed the time was near and had set a major
planning session for Sunday afternoon. Getting up early that day,
William seemed nervous and itchy.
Breakfast was quiet and quick.
William ate only toast, and most of that ended up in the trash.
Xander, on the other hand, was relaxed and confident.
Things were really falling into place, and it was beginning to
look like this idea was actually going to take off.

Even if they were unable to cut through the red tape and corruption
of the job site, Xander knew with Will's financial backing they
could still start a successful business.
He wanted nothing as much as making Will proud.
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28th-Nov-2006 01:47 am (UTC)
Onward and upward.
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