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Here ficcy ficcy ficcies...

Hi all! Gonna be a sheep and join the recent influx of searches 'mfraid...

I'm actually looking for two - one is a particular one, the other is more a general search.

There's one which I swear has elves and such in - I do remember everyone gradually moving and living in the Hyperion with Angel, and everyone gets paired up together. Soz for being so vague, and I hope someone knows what I'm on about! EDIT:this one's been found, and is actually a Xangel-focused one, so soz for asking here! And thanx to the one who found it for me!^^

General search - was wondering if people had fic recs which focus on Xamder being a successful carpenter/construction worker, so he's not insecure, and he and Spike just end up drifting into a normal relationship together. Or else is focuses on the quirkiness that makes their relationship work.

Oh! And also, dunno if this will help with the reckage - but I also love QAF, so fics which carry that kind of tone-age would also be greatly appreciated. ----> by which I mean, the ones similar to where Xander has a housemate, and it's almost a human AU because the focus has to shift from the demons etc in order for the housemate not to realise they exist...and so naturally the focus is more on the actual relationship between Spike and Xander.

My god! I don't think that even made a bit of sense!

Thank you to everyone who recced - these are awesome, and are keeping me v.occupied! lol *distributes cyber cookies like a crazy person*
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