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Flip The Script (25/31)

Title: Flip The Script (25/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

"For goodness sake, Xander. How long does it take to eat a plate of pancakes? You have been sitting there for hours."
Xander lifted his wrinkled brow and laid his fork down.

Will was standing, fully dressed 'When did that happen?'
and tapping his foot on the floor impatiently.

"Well, first, I've been sitting here about 15 minutes, and second, huh?"
Quickly pulling his chair over to face Xander, Will sat down and
looked him in the eye.
"I think I've found a place for our business and I want us to go
look at it this morning"
Xander hesitated for a moment.

Confused as to why this was so important to Will, Xander decided
to just go along.
"O.k., Baby. Give me a few minutes to shower and dress. Do we
need to go to the realtor to pick up the keys?"

Will let his eyes wander up the walls and across the ceiling,
refusing to look Xander straight on.
"No, actually I was given the key yesterday."

"Oh. Well great. Seems a little trusting, but I guess realtors
will do about anything to unload some of these old warehouses
and garages in town. So give me a mo and we'll be off."

After what seemed like and eternity, Xander emerged, dressed
and ready to go.
Grabbing the car keys William dashed out the door and down the walk.
By the time Xander caught up with him, Will was already settled
nervously in the passengers seat.

As Xander put the key in the ignition, Will placed his hand on Xander's stopping him before he could start the engine.

"Xander, before you jump to decision, promise me you will keep an open mind. Let me show you the property properly before you make up your mind."
Xander knew Will had very little experience in making major
decisions and assumed that was why he was so nervous.

Deciding to agree to what ever property Will wanted, Xander
released the key and interlocked his fingers with Williams.

Leaning over he kissed him softly on the lips.
"Sweetheart, whatever you have decided on will be great. Even
if it needs a lot of work, we are a construction company.
We can fix it."

Without another word Xander sat back in his seat, buckled his belt
and turned the key.
"You point the way, Will, and I'll follow."

Following Will's instructions they drove through the center of town,
the university district, and past Will's old room.
Neither of them commented, keeping their eyes on the road
ahead they continued on.
Reaching the city limits, Xander looked questioningly over.
"Just another mile or so" Will answered.

Xander could see Will getting excited. Xander often marveled
how Will's face so clearly showed his every emotion.
After all he had been through he could still be so unguarded.

"Here! Turn here." Will was pointing frantically at a gravel
road turning off to the left.
The entrance of the road was guarded by two brick posts topped
by stone lions.

The driveway wound around and soon led up to the front of a huge brick home.
It was one of the expensive houses that had been constructed some five years ago when this end of town was sold off and divided into 10 acre plots.

They were often referred to as hobby farms and most had been
purchased by bankers or businessmen who could afford the privacy and elegance of this type of secluded lifestyle.

Off to the right of the house was a massive barn style garage.
Will pointed in that direction.
"Park here".
He jumped out before Xander had even come to a complete stop.

Running to catch up Xander found him inside the garage.
It was huge, clean, and filled with storage shelves and equipment platforms.
Before Xander could take it all in, Will had him by the hand
pulling him toward the area walled off at the left side of the building.
It contained an office.
An office that was every bit bigger than the room Will had lived
in for so long.

Whoever had set this up really knew what they were doing.
It contained everything a small business could need.
Phone and fax jacks in the wall by the built in desk, as well as outlets for computers and any other electronic equipment that was needed.

Before Xander had a chance to really admire or inspect the room,
Will had him by the hand again and was pulling him out a side
door that led to a walk way to the house.

"Now remember, you promised to keep an open mind. You are not
allowed to say anything negative until you see the whole place."
Will scolded.

Inserting the key into a side door, he opened it then stepped back
to allow Xander to enter first.
They had come into a small mud room and Xander automatically removed
his shoes.
Up three steps and they entered a huge kitchen.

Brick walled with an open hearth and old fashioned appearance
that masked the ultra modern appliances.
A butcher block island sat in the center with a pan rack overhead.
The windows were tall and wide flooding the room with morning light.

A swinging doorway led to an elegant dining room.
Designed for large dinner parties, Xander couldn't even imagine
how many people could eat here at one time.

"Uh, Will, Baby..."
"No, Xander. Not yet." Taking his hand they rushed on
"We can go back and look at everything again, but right now I
want you to see it all."

Xander had to admit Will's enthusiasm was infectious.
He didn't know how he was going to break it to him that a new
business just starting up could not afford any thing like this.

Hell they would be lucky if they didn't end up living together
in Will's old place.
No scratch that.
Will would never go back there not if Xander had anything to say
about it.

The livingroom and den were next.
Both richly done in dark hard wood floors with wall
shelves for all of Will's precious books.
Each had fireplaces and Xander had to admit either one would
be perfect for business meeting with prospective clients.

Before he could check the added amenities Will was pulling him on.
Directly to the other side of the house Xander became aware
of something that was not at all obvious from the outside.

The entire left 1/3 of the downstairs of the house was a separate apartment.
What was usually referred to as a mother-in-law suite.
Done up like an old English cottage, it also contained every modern convenience
needed for a comfortable life style.

Obviously deflated, Xander looked around the apartment.
"It's really nice, Will, but I kind of thought we would be living together.
If you wanted a separate place, I could just stay where I am."

It took a minute for Xander's meaning to sink in before Will
punched Xander weakly, with his best effort, in the arm.

"This isn't for us, silly. This apartment is for Miss Willow.
She is family Xander.
She must live with us. And look, the apartment has it's own mud room for Miss Willow's cat."

"Will, Sweetheart, Willow doesn't have a cat."
Exasperated, Will put his hands on his hips and heaved a sigh.
"No, but she has always wanted one."

In that moment Xander knew when these two ganged up against him
he would never win another argument.
"Also, as a plus, I had Mrs. Sommers due a little test with me.
I went up to the master suite and yelled as loud as I could.

You will be relieved to know the insulations are excellent.
She could hear nothing."
William had said the last part in such a businesslike manner,
Xander could not help but laugh.

"Well why don't you show me the master suite and we will see what
kind of scream potential it has."
Will turned and rushed back into the main house.
Dashing up the stairs, Xander could barely keep up.

At the top of the stairs Will vaguely waved his hand in the direction
of the left side of the hallway.
"Three guest room with baths"
It clearly did not have his interest.

Hurrying off to the left, Will opened the large double doors
at the end of the hall.
"This is the master suite."

Swinging the doors open with flourish Will waited for Xander's reaction. Xander was speechless.
The room was larger than his present apartment.
One wall held a wide stone fireplace on one side of which was the master bath, and the other side led into a closet large enough to hold every stitch of clothing they each owned.

It was all just too overwhelming.
Xander knew he had to break the news to Will.
He wanted to do it as easily as possible, but what the hell,
they might as well have a few minutes of enjoying the house first.
"Will, Baby, what say we run our own scream test."

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