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Flip The Script (26/31)

Title: Flip The Script (26/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

"Well, I don't know, Xander. That just seems so undignified."
William's prudish tone was in direct contrast with the fact that he
was rapidly stripping off his clothes.

Dropping down to sit on the floor he had kept his pants in his
hand and was now rummaging through the pockets.
Proudly he found what he brought and waved both the small tube
of lube and the condom in front of Xander's face.

In the short time they had been together
William had not only come out of his shell he had,
it seemed to Xander, become insatiable.

Undressing, Xander dropped down to his knees and gently pushed
William on to his back in the plush warm carpet.
Crawling up his body, Xander kissed him deeply.
Pulling back he leaned in and nibbled Will's earlobe,
sucking it slowly.

Will tried to keep his focus. He had been trying to
get up the courage for this conversation for some time.
"Xander, I need to ask you something."
Never losing concentration, Xander licked and kissed
his neck. "What is it Baby?"
Will groaned and tried to coax Xander's hands and lips lower.

"I have a book, Xander. It says if you are tested and
proven free of - you know - anything, you don't need to use a condom. Could we do that?"
Xander looked up from the tongue fucking he was giving Will's belly button.
"Got an appointment for Monday morning. Anything else?"
Smiling, Will laid his head back
"No, I believe that is all. You may continue."
It was all said so briskly and properly Xander moaned and paused to keep
from coming.

Xander quickly rolled the condom on and grabbed up the lube.
Putting some on his fingers, he rubbed slowly over Will's hole
watching it twitch and tighten in response.

Xander gripped Will's cock in his fist and slowly jacked him.
Not near enough pressure or speed to help him reach orgasm.
Just enough to keep that warm tingle in his balls and the slit
bubbling slick.

It was exactly the slow torture Will loved. "Please, Xander, hurry."
"What do you want, Baby?" Xander slid one finger in and very lightly brushed over that sweet spongy spot deep inside.
Will grunted and thrust his hips up trying to force more,
deeper, harder, something.
Pulling out Xander reentered him with two fingers.

Now pumping his cock harder and faster, finally pressing his
prostate and swiping his thumb over the head at the same time.
"Xan, damn! Please, Xan, please."
Xander smiled. Will was wiggling and getting louder, but Xander
knew he could do better.

Pulling his fingers out, Xander generously lubed up his cock and lined
it up with Will's wet open hole. Lifting Will's legs over his shoulders, Xander eased his way in.
Lifting Will's hips, Xander gave one last push and was fully seated.
Holding as still as possible, Xander tried to give Will a chance to adjust.
Will ran his hands over Xander's chest.
He was so amazingly strong, and broad.
Xander was the sexiest man Will had ever known.

Feeling Xander's nipples harden under his palms, Will got an idea.
Pinching Xander's nipples and squeezing his ass as tight as he could got exactly the reaction he hoped for.
Xander automatically pulled back and slammed home.
"Fuck! Jesus, that feels good. Do it again, Baby."

So everytime Xander hit Will's hot spot he would squeeze.
Both were getting close.
Xander was pounding harder than he knew he should, but he couldn't stop.
Will could do nothing but shout "Xander, fuck, Xander"

Finally the last squeeze was all he could stand.
"Damn, come with me, Baby. Christ, Will I love you."
Will knew hearing those words would always trigger his heart
and body to react.
Arching up his cried out Xander name one more time and came all
over his stomach and Xander's hand.

Holding the end of the condom, He slowly pulled out, removed it
and tied it off.
Xander flopped down beside Will, kissing his face and nuzzling his hair.
"So have we seen it all?" Xander laughed.

Will's eyes lit up. Jumping to his feet he put his over shirt back on using his t-shirt to clean up with.
Tossing it to Xander he hurried and dressed.
"No, hurry, you haven't seen the best part."
Will was dressed and gone.
Xander groaned. Damn, what happened to after glow?

Will was only four years younger. 'Where the fuck does he get
all that energy?' Xander rolled over and forced himself to his feet.
He dressed and carrying the offending t-shirt, went back downstairs.
Will was nowhere to be seen.

"Back here"
Xander followed the voice to the rear of the house.
Will was waiting on him by a set of double french doors.
"Xander, look!" Will was vibrating all over with excitement
"Come and see"
As Xander approached, Will threw open the doors and stepped outside.
Following him out Xander was struck sileny by what he saw.

Will was absolutely glowing in the morning sun.
His hair shone like gold and Xander had never seen his eyes so blue.
William was the most perfect man he had ever known.
His heart swelled.

His was laughing and twirling, arms flung out, as he danced in
the center of a huge garden.
The folage was badly neglected, but even Xander could see it's potential.
"I can make it wonderful for us, Xander. I remember everything Grandda taught me, and with my gardening books I can make it come to life.
This will be our world, Xander. Isn't it wonderful?"

God it broke Xander's heart to have to tell him no. Maybe if they could
find something else. Something smaller, with a yard.
"Will, sweetheart, you know I love you, and if there were any way possible, but we can't afford this. I don't know how much
they are asking, but it's too much.
All the money you put up for the business is going to have to
be used for start up costs. I promise later on we will try to find something nice."

Xander braced himself. He expected tears, yelling, crying, something,
but not the new Will he was getting to know.
"Xander, dear, there are some business aspects here you are failing to note.
First, property values in Sunnydale are amazingly low. I gave them an offer, and it was accepted."
Xander took a step back "You What!?"

Calmly lifting his hand to effectively shut him up, Will continued. "Second, I had the money transferred and have already
purchased it. Third we lease the garage to the business for $1.00
a year, rent the apartment to Miss Willow, also for $1.00 and then
write everything off as business expenses.

It is strictly good economics. Now are you going to give me trouble or just move in here and let me take care of you?"
William tried his best to look annoyed, but failed badly.

Grabbing him up around the waist, Xander pulled him tightly and
kissed him deeply and lovingly.
"How did you get so smart?"
William blushed at the compliment.
"I guess it comes from reading a book or two."
"Just two?" Xander laughed. "When can we move in?"

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