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Seven, "Same Time, Same Place," Part 4, S/X 
30th-Nov-2006 10:58 am
"So how was your night, I mean, after you helped us out? And insulted me, let's not forget that."

Spike did the last thing Xander expected then. He pushed away from the wall and circled Xander. Xander's mouth dried up and the jumble of words with it. He was too freaked out to babble!

Suddenly he was slammed against the wall. He gave a choked off gasp. Spike had a cool, pale hand around his neck, pinning him. His heart thundered in his ears as he waited to see what this new and so not tame version of Spike would do next. Spike's hand applied pressure for a moment and then curved up to comb through Xander's hair.

"Oh, yeah, that's alright, isn't it?" Spike whispered.

Betaed by the awesome kitty_poker1
Incorporates the prompt "comics" from tamingthemuse.
BTVS Season Seven revisted as spander.
Spike/Xander, NC 17 eventually

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Seven, Same Time, Same Place, Part 4
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