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Flip The Script (28/31)

Title: Flip The Script (28/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

William thought he would absolutely explode if he didn't hear
something soon.
Willow, God love her, had arrived about an hour ago and was
adding to his agitation with constant offers of food and tea.

As much as he did love her, he just may have to stuff her in a closet
and lock the door.
That idea caused William to giggle when he realized the she would
be the only one in the household still in the closet.

"What's the joke, Sweety?" Willow was delighted to see Will relax
"Just thinking about closets, Miss Willow." Before he had the chance
to explain further, the phone finally rang.

Both diving for it, William was first.
The greeting came out questioning, cautious, loving, supportive,
everything Will could pack into one word.

"Will? Baby? Brace yourself. We are in business!!" Xander
immediately held the phone away from his ear and waited.....

William felt like they had just won the lottery.
Like a magic star had exploded and he had caught a piece of it. Remembering the phone still in his hand, he shouted in it's general direction
"Hurry home! I love you!" Without waiting on a response, he tossed
the phone on the sofa.

He and Willow hugged, bounced and squealed.
His brain was spinning. All the things that needed to be done.
It was overwhelming.

William could not comprehend the turns his life had suddenly taken.
Less than a month ago he was alone, now he had a home, a family,
a new business, and most of all, he had Xander.
Looking up to the heavens, he silently mouthed, "thank you"

Scratching his head with both hands William resumed his pacing.
"So much to do. Xander is going to be busy with the business and
the bid work, so it is going to fall to us to pack up all three of our
residence and get settled in the new house. I really believe it would
be most expeditious to hire movers to assist with the lifting."

William had been so lost in his own thoughts he failed to notice
Willow's confusion.
"Pack up what to move where? What house, William?"

Crossing his arms over his chest William turned to face Willow
"Goodness, Miss Willow, please do try to keep up." Quickly
describing the house set up and the proposed move did very little to
resolve Willow's confusion.

"O.k. Enough pacing." Willow took Will by the hand and led him
over to the couch. Sitting down together she forced him to look her
in the eye and focus on the issue at hand.
"Now Will, you are going to tell me just what is going on."

Taking in a deep breath, Will spilled all the facts about the money,
the house, the apartment, and the business. He finished just as the
air in that breath ran out.
"You and Xander want me to live with you?"

Will was shocked that she would even ask.
"Of course! And the best part? The apartment has a mud room."
Realization lit up her eyes and together they hugged and screamed
"A CAT!!"

Xander entered the apartment to find them still giggling and talking animatedly.
Bouncing together, they failed to notice him till he was just a few feet away.
Standing for a second to enjoy the sight, he smiled and caught their attention.
"Well, look at you two. Should I be jealous?"

Both heads snapped in his direction, and they rushed to embrace him.
Dropping his briefcase, Xander scooped up Willow on one side and
William on the other. The three of them continued to jump together till
the threat of sea sickness loomed on the horizon.

"Whoa. Enough" Xander laughed. "Let me get a shower, change,
and I think a celebration dinner is in order."
Loosening his tie, Xander headed toward the bathroom.
William watched him go and finally tuned toward Willow
"Um, I think maybe I will see if Xander needs anything."
Easing his was to the bedroom he then quickly ducked in.

'Oh dang.' Willow's gaze followed Will's departure.
'I sure hope the new house is soundproofed'

Despite turning the volume up on the television, there was no doubt the
two in the shower had to be
"Xan, Oh God, Xan." and "Will, Baby, Yes ugh, yes."
Willow couldn't fight the smile that attached itself to her face.
She wondered if Will had any idea how he had changed their lives.

It was obvious that Xander was deeply in love.
Will seemed to fill in a missing part of her brother and make him
a better man.
He was happier than she had ever seen him, and that in turn made her happy.
She and Xander had always been close, but in the last few years they had
drifted apart.

Xander was unhappy at work and unfulfilled in his personal life.
He didn't want to talk about it and he pulled away from her.
She knew he had been with a lot of men, but none of them were the
right ones. She could see that. She wondered why he couldn't.

Now Will was here. It felt like he had always been part of their lives.
He was family. 'Now if I could just find that someone special.'

"Well I don't know about you two, but I'm hungry enough to eat a horse."
Xander and Will had dressed and returned to the living room, both looking
very relaxed and refreshed.
Willow chose to live in denialville and pretend it was due to the good news
Xander had brought with him.

As the hero of the day, Xander got to pick the restaurant. A small tackily
decorated Italian place that went by the attemptedly authentic name of
Spaghetta Villa.
For tonight, however, they could have gone anywhere and nothing could put a
damper on the mood.

Wine and conversation flowed freely. Xander told in detail how his meeting went.
William and Willow hanging on every word, interrupting constantly with a million questions.
Everyone, in turn throwing out ideas, plans, each in their own world, each world spinning, combining, and bouncing off the other two.

Xander sat back giving his own excitement a chance to calm and simmer.
Watching his companions chatter on without him soothed and pleased him.
Yet even with all the good news and the start of a new phase of life, Xander knew there was unfinished business.

One last boulder in the road that really needed to be delt with before they
could move past it.
As much as he wanted to shoulder the weight of that burden he also understood William would never be truly his own man till he faced it himself.
One thing was sure.
Lindsey was fucked.
Xander would make sure of that.

Three more chapters till the end of the story. I deeply appreciate everyone
who has read and commented so faithfully. I realize the amount of story is
overwhelming, which bring me to the point. The next story "Vegas" starts
in a week or so. Is posting everyday just too much? Would reading it be
easier once or twice a week? Comments and suggestions please.
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