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It's fic search time

I'm having a lot of trouble finding this one. Can't remember the author or title, as usual, but the plot was pretty interesting (and kind of crazy in a fun way), WIP though it was. It's definitely a superpowered!Xander, AU story. If I'm remembering it right, it was set somewhere around season 5 of Angel, or at least it was set in LA and Spike was there along with Angel. Xander had either lost both eyes or just his sight entirely (I'm a little fuzzy on which, exactly), but somehow he could still "see." It was like a super power, or something. IIRC, he had on a mask whenever he was out doing his thing, so when he ran into Spike (and major sexual tension ensued), Spike didn't recognize him. Angel was catching on to the truth, though, in the last part I remembered reading.

I don't know if this was ever finished and I remember thinking that it might be a dead WIP, but I'd still like to read it again. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

ETA: It's Nobody by synful_trixxie, located at nobody_btvs (thanks for the correction, darkhavens). Thanks, mygothangel!
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