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Flip The Script (29/31)

Title: Flip The Script (29/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

The evening had been exhilarating. All three sat back in their chairs
and rubbed tummies that were over stuffed on pasta, bread and wine.
The electricity had finally played itself out and the mood was relaxed
and mellow.
Waiting while the dishes were cleared, Xander poured each another
glass of wine.

"We have another issue we need to deal with."
Looking from one to the other, he knew they understood what that
issue was. Placing his hand on top of Will's he continued.

"I really don't think you can move forward, Baby till you put this to rest."
Hanging his head Will took a deep breath. Then lifting his eyes up, he
looked stronger than Xander had ever seen him.

"I'm only a baby for you, Xan. I'm ready to be a man and stand on my own."
Willow took Will's other hand and squeezed.
"You are not on your own. Xander and I will always support you, but he
is right. This needs to come from you."

The atmosphere surrounding them changed.
The discussion in the restaurant turned to planning of a different kind. Several ideas were discussed and discarded.
Xander explained that part of his agreement with Mr. Giles was
that Giles would make no move for two more days.
That would give Xander time to deal with labor and union issues on the
site before it was padlocked.

Xander did not say anything regarding the personal problems he
was facing, but Giles knew instinctively that there were deeper
conflicts involved.
Trusting the young man he had just met, Giles agreed to hold off
without asking questions he knew Xander would not want to answer.

Time and other patrons in the restaurant came and went, but they remained.
One more bottle of wine and the conversation continued.

Now however, it was mainly between Xander and Willow.
William had gone quiet and retreated into his own thoughts and memories.
He knew what to do.
He knew how he would handle it.

Willow went back to her own place that night. Using the excuse she needed
to start getting some of her belongings organized for packing.
Xander and Will knew the truth when she told them she had to pack
up her cat.

Willow understood the men needed privacy for their intimacy.
Tonight was for a deeper bonding and connecting than just sex.
William needed Xander's strength and support, and Xander needed to
feel Will's love.

Dropping her at her apartment, Willow kissed each on the cheek.
"I love you guys." Then holding Will's face in her hands, she kissed his
forehead and whispered "Everything is going to be fine. I have faith in you
William." Before she could see the tears in his eyes, she was gone.

Both men were quiet when they arrived home a few minutes later. Kicking
off his shoes William was distracted and somber.
It wasn't really late, but the day had been such a roller coaster
of emotions he felt drained and exhausted.
He was also feeling the effects of too much wine, and pasta on a nervous stomach.

"Do you mind if we lay down for a bit? I could do with snuggle and a snooze."
Wrapping his arms around William's waist, Xander pulled him in close.
"That's exactly what I had in mind. Would you make love to me William?'
Chuckling, Will cuddled in closer.

"You know I always want to make love with you." That's when the true
meaning of Xander's words started to sink in. Pulling back away, Will's
eyebrows shot up and he could only sputter.
"You mean you want me"

"You said it yourself tonight. You are a man full grown."
Taking him by the hand, Xander started backing towards the bedroom.
William was nervous.
He was hesitant.
He was instantly hard as a rock.
Standing by the bed with his eyes locked on Xander's he stood
unmoving as Xander slowly started unbuttoning his shirt.
Finally the reality of the situation struck him and his muscles and brain unlocked.

Xander had unbuttoned his shirt and just started to remove it when he halted.
William reached over and took hold of Xander's lapels.
"I'll do that." William had decided to show Xander just how much a
man he could be.

Stripping off the shirt he slowly dropped to his knees in front of Xander
and popped the button on his pants. Xander gasped at the sight in front
of him.
William pulled the zipper down, catching Xander's heavy cock as it
fell from his open pants.

Holding it in his hand, William lifted his hooded eyes slowly.
When he knew Xander was hooked and could not look away, he licked
a strip from the base to the tip of Xander's cock.

Stabbing his tongue in the slit, he sought out the fluid that had not yet worked it's way up.
William held just the head in his lips, at the same time reaching up and
grasping the waist band of Xander's jeans.

Dropping his mouth and hands at the same time William sucked and
tugged till Xander was both naked and moaning.
Sliding his thick cock as far into his mouth as he could, William brushed
his nose into Xander's wiry hairs.
Inhaling deeply he reveled in the masculine smell of the man he loved. Releasing his cock with one last lick, William rose to his feet.

Smacking Xander soundly on the ass he pointed to the bed.
"Lay down and spread yourself for me."
William hoped his voice sounded more confident than he felt.

Holy Mary on a mule!! Xander had never heard anything as erotic
as this baby faced blond blue eyed angel tossing him orders like a drill sergeant.
He instantly did as he was told.
William undressed and crawled up the bed.
Sitting on his knees between Xander's legs, he stared at the most perfect
cock in the world.

But the time for window shopping was past.
He had made the purchase and he was taking this puppy home.
Collecting the necessary equipment, he casually tossed the condom
to Xander.
"Put this on me." He hoped the order sounded strong and didn't reveal
the fact that his hands were shaking so badly he didn't think he would be
able to slide it on himself.

Xander fumbled and fitted it like it was his first time. His only fear now
was that he would come the instant William touched him again.
William sat back on his heels allowing his condom covered cock to jut
proudly away from his body.

Xander had only allowed one or two men to top him, but right now it seemed
like the best idea in the world. He ached to feel William enter him.
"Come on, Will I need to feel you."
Trying to remember what all Xander did to get him ready, Will poured
some slick on Xander's balls and watched it run down to coat his hole.

Scooping and swirling his fingers in the oil, Will pushed one finger into
Xander's body.
Groaning, Xander opened his legs and relaxed his hole.
Encouraged, William began sliding the finger back and forth, deeper
each time. Putting a second finger with it, William knew he still hadn't
found that spot inside Xander that would shoot the sparks through him
like a tazer.

"Help me find it, Xander."
So lost in the wonderful feel of William taking over his body, Xander
had almost forgotten about that.
Reaching down between his legs Xander held William's wrist, stilling
his fingers inside. Arching himself Xander struck the nub and instantly
felt the shock.

"Jesus, Will, that's it. Right there."
That was all the direction Will needed, massaging and striking the spot
over and over again, Xander became a writhing mass of need.
"No more, Will. I'll come. I need you in me when I come. Please, baby,"
Quickly oiling up his covered cock, William lined the head up and pushed.
It was tight. Tighter than William was prepared for. He paused again, and
just as he was about to ask for further instruction, it popped through.
They both clutched the bedding in effort to stop an immediate orgasm.

After a moments hesitation, William began to move. He pulled back and
eased forward. The next push was harder, the third, faster.
Losing himself in the feel, William let go.
He pounded as hard and as deep as he could.
He could never have imagined anything as wonderful as this.

His only regret was that he knew this would be a short ride.
He could already feel his balls ache and tingle.
Shifting his weight to one arm, he wrapped his fist around Xander's
bouncing cock.
"Fuck, Will, Pound harder, Baby. Fuck that feels so good.
Squeeze my cock.
I want to blow all over your hand."

Sliding his oily hand up Xander's cock, Will brushed his thumb roughly over the head.
That was the final trigger. Stiffening, Xander came, all his muscles tightening up.

The grip of Xander's ass around William's cock finished him also.
Shoving in as deep as he could, William could feel the condom fill
with the hot wet fluid of William's balls.

As quickly as they had stiffened, both their bodies relaxed and they
fell loose as though their bones had turned to rubber.
Rolling over to face him, Xander brushed the hair back from
William's face "You're a hell of a top."
Smiling, William rubbed his face into Xander's hand like a cat.

"It certainly was wonderful, but I believe I prefer being the
subservient, if you don't mind."
Laughing, Xander scooped him in close and kissed him passionately.
"I don't believe I mind at all."

Two more chapters till the end of the story. I deeply appreciate everyone
who has read and commented so faithfully.

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