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FIC: Near Wild Heaven (Spike/Xander, NC-17)

Title: Near Wild Heaven
Author: Gwen (electricalgwen)
Pairing: Spike/Xander, non-graphic Xander/Anya
Rating: NC-17
Words: 4212
Feedback: Oxygen to the flame. Concrit also highly welcome by email.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Full disclaimer here.
Warnings: None, really, unless you consider mild het a warning. Don't worry, it doesn't last. ;)

Written for the cya_ficathon. The request was: Spander, season 4 - what if it was Xander who was looking after Spike right after he got chipped instead of Willow? I took "looking after" to mean the scene in the dorm room where Spike attempts to bite Willow and fails to, uh, perform.

I have taken a few liberties with the timeline and certain events to make it flow smoothly. Nearly all dialogue is taken verbatim from the show, up to the crucial scene at which point it varies a bit of necessity to suit this AR. The title is from an REM song.

Many thanks to apreludetoanend and laisserais for superb (and last-minute) beta reading, and to cordelianne for MSN chats, canon discussions and general encouragement. :)

Too much time on the Hellmouth, and suddenly mortal peril’s an aphrodisiac.
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