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Flip The Script (30/31)

Title: Flip The Script (30/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

William rolled over and looked at the man sleeping beside him.
Xander's face was covered in stubble.
His hair stood on end and a little drool escaped his snoring lips.

William's heart swelled with love. Taking one last look, he slipped
quietly out of bed.
He knew Xander would sit down with him this morning
and craft an idea for dealing with this situation, but William
wanted to do this on his own.
He had a plan.

He had been awake most of the night working, reworking and tweaking it
in his mind.
He knew what he wanted to do and was anxious to get started.
Grabbing his clothes he crept out of the bedroom, dressed and scribbled a quick note.

He needed just three more things.
Xander's cell phone, his car keys, and the brown envelope
he knew Miss Willow had hidden in a kitchen cupboard.
Pausing as he walked out the door, William looked up.
"Let's do this, Grandda."

Barely 5 A.M. The sun was not yet up.
William drove directly to his old room off campus.
Parking at the curb, he walked through the front door.
It seemed odd to be back here. He hadn't returned since the morning
Xander and Willow had taken him from his past into his future.

Looking around didn't invoke any emotion at all.
He could hardly remember all the months he had held himself prisoner
in this small cell.
The misery and unhappiness were irrelevant. He would not waste
any more of his life on regret.

He did still smile at the comfort the books and stories had given him.
Walking around the room he ran his hands lovingly across the spines
and bindings of his old friends.

"Enough." He checked himself. No time for this now.
Rummaging through his reference books he found what he needed
and rapidly scribbled some notes.

Next he reached under his bed for his backpack.
Feeling around inside he located a small hand held tape recorder he
had been given years ago to assist with his school studies.

Collecting together his paperwork and needed supplies, William ran
a mental check list. He was ready.
Taking one last look around, William walked out pulling the door shut behind him.

Jumping back in Xander's car, he headed to his next stop. The university.
He had called in a couple weeks ago and pled off sick. He knew Mr. Rayne
had probably paid the university to provide William a job so not coming
in was no big loss, on either side.

The sun was just starting to rise, and the campus was coming alive
with the movement of early students.
Some rushing home from a long night.
Some in groups searching for a place to go for breakfast before facing
the day.

William had always felt like an intruder here, an alien in a world
he could never acclimate too.
Funny thing was, this morning he did seem to belong. He was just another
young man on campus. Rushing with a purpose to a goal.

Arriving at the library, William took the steps two at a time.
Dashing inside he aimed for the back where the public use computers
were kept.

"William?" Hearing his name called caught him off guard
Searching for the source of the voice, he noticed a slim man approaching
from the nearby book stacks.
Realization and recognition struck as William faced the Library Master.

He had only seen him once before when he first came to work here
and was shocked that the man even knew who he was.
"Yes, William. We have all been very concerned about you. Many
of the students have asked after you. You look very well. Will you
be returning to us soon?"

William fought back the tears. He was known. He had been missed.
That was so totally unexpected. Could he have been mistaken?
Was his life not at all as he had seen it?
But there was no time for this reflection now.

"No sir. I have taken on a new business venture and a partner and will
be unable to resume my duties, but I do thank you so much for all
you have done for me."

Stepping forward with his head held high William extended his hand.
Shaking it briefly, Mr.Pryce pulled him in for a quick hug and back pat.
"I am very pleased for you, Son. Please do take care, and we will all be
very offended if you don't stop in for a visit now and again".
With that the Librarian was gone. William shook his head. It was all
something he would examine and think about later.

Right now he was feeling very James Bond and needed to refocus on the
mission. Using some of the notes he had made from his research books
he accessed records, some public, some low security that were not difficult
to hack. The more he dug, the more he found. It was everything he had
hoped for, and extra. I took longer to retrieve the print outs than it took to collect the facts.

"Tisk, tisk, Mr. McDonald. How very sloppy of you" Finally the one thing
William dreaded had to be done next.
Using Xander's cell phone William checked the number he had located earlier, and dialed.

On the third ring, it was answered. William started the conversation by
explaining who he was and apologizing for what he was about to do.
Surprisingly the call was not the shock he had feared it would be.
The recipient was pleasant, receptive, and by the end of the call, very agreeable and grateful.

Everything was in place. Checking the clock on the wall,
William saw he was actually ahead of schedule.
Whistling, he sauntered over to the student union for a cup of coffee.

Reaching for William was his new old habit.
It was the first thing he did upon waking.
He hated on those rare mornings when the bed was empty.
When William got up early for a cup of tea and the newspaper, or maybe
a quick trip to the bathroom.

Listening Xander heard no water so he knew it wasn't a "tea deposit" as
Will delicately referred to.
Stumbling, he stuck his head in the kitchen, "Hey, Baby, you in here?"
Xander smiled, wondering how difficult it was going to be to locate Will
when they moved into that bigger house, and what all he could do to him
when he found him.

"Will?" The kitchen was empty. Xander was confused. All three things
struck him at once. He found and read the note. He noticed his
car keys gone. He knew his cell was too. Grabbing up the kitchen phone
he dialed quickly.
"Willow. Get over here, NOW!" He hung up and dialed his cell phone.

William looked down at the phone as it rang. 'Well' He shrugged
'Xander is up'
He checked the time on the phone. 7:00 a.m. Time to go.
He turned off the phone without answering and headed for the car.

Pulling into the construction site parking lot he noticed the van sitting to the side.
Approaching it he saw the driver roll down the window.
Smiling warmly he put his hands on the door.

"Good morning. I'm William. I'm very sorry we had to meet this way, but I
greatly appreciate your assistance.' Returning the smile, the driver stopped him
"No, I am the one who is grateful. You have done more for me than you can
imagine. Are you ready?"

"I do believe we both are. Before we begin, here are copies of the print outs I promised you."
Handing the papers to the driver, William turned to go.
He smiled broadly as he heard the driver gasp.

One more chapter till the end of the story. I deeply appreciate everyone
who has read and commented so faithfully.

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