tistoo (tistoo) wrote in bloodclaim,

FIC update: Patient and Not (1/1)-- S/X-- sequel to 'The Subtle Dance'-- R-ish

Yep, that's right. ANOTHER sequel to 'Born Again', which 'The Subtle Dance' was a sequel to. LOL

Spander, of course... and on my LJ HERE.

Previous parts can be found In the Spanderland .

Hope it satisfies those who were looking for more... and yes, there is yet another 'sequel' in the works. *groans*

Also, the next drabble in my short and smutty Spander-series (which started for smut_69) is also up at my LJ and can be found HERE.

Sorry for the multi-update... hope everyone enjoys one or the other. LOL

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