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'Tis The Season 1/4

Title : 'Tis The Season 1/4
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring : Spike/Xander
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters or
products in this story and make no money
off them, or anything else unfortunately.
Summary : Spike and Xander are already a couple and are working-
somewhat - for the Council.
Giles sends them on a mission to assist Santa,
and save Christmas.

"Yea, right there. Fuck that's good. Harder, Spike, harder"
"God, Love, you're so tight. Can't ever get enough."
"Jesus, Spike everytime you hit that spot I still hear bells ring"
"That's the phone, you idiot."
"Nice, Spike. Nice way to talk when you're........Oh yea, just like that."
"Come on Xan. Come with me Love. Ugh."
"Easy! Don't pull so hard! Shit, let me do it. AHHHH."

Kissing Xander lovingly on the back, Spike pulled out slowly,
and laid down behind him.
Rolling over, Xander snuggled up close, kissing his vampire
on the tip of the nose.

"Damn, I could go to sleep right here." Xander yawned and curled
up into a ball.
"Better not, Love. Last time the neighbors found us out here it
nearly got us evicted.
Grab your pants and let's get inside."

Snickering, Xander felt around for his pants and shirt
"Yea, good times. I still didn't think it warranted old Mr.Miller
allowing his poodle to lift his leg on you like that."
Climbing to his feet, Spike reached down a hand to help pull Xander up.
"Fuckin' little fur ball.
Not like he isn't a bigger nuisance shitting all over the yard and all."

Finally giving up on locating the other sock, Xander followed
Spike into their apartment heading straight for the kitchen.
"Something about shrubbery sex always makes me hungry as fuck."

"Well, Love, if it's fuck you're hungry for.."
Spike circled his arms around Xander from behind and began
rubbing an almost hard cock against the human's ass.

Humping back, Xander leaned forward on the counter.
"I'm always hungry for...HEY! Didn't you say the phone was ringing?
I'll bet it was the council. I'll bet they have a mission for us.
HOT DAMN! And you said they wouldn't trust us again after what
happened in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower."

Spike's eyes glazed over at the memories that flooded through him.
Swaying back, Xander slipped out from under him and ran to the livingroom
to find his discarded pants.
Riffling through the pockets, he located the phone. Checking the caller I.D. his eyes lit up.

"Yup. It's from Giles. See I told you. I just knew sooner or
later they would get desperate enough to call us."
Quickly pushing redial, Xander paced and tapped his hand on his bare
thigh nervously.

Coming from the kitchen with a mug of blood, Spike flopped down on
the couch to wait.
He really didn't think it was another assignment.
After all, Xander had apparently forgotten about the trip the
Council had sent them on to Scotland.
It should have been a quick in and out.

He just could have sworn that was Nessie he saw, and to be honest,
the local economy hadn't suffered all that much when they pulled
his - ahem - lifeless body from the loch, then lost said body a few
hours later.
If that's what they consider a scandal, well he was doing them a
favor by livening things up a bit.

"No, no, I promise. No screw ups. Yes, I'm sure we can handle it. Willow, please stop crying, I'm sorry about the pyramid incident, but really, Egypt was not a good place for us. Spike suffers from mummy phobia."
The last few words said quietly with his hand cupped over the receiver.

Glancing over at Spike who just rolled his eyes.
"Vampire hearing, Love."
Xander stuck his tongue out and resumed his phone call cheerfully.
"But honestly, Wil. No sweat. We can do that easy. Love ya. Bye."

Flopping (literally) down beside Spike, Xander waited to be asked.
Finally, out of boredom, Spike relented. "So. Giles, Red and the Council
decided to give us another assignment huh?"
"Sure did."
Xander had that extra twinkle in his eye that always got Spike's
motor running.
Actually, everything got Spike's motor revved, but an excited Xander
was just icing on the cake.

"So, spill. Where are they sending us? Morocco for a T'ript demon uprising?
It is December, maybe Mt. Ararat for the discovery of the ark?
Oh, the tv news was talking about a volcano eruption on some
south Pacific island.
Are we headed for a cleanup of over cooked natives?"
Spike was sucking his teeth and clapping his hands.

Smacking Spike on the arm, Xander frowned
"Well that's just gross and unfair. What the hell would I eat?"
Then snapping back to his over eager puppy persona, Xander gave
him the good news.
"This is the best one ever! We're going to the North Pole to help Santa load his sleigh!"

Total silence.

Spike was tettering back and forth between "Oh, hell no!"
and "What the fuck!"
Unable to settle on which one to use first, gave Xander time
to continue.
"Willow says the elves are under some kind of an evil spell by a
warlock trying to stop Christmas.
Can you imagine anything meaner than that?"

Anyway, all we have to do is fly up there, help load the sleigh,
and fly back.
We can do this, Spike. I promised Willow there would be no
screw ups this time.
The Council was willing to forget what happened at the zoo last
month and give us one more chance.
This is important, Spike. Christmas is important."
Knowing what the holiday was like for his human, Spike scooped
him up in his arms.

"I know this means a lot to you, Xan, but isn't that like up at
the North Pole where it's colder than a witch's tit? I hate the
cold, Xan.
That's why I like your nice warm ass so much."
Spike began rubbing, leering, and slowly pushing Xander back
flat on the couch.

Allowing himself to be manhandled , er, vamphandled and positioned,
Xander continued
"I really want to do this Spike. Think of all those - yea, right there - kids.
And think of Santa. All those years of - no, no, lift the other leg higher - giving to the world unselfishly. God, yes, that's so fuckin' good. Come on Santa, give it to me. Harder, Santa, harder. Rock those fuckin' jingle balls. UG!"

Collapsing onto Xander's limp, spent body, Spike peeked up.
"We're going to the North Pole aren't we?"
Xander looked back with his biggest grin.
"Hell,yea! We're gonna ship those toys! Let's go clean up and
find some mittens."

Xander jumped from the couch and ran for the shower.
Groaning, Spike followed. He really wanted this to go well for
Xander, but to be honest.......

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