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Suzerain's Companion # 17

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


In the debrief following the meeting, Alexander knew he was condemning the individuals identified to lengthy torture and probable final death, but as he observed Lisbeth struggling into the room with her newly fitted artificial leg and specially designed crutches to accommodate her missing lower arm, he really could not bring himself to care.

Angelus moved swiftly as the still frail Lisbeth entered, gathering her and settling her on his lap, a minion collecting the walking aids. Lisbeth’s consequent gesture was not lost on Alexander as the pretty blonde Mate of the First reached up in tired, apologetic, gratitude and stroked her Sire’s face with her soft-suede covered stump. Her damaged limb was still extraordinarily sensitive and the suede glove gave the necessary padding when using the crutches. The tentative touch to Angelus’ cheek was like that of a newly risen fledge as she wordlessly asked for reassurance from her Sire in the continued effort to adjust to her new limitations and ‘handicapped’ status after the ambush.

Angelus settled Lisbeth’s cheek to his shoulder, caught the caressing arm well below the stump and kissed the sensitive end, then encouraged her to drink with soft words and loving touches.

Spike waited patiently for Lisbeth to begin to feed, then turned back to Alexander who dutifully singled out the two suspect members of the meeting from the picture on the monitor.

Alexander knew that Angelus too, would have noticed the clenching of the Suzerain's jaw muscles seconds before their leader gave his considered opinion, “Right then, we bring them in – subtle like – get ‘em here of their own accord for the finance report. No doubt the bastards will ‘ave the cheek to attend said meeting like naught happened. So… apart from double crossing arseholes… what’s their usual roll?”

Alexander answered easily pointing to the display (and *very pleased* he had listened so carefully in the past), “That one is Estefan, financial advisor for the Philadelphia group, the other’s allegedly the bodyguard. Really just a thug from way back, intelligence barely a step up from a minion but apparently bred for his violent nature before he was turned.”

Alexander registered the approval in his Claimer’s eyes and gave a relieved smile as the Suzerain said, “Well done, pet, very well done.” The Companion responded to his vampire’s outstretched hand and was pulled in to Spike’s lap, rejoicing as his nether regions were stroked and fangs slid into his claiming mark again. At the feel of his blood being taken, Alexander revelled in the attention and let the room drift for a moment as both Suzerain and First focused on their respective lovers… sadly it could only be a moment.

Seconds later Angelus and Spike were all business. There was a series of decisions made in quick succession regards the ‘message’ that needed to be sent, the timing of the retribution, plus (in no small measure) strategies put in place for the protection of the partners and the First.

His Claimer was in full leadership mode and Alexander knew to withdraw, he assisted the rather sleepy Lisbeth to her shared rooms – ‘assisted’ realistically meaning, carried.

He still found the stump of her arm touching his back not unexpected, but rather distressing, though he would never have commented. Lisbeth had been so *very* strong through all of this, and had always treated him with kindness and grace above and beyond what he might have expected from a vampire so important to the family.

He knew to sit with her until her Sire arrived, then slipped out quietly and returned to his Claimer.

Alexander was about to speak as he entered the suite he shared with his wonderful Master Vampire, but stopped abruptly at the door, skidding to a silent halt as he spotted an exhausted Suzerain in game face, his head in his hands, near empty JD bottle on the floor and very obviously allowing tears to flow. The Companion’s reaction (and the act of a friend) saw Alexander falling to his knees in front of his beloved. He immediately bared his neck and pulled the blonde into an intimate hug… all the time cooing and whispering sweet endearments. Alexander had rarely seen his Claimer in such a state, so was very relieved to feel the familiar lick then the sharp sensation as fangs slid in to find their prize.

It took Spike some time to calm completely, indeed it was indicative of the upset that allowed the Companion to lead his Master to their bed, ease him gently down, then proceed to simply cuddle and comfort. The offered wrist was suckled gently, and Alexander made a point of quietly stroking and murmuring sweet words to his beloved as one might a distressed wild animal. It was only when Spike roused and began to speak that Alexander understood the source of distress, and more importantly, comprehended just how much he was truly able to assist his beloved in such a time of distress.

“Gotta deal with the bastards as violated the family… and that’s as it should be… But, ahh dear one… kill one off there’s always another…” Spike’s careful touch was the epitome of adoration and devotion, and Alexander could not help a single tear falling as he was gifted by being privy to his ruler’s deepest fears and concerns, “I’ve lived for so long and … look at you, you beautiful thing… So much like that bugger who used to love ‘n hate me with equal measure way back on that godforsaken Hellmouth… Had nothin’ of his own, and despite all, bugger went ‘n looked after me when I was at me lowest… Bloody white hat… Least I c’n do is honour his line… ‘n you’re the bloody proof… look at you! Ahhhh Sh#%$#…”

Alexander was unsure how to respond so simply kept quietly stroking his wonderful Claimer as the blonde continued. “So glad I found you… can’t lose you… Bloody hell… not now!! And they will… They’ll try to get to me ‘f they know you’re it for me… You are you know?! You’re it… Oh bloody hell!!”

The human Companion was caught between being absolutely overcome with joy and desperately trying to console his dear Suzerain. He chose to stroke the pale figure and stay silent as Spike took comfort and talked on, “… and they’ll keep on comin’… they’ll just keep coming. Pride ‘o Lions mentality and I’m the ol’ head o’ the Pride… The king lion… Everyone thinks he’s better, and every bloody year there’s a challenge… every year there’s one as figures he’ll be the champion to bring the ol’ boy down. F%#$ing idiots. Close on three hundred ‘n fifty years of that rot and there’s still always one…! Can’t organize a soddin’ pissup in a brewery but they figure they can lead the global cartels?! Ahhh sorry mate – reckon I’m just a bit tired…”

Spike reached over, took charge of the bottle and took another long swig. “Only one good enough to rule in truth is my boy… Angelus… ohhhh yeah, no doubt in the pride ‘n joy department, was right to turn ‘im… Even Lisbeth… Grandchilde, the dear love would have… before they… to her… but that’s just it innit?!... No guarantees…” He mumbled something else but Alexander was otherwise occupied.

If obvious attentiveness or blood was not the answer to pulling his Claimer from his mood then there were two possible courses of action. One was calling for Angelus, but Alexander knew that Lisbeth would be quietly enjoying time with her Sire, so that option was swiftly discounted, the second was obvious. So the Companion slid down, unzipping his Claimer and taking the flaccid member into his mouth and swallowing swiftly root to tip, sucking harder than he had ever attempted before and finding himself utterly in control of his beloved Suzerain. The combination of fatigue and Spike’s current mood caused the ruling Master vampire to cry out in surprise then surrender all control, giving in to the amazing sensation of being completely taken by the wonderful brunette. His erection was immediately fully charged, so it was but five determined sucks and a tight squeeze to the vampire’s sack that found Alexander’s willing mouth and throat pumped with cool seed.

As soon as Spike calmed a little, he hauled Alexander up and kissed him possessively, tasting himself in the flavour of his Companion. Then, pants still open, he stood and swooped up the human, dropping him in the middle of their shared bed then simply relaxed into slumber with side order of hugging. The last thing Alexander heard before falling asleep himself was, “Love you so much pet… love you forever.”


The following day saw quite a different ruling vampire. One utterly in control, a coldly calm world leader.

The two suspected of involvement in Lisbeth’s attack were amongst the usual attendees to the fiscal meeting of the cartels. It had seemed right that their ‘outing’ might be at a meeting largely focused on power, territory and money.

Lisbeth and Alexander were ushered out shortly after the initial formalities took a different turn. On their way into the room, the accused had been restrained by force and drained. Spike made a point of sliently biting hard into their turning marks then pulling off and spitting out the blood on the ground, then insisted that two of his minions present take their fill instead. The other cartel delegations were a little baffled but then unsurprised as the accused vampires’ crimes were detailed.

Alexander and Lisbeth stayed for long enough to hear that ‘the problem’ (according to the Suzerain) was that the two were merely pawns, and that Spike wanted to know the whole team and its leader. As the door closed behind the struggling Lisbeth and her worried human friend, they both heard the order… the two plotters were to be strung up and ‘encouraged’ to talk by having the same limbs as Lisbeth had lost removed progressively, in small sections, with the further instruction to ‘keep cutting’ if that did not work.

The result was – eventually – a dusty one, but only after both individuals were sans a leg and an arm. In fact the turning point had come when the Suzerain ordered Estephan’s scrotum removed. The ex accountant's screams were accompanied by horrified pleading by his compatriot as he was threatened with the same, then forcibly fed the limp piece of flesh by the professional torturer of the Suzerain. Their unlives forfeit, the two eventually confessed all and named names in exchange for a quick staking.

The elimination of the other perpetrators was swift and brutal, Spike merely dusting the responsible cartel ruler, leaving the other clean up to some of his more enthusiastically sadistic associates. Needless to say, the threats from that particular group was no more. But the fears the Suzerain had divulged to his beautiful Companion – that the threat would never end - were sadly very close to the truth.


The attack and consequent fallout had made the Suzerain even more possessive and amorous toward his Claimant. He had even taken to insisting that Alexander remain within touching reach throughout every meeting. The human’s role was apparently never to return to bodyguard status and though the cruel words had become infrequent and public ‘use’ had ceased, there was still the occasional oral pleasuring, consequently there was still no doubt in the minds of those *not* part of the inner circle, that the Claimed Companion’s role remained that of ‘pleasure pet’. The business associates of the Suzerain… those loyal or simply needing his protection, nodded knowingly as they observed the human Companion’s cheek resting against the strong pale thigh, and (if forced to stand), their leader’s hand brushing up and down the hairless, gossamer covered thighs as absently as one might stroke a dog in the days before demon rule.

Alexander's member was tightly bound and he stood stoically as his thigh was teased, and stroked and adored… He was well trained… beautifully trained… a *wonderful* example of training, but begged the powers to the point of promising his soul most days it seemed since it was apparent he was driven to the point of release with but the softest touch and was almost in tears by the last ten or so minutes of any given meeting. Though he could not compromise their ruse, he had his sly retaliation. Aroused beyond measure, he knew that to pant or move would engender a beating, if only for public purposes, so instead he did the only thing he could without detection - tensing his thigh muscles or backside to capture the caressing hand – even for an instant, it was enough and guaranteed a swift ‘seeing to’ as soon as they were alone.

Alexander appreciated his ruler’s worry, and tolerated his new, official ‘handler’ Marko - a huge blue demon with imposing presence and a single purpose - so whenever out of the inner circle’s company, Alexander walked dutifully on lead. Marko was loyal to a fault, and an excellent fighter, but Alexander soon discovered that the grunts rather than words were not a sign of disrespect, but merely reflected no tongue… and no opposing thumbs for that matter. Marko was not cruel, but most definitely saw his human charge as a pet: tugging him along by his lead; watching over his ablutions; stopping at water fountains so he might drink; and insisting on submissive stance or relaxed kneel when they stopped – for whatever reason.

In truth Alexander was un-phased by the requirements when in Marko’s company and was given every reason to trust him – even though the first time it had been a bit of a shock. If ever Marko was in doubt of a situation his instructions were to collect the Suzerain’s Companion and run to safety, though Alexander had not expected that to be a literally interpreted statement. They had been heading out to meet the Suzerain and First at a restaurant for a *very* early morning meeting when several shots was fired. Alexander had started to dive to the ground but the blue demon had other ideas.

Alexander found himself scooped up and cradled gently against the form that was close to eleven feet tall. He should have been terrified but felt strangely calm. The demon smelt of their household and ran with legs twice the length of his own, at speeds Alexander knew only his dear Claimer might match. Safe inside the compound again, Alexander had thanked the demon sincerely – earning an eerie smile and hoot.

Frequently after that, the demon lifted Alexander up to his shoulder and carried him rather like one might a small puppy, rather than bothering with the lead. It didn’t hurt and his Claimer approved the behaviour, though Alexander did take to holding on to the edges of his enormous carer’s sleeveless jerkin, rather than simply flop over the shoulder like a rag doll.


When he was not required for formal duties by the Suzerain, it seemed Alexander’s days were divided equally into his private time with his Claimer, time with Lisbeth and, of late, the little Lillie – eventually taking the tiny girl with him to visit the injured vampire. Lately he began to realize the rather lovely rapport the females had: Lisbeth acting almost as young Aunt, and Lillie, being her usual irrepressible two and a half year old, very happy for the attention.

Lisbeth was reclining on a ‘sunlounge’, ironic name given that those in the household using said furniture were generally of the sun allergic variety. The moon was out and the night warm, and even better, the seat’s padding was heated, and angora rug comforting. The night before had been a busy one with the next full meeting of the cartels marking the Annual Conference. She had consequently spent most of the night upright on her crutches, followed by the previous day near sleepless, tossing and turning and crying out, first with unbelievable itching then sharp stabbing pains flowing from offended limbs. The entire area of flesh around the titanium compound knee joint was inflamed and swollen to the point of not being able to fit the leg, much less walk on it, and her arm stump was red raw.

Her Sire had only just departed as the two humans entered the room. Since the accident Angelus had been attentive to a fault and insisted upon feeding Lisbeth from his neck at least once daily. She had been given a mild sedative earlier in the evening, and had allowed herself to drift in and out of sleep in the arms of her beloved Sire until he revived her a little with more of his own precious blood.

Now Alexander simply watched as the two interacted on this lazy night, Lillie briskly turning pages of an ancient picture book, whilst Lisbeth desperately tried to keep up with a plausible text. Alexander felt his presence then his touch as the Suzerain slid down behind his Claimed and wrapped his arms around the human’s trim waist.

Neither could stem a slow tear as a perfectly innocent, random comment reminded them of Lisbeth’s sacrifice to the family. The little girl had simply reached out to touch the bandaged stump ever so lightly and asked with concerned fascination, “Why did they growed you like that?”

Lisbeth tried her best to answer honestly without traumatizing the tiny red head, “They didn’t grow me like this, sweetie – some bad people wanted to hurt the Suzerain, so they hurt me.”

A wide eyed Lillie paused to consider the information, “No!!!! That’s… my... No!!!!” Lillie trailed off. The little girl who, by all accounts, had not cried since arriving at the Suzerain’s compound now gave in to her own memories of horrors witnessed – not just once but numerous times. She whimpered a little at first, then gave in to the grief and launched herself at Lisbeth. Fortunately Alexander picked the shift to panic and was there before impact, saving the incapacitated Lisbeth further injury.

Gathering the small girl to him he hugged her tight as she struggled and screamed out for her dead mother, sisters, for everyone she had known before the Suzerain’s arrival. As the little one cried herself out, Alexander extended his hand to a pained looking Lisbeth, pulling her into a three way hug. Finally Lillie slept across the laps of a silent Alexander and Lisbeth who sat arm in arm, grimly aware that Lillie would not be the last child to suffer such pain.

If the reports from the inquiry into Lisbeth’s ambush were true, the ferals were on the rise, backed by several cartels and a mage that, no matter the sweeps to ‘clean out’ the Suzerain’s enemies, had not been brought to heel.

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