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'Tis The Season (2/4)

Title : Tis The Season 2/4
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring : Spike/Xander
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters or
products in this story and make no money
off them, or anything else unfortunately.
Summary : Spike and Xander are already a couple and are working-
somewhat - for the Council.
Giles sends them on a mission to assist Santa,
and save Christmas.

They had been standing outside for about 15 minutes.
Still waiting.
"Are you sure she said they were sending transport, Love?"
Spike readjusted his coonskin cap and tightened the ties
on his mukluks.

Xander pulled a second pair of socks on his hands then
refitted his mittens over top.
"I'm positive. She just said get ready and wait right here."

"Not doubting or anything, I just hate standing out here.
Might give the neighbors something to talk about."
Locking eyes for a minute, both men burst out laughing.

Wiping the tears from his face, Spike looked up, stunned.
"Uh, Xan." Spike stared over Xander's shoulder, eyes getting
bigger by the second.

"You know Wills is reliable. If she said wait, we should just...."
"Xan!" Pointing wildly, Spike spun Xander around to see what was
coming up behind him.
Tugging him close, they both screamed as the whirlwind
of snow and swirling ice hit and sucked them up.

"What was it Ethel?" The old man ask from his easy chair in
front of the television.
"Nothing, Dear. Just those two boys from the downstairs apartment."
The old woman who had watched the whole scene play out, closed the
curtain and joined her husband on the couch to watch the latest
rerun of Perry Mason.

"EURP! Wow look there, Spike. Puke freezes before it hits the ground."
Puffing out unnecessary clouds of steam breath, Spike hopped around slapping his arms around himself.

"Fuckin' vampires freeze in this weather too, ya know. What the
hell were they thinking, spinning us here like that.
Fuckin' inconsiderate it was! I'm telling you it was payback
for that time they sent us to South America!
I'll bet if you shit yourself in that God damn vortex, it
woulda froze too!"

Shifting from side to side, Xander had an unusually scrunched
twitch to his face and nose.
"Um, the answer would be yes. It does freeze."
Pointing to the small cozy house a few yards ahead, Xander
started waddling forward.
"Hurry up. Looks warm and cozy. Hope they got clean pants."
Snickering, Spike stopped breathing - vampire advantage - and
hurried after him.

"Ho Ho Ho. Welcome. Come in. You must be the helpers the Council promised to send."
The man in the doorway had a jiggly belly, pink cheeks, and a
flowing white beard.
Xander was beside himself.
They were being welcomed by Santa himself.

Spike wasn't sure if the words were Santa's standard welcome
or if he knew it was necessary to admit the vampire, but
either way, he was enormously glad to be out of the cold
and get his human in where it was warm and they could thaw out.

Unfortunately, everything started to thaw.
Crinkling his nose, Santa took a step back.
Ducking his head, Xander apologized, more than slightly embarrassed,
"Really sorry about that, Santa, see this swirling, sucking...."

"Ho Ho Ho, no need to explain." Santa smiled and pointed to
a back room.
"Elves have a locker room back there, help yourself. I'm sure
you can find something that will fit. In the mean time I will
get your friend here started."

Leading Spike to another large room, it suddenly occurred to him that walking up to the workshop from the outside the building looked
to be no more that one room approximately 20' X 20'.
Now that they were inside it was huge.
Just as Spike was trying to cypher how the fuck that worked,
Santa took him by the arm and showed him the work shop.

Several rooms of toys, storage, shipping, and what appeared to
be living quarters filled the building.
It was larger than any warehouse Spike had ever been miserable in.
But that was a time before he and Xander finally gave into their long fought passion and moved in together.

Walking around he saw toys of every type.
Bikes, trikes, balls and dolls.
With the fire crackling in the fireplace and the bright cheerful
colors of all the joyful promising gifts, Spike had to admit,
even for a demon, it was heavenly.

Totally caught up in the sights surounding him, Spike was
surprised when Xander approached and tapped him on the shoulder.

Turning around, Spike was speechless.
There stood Xander dressed from head to toe in total elf suit.
From the top of his pointy green hat to the tips of his curled up,
bell capped toes.
Spike was instantly hard as a rock.

"Holy shit" snicker "Jesus, Xan! That is hot! Please, please, l
et me fuck you in that suit."
Spike was now sniffing and licking Xander's neck.
Both hands were busy jingling the bells on various parts of
Xander's suit.

Noticing the shocked look on Santa's face, Xander jumped back.
"Stop it, Spike! This is a sacred place that is not to be
sullied by your perversions! Sorry Santa. Please, tell us
what we can do to help."

As soon as Santa turned to show them the way to the line, Xander
leaned over and winked. "Later"
Spike nodded frantically and they ran to catch up.

Regaining his composure, Santa again plastered his best smile
on his rosy cheeks.
"All of the toys are made, built lovingly all year long, we
just need them organized and packed onto the sleigh. The elves
had just gotten started when the evil spell him them.
It's really very simple. As I explained to the Council,
even a moron could do it.
They promised me you two could handle the job."

Both frowning, Spike and Xander looked at each other.
Neither was able to come up with a reason to be insulted, so
they simply shrugged and nodded.
"Yea, Santa, we can do that. No sweat. Can't we, Spike?"

Standing with two small bags in his hands and a humongous room
full of all types of toys, Spike had his doubts.
"Sure,well,um,actually Santa....."

"Ho Ho Ho. I knew I could count on you boys. Hurry up now.
Time is short. I'll be in my office checking over my naughty and nice list. Ho Ho Ho"

Watching him go, Spike threw down the bags.
"That ho ho shit is getting old really fast."
"Come on, Spike. Let's get started. I really want to do a good job.
Hey, I wonder which list our names are on."
Spike didn't have the heart to give him an honest answer.

Xander had picked up the bags and started walking toward the stacks of dolls.
Each step he took caused the bells on his hat and shoes to jingle.
It was maddening.

Lunging at him, Spike frantically tugged at the trousers of his
little green suit.
Xander frantically tried to slap his hands away. It was a task
made almost impossible by the fact that he was now hard as a
rock and desperately needed to be free of the restriction of
the pants.
Elves apparently did not get hard ons.

Before any other arguments could be voiced, Spike swallowed
him to the root.
"Oh, God yes!' Xander gave up the fight.
No one in their right mind would refuse the experience and
expertise of Spike's talented tongue.

Intermittent sucking and grunting was interspersed with Spike
jerking and fumbling.
Finally rolling his eyeballs back into place, Xander looked down
to see what the fuck was going on.

That's when he realized that in anticipation of the cold weather,
Spike was wearing not only two pair of pants, but underwear as well.
Grabbing the base of his cock with one hand and pushing Spike's forehead away with the other he growled.
"Get em off!"

It took less than a minute.
Spike was up, the pants were down and he dropped back to his knees.
Now they had a good rhythm going. Suck, stroke, moan, groan.
Finally when Xander knew he couldn't hold off any longer, he
jingled the bell on his hat, and like Pavlov's dog, Spike came
onto the workshop floor as well as Xander's shoes.

Xander shot his load down Spike's throat just as the office
door flew open.
"What the fuck is going on in here!?"
Spike looked up and smiled.
"At least he didn't say Ho, Ho, Ho"

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