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'Tis The Season 3/4

Title : Tis The Season 3/4
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring : Spike/Xander
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters or
products in this story and make no money
off them, or anything else unfortunately.
Summary : Spike and Xander are already a couple and are working-
somewhat - for the Council.
Giles sends them on a mission to assist Santa,
and save Christmas.

While rearranging his clothes, Spike briefly considered apologizing,
but with all the groveling Xander was doing, it seemed sort of pointless.

"Really, we promise, Santa, if you give us another chance we will
get right to work. No more screwing around. Right Spike?"
"Well, we never actually go to the screwing part....OUCH! Fine, right. Back to work."

Grumbling, Santa returned to his office and slammed the door.
"Whew. That was close. Let's start with the dolls. Shouldn't take too long. There is only like, what, two million?"
Xander planted his feet in front of what must be a mile long aisle of plastic humans.

"Hey, Xan, who is this?" Spike was waving a shapely model doll
that he had stripped and stuck tassels on the tips of its pointy,
perky, breasts.

Hands on his hips, Xander knew he should be mad. Sort of proxy
offended since his friend was not here.
"That does NOT look like Buffy! Well, maybe a little. Oh, o.k. who is this?"
Holding up a caveman figure both snickered
"Yea, Pet, that's his broodyness. Toss 'em here."

Catching it easily, Spike turned his back to prevent Xander from watching.
Finally spinning back he threw them to Xander.
Holding them up, he let out a whoop of laughter as he saw that Spike had
super glued the caveman's mouth to the stripper Buffy's crotch.

"HEY!" The voice boomed from Santa's office.
"Fuckin' fat slave driver."
"Shhhhhh. Damn Spike, he might hear you."
Opening his tiny bag, Xander began shoving dolls into it.
Amazingly, the more you put in, the more it stretched.
"Wow. You can stuff anything in here, no matter how big."

Spike preened and hooked his thumbs in his belt loops.
"Maybe ought to take one home for a condom."
"Pfttt. Come on. Quit joking. Time to get serious" Xander was
rapidly clearing the shelves, stuffing dolls of every size, shape
and color into the endlessly expanding sack.

Deciding that was a challenge that could not be passed up, Spike
took one of the bags and slipped behind the rack of trucks.
Turning around, Xander spotted Spike standing by the Hummers
with nothing on except one of Santa's toy bags tied around his cock.
"Told ya it would fit." Spike looked down proudly.

Xander had to admit it was an unusual concept. Scratching his head he
squatted down in front of Spike's cock.
"Nothing else in there? I mean just your cock, right? Sure is an interesting fit."

Xander leaned first one way then the other.
"It sort of molded itself to the shape of your dick. Even covered your balls."
Reaching out, Xander could clearly feel that the bag was so thin that he
could touch the outline of each vein.
"Damn, that is even snugger than a rubber. Look how it expands as
your cock gets bigger."

Fascinated with the feel, Xander ran his hands up, down, and all
around the sheath.
Moaning, Spike rocked, humping Xander's hand.
Sliding his fingers up to the head, Xander could feel the foreskin
moving back and forth with his massage.

The sack was so snug, Xander felt the bundle of nerves just under the head.
Pressing it, he formed a tighter fist with his hand and watched Spike's
face as he humped and moved.
The tip of the toy bag was wet with pre come.
Spike rocked faster as Xander stroked harder. Finally jerking erratically, Spike came into the sack.

Taking a minute to recover, Xander peeled it off and peeked inside.
"What do you think we should do with it?"
Shrugging, Spike pulled his clothes back on
"Fill it with balls. Seems appropriate."

"How you boys doing?"
Xander jumped and hid the offending bag behind his back.
"Just great, Santa Look, we got all the dolls done."
Xander pointed to a huge over stuffed bag with tangled, wild haired
babies overflowing. Santa eyed the pack wondering why
the Barbie on the top seemed to have a caveman stuck to it.

"Yes, well, you are going to have to pick up the pace a bit if we are to make this trip on time. Everything has to be packed and loaded onto the sleigh before midnight. As soon as you are finished here go out to the barn and bring the reindeer around to the front. Short on time, boys."
Santa clapped his hands and retreated.
Irritated at being clapped at, Xander stared at Santa's back, fists balled up at his sides.

"Hey, Xan, ever fuck a reindeer?"
"NO! No way, Spike. Were are not fucking the reindeer. Do you know how
fuckin' cold it must be out in that barn?"

Thinking it over, Spike decided Xander was probably right. Besides, this
whole gig had lost it's appeal, if it ever had any. He just wanted to finish up and get back home where it was warm. He wanted his own bed, shower, and human.

"Fine. Let's do this." Like a whirl wind, Spike began shoving toys of every kind into the bags.
Not wanting to be out done, Xander took his own sack and started snatching
model cars, trucks, and all sorts of toy vehicles, and jammed them inside.
They were making excellent time. Nothing could stop them now.

"Reach for the stars, Pardoner."
Whirling around, Xander's eyebrows met his hairline as he watched Spike
aim the toy cap gun in his direction. Pulling the trigger, Spike grinned, his tongue behind his top teeth. He watched as Xander nostrils flared with the smell of the exploding sulfur of the cap.

Wearing nothing but a too small cowboy hat and gunbelt, Spike blew on the
barrel of the gun, and swaggered forward. Instantly regretting his confession of a cowboy fetish, Xander watched, mesmerized, as Spike moved closer.

"We are way ahead of schedule." Xander stared at the place where the holster was tied to Spike's leg.
"Pert'near done, hombre. Fixin' to take me a little siesta."
Xander gladly overlooked the slight british accent that marred the western talk and pounced.

Quickly trying to unbuckle the gunbelt, Xander grabbed Spike's hands.
"Leave it on"
"Oh, Pet, that's why I love you."

Spinning Xander around and bending him over a table of Lincoln Logs,
Spike jerked down the jingling green elf pants.
Frantically searching for something to use for lube, Spike spotted a stack
of easy bake ovens complete with a tiny can of no stick vegetable spray.

Couple of quick sprits and Spike was lined up. Spreading his legs as far
apart as the pants would allow, Xander wriggled his ass back, searching
for the cock that he knew could send him to the stars.
"Come on Spike, give it to me. Talk to me, Baby"
Slapping him on the ass, Spike pushed the head through the tight ring.

"Yee Haw, little dogie. I'm a fixin' to put my brand on that sweet ass of yourin."
Spike slapped him again, and slid all the in.
Groaning at the erotic cowboy talk, Xander bucked back like the wild bronco he was.
Holding Xander by the hips, Spike road as hard and deep as he could.
Feeling his balls start to tighten and the tingle ache in his cock,
Spike shot the cap gun over Xander's head. Letting loose, Xander came painfully all over the wooden building blocks as Spike shot a cool load into Xander's ass.

Both stiffened at the blood curdling scream and looked up in time to see Santa slapping his hands over Mrs. Clause's eyes.
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