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A Year in the Life

So I was supposed to post yesterday at fall_for_sx, but I got caught up in actually working at work and forgot. I don't have the internet at home. anywho, here is the next several months of my fic, A Year in the Life. July is unbeta'd as I wrote it this morning when our office internet was down, so don't blaim sublimatedangel. It wasn't her fault, whatever it was.

previous parts are here:
part 1
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Title: A Year in the Life
Author: strchsr
Pairing: spike/xander
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The title says it all.
Spoilers: I have no idea. Spike has a soul, but Anya doesn’t exist other than as the demon who “helped” Cordelia & then went with Xander to the prom.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, except my cat Adelaide


Xander never thought he’d be standing like this, but then he had done a lot of things that he never thought he’d do in all the years that he’d known Buffy: bringing a Slayer back from the dead, getting chased by every girl in town including Mrs. Summers and Drusilla, having sex with a different Slayer then getting kicked out before he’d put his clothes on. So many humiliations, yet this might take the cake. Tonight he was standing nearly naked in a grove with his nearest and dearest waiting to jump through a Beltane fire. To make matters worse, he was doing so with the vampire he was crushing on standing next to him. He wondered if he could revoke his “best friend” status with Willow in time to not do this. He doubted it.

Willow and Tara were chanting now. Xander wasn’t sure exactly what they were saying, probably something about bringing back the sun from its winters rest, maybe birth or life. He hadn’t paid that much attention until they had told him to start chopping down tree branches for the fire: Holly and Hawthorn, Rowan and Oak, Alder and Ash. The world was beginning to feel fuzzy around the edges. His head began to swim, like the time he had ridden in Oz’s van with Devon and Oz. He must be hallucinating, yes, that was it. He was hallucinating. That’s why he was holding hands with Wil and why Wil was looking at him like that, like he was the answer to every question and covered in chocolate sauce to boot.

Out of the corner of his eye, Xander saw others jumping over the flames which seemed higher and denser than they had only moments ago, or was it hours? Time didn’t seem to exist anymore. And now they were running and leaping, hands squeezing tight, and landing on the other side of the bonfire.

Kissing. Yes, Wil was kissing Xander and Xander was kissing back with all that he was. Every feeling he’d had for Wil in the last month was transmitted through their lips.

Xander was on his back now with his arms holding Wil tightly, never wanting to let go. He was harder than he had ever been in his entire life, harder than when he was with Faith, harder than looking at Angel as he walked across the linoleum lined hall of the high school, and Xander thought Wil might be just as hard. For a fleeting second, Xander wondered if this was part of the spell that Willow had cast, but all thought flew away as Wil thrust his hips against Xander’s. Xander wrapped his legs around Wil’s thighs. Nothing was better than this, not even the expensive dark chocolates he would splurge on when he had a really bad day. No, this was the best thing ever and he never wanted it to stop. Never stop. “Never stop. Oh God, Wil.” And he was coming and so was Wil and Xander felt fangs at his throat that he couldn’t help arching into. This was it, what he was meant to do and be and the pain was delicious and sweet and he knew nothing more, just like that.


Wil licked Xander’s neck, removing all traces of the blood that had flowed only moments ago. It had been so wonderful. He held onto Xander for as long as possible, not wanting to let the reality of life ruin this moment. Xander, the man that he loved more than his unlife, was in his arms and they had made love and he just wanted to savor it before Xander came to his senses and pushed him away, possibly with a stake. For once, Wil knew that all of those that lived in his head were contented. Spike was purring. William was smiling and hugging himself tight. Wil, he was worried.

The world looked blurry and tospy turvy. If this was a dream, Wil never wanted to wake up, and then something that Wil never would have expected happened. Xander’s arms around him tightened and Xander began kissing him again. Wil opened his eyes to search the brown ones below him. Xander was smiling groggily at him.

“I love you, Wil.”

Wil knew he must be dreaming. Darkness was closing in around him. He tried to fight, but there was nothing he could do. He was so tired. His eyes felt like lead. He didn’t want to sleeeeeeeee…


Xander woke with a start, his boxers sticking to his body, his breathing coming in short pants. He’d been having the same dream since Beltane. Xander wasn’t sure how it happened but all the participants had woken from the Beltane fire as if they had collapsed where they stood, as if no one had jumped through the bonfire at all, but Xander had memories of that night that he kept locked in his heart: memories that returned to him as dreams where Wil wanted him as much as Xander wanted Wil, where Wil loved him too.


Wil sat huddled in the corner of his room, his nose pressed into his shirt sleeve. It didn’t help. Xander’s scent was always stronger just before dawn. Wil dreamed of Xander while he slept, he pined for him while he was awake. It was driving Wil a little mad.

Spike wanted to devour that scent, find all the places on Xander’s body where it was strongest, then mark him as his own.

William was so unsure. He had never made love before. He didn’t know what the normal protocol was in this century. In his time, well, none of this would have happened, but here he was in the 21st century in love with a man. If that man loved him back, he’d be the happiest man in the world, no matter which century it was.


Buffy ran into Giles’ apartment, slamming the door behind her. Wil looked up from the tome he was reading and couldn’t help but start laughing hysterically. He didn’t even notice that the rest of the ‘Scooby Gang’ had joined him. Even Giles was snickering. Buffy had on a pink tank top, tan Capri pants and was sporting a rather large pair of what could only be called donkey’s ears.

“Stop laughing and fix this! I was on a date when this happened, thank you very much. Luckily I had already figured out that Sam wasn’t ‘the one,’ otherwise, this could have ruined a very important evening!”

Giles pulled himself together and refocused the research onto the topic at hand, then went to make tea. Wil decided to join him.


“Yes, William?”

“This may sound crazy, but could a Puck have done that to Buffy? I mean, there is precedent.”

“You mean Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Hmmm.” Giles started polishing his glasses. William sighed in Wil’s head; he missed the calming movement himself.

“I remember Spike playing cards with a Puck once. He used kittens from Faerie which tended to disappear once the Puck left the game.”

“Yes, you’re quite right.”

“Right about what?” Xander said as he went to the refrigerator for a soda.

“Tonight is Midsummer.”

“Oh, so you think a Puck got Buffy? If that’s the case, won’t the magic wear off tomorrow?”

“Yes, Xander, but would you like to be the one to tell Buffy that she has to have donkey’s ears for the next 12 hours or so?”

“So I guess we ‘research.’”

“Exactly,” Giles said and left to take the tea to the girls. Wil and Xander stayed in the kitchen and tried not to laugh too loudly.


Xander was hiding something and it was driving Wil crazy. Almost every night Xander can home right after work, and if he didn’t Wil definitely knew why. But for the past week Xander had been coming home late with no explanation but a shrug and a smile. Wil knew what that meant. Xander had a new girl he was seeing and didn’t want anyone to know yet. Wil thought his heart was breaking. William was writing eulogies to love. Spike was pacing and growling and smoking, even more than usual.

It was early evening now and Wil knew that he should be getting up, getting dressed, anything but lying in his cold bed staring at the ceiling, but he couldn’t seem to make himself move. He wouldn’t let himself cry, though he knew William was weeping. Wil would be stronger than that. He’d even be nice to the girl when they were finally introduced. No, he wouldn’t cry, not until he was asked to move out. Then he’d cry. He’d curl up on a stone slab in whatever crypt he’d call home and mourn, fully and completely. But for now, Wil would lie in bed. There was no Scoobie meeting tonight. Buffy was only doing a short patrol. Xander would be out, so Wil would lie here quietly. Maybe if he was still enough he’d fall asleep.


The sun was just going down as Xander walked into their place. He expected to see Wil reading or watching t.v. in the living room, but he wasn’t there. He wasn’t in the kitchen either. The shower wasn’t running, so the bathroom was out. This wasn’t a very large apartment, so that meant Wil was in his room, which was a little weird. Wil didn’t usually hang out in his room. There wasn’t much room in the room to hang out in.

Xander knocked on Wil’s door, but heard no answer. He opened the door quietly, only to see Wil still in bed.

“Wil, are you OK? Do vampires get sick? How do you take a vampire’s temperature if they don’t have body heat?”

Xander rushed to Wil’s bedside, putting his hand on Wil’s forehead, babbling the entire time.

“I’m fine, Xander. Just didn’t feel like getting up, that’s all.”

“But you need to get up. We have stuff to do.”

“I really don’t want to get up, Xander.”

“Come on, Wil. PLEASE!”

“Xander…” It was then that Xander turned on the patented “Puppy Dog Pout” eyes. No one, man or beast, could stand up to the “Puppy Dog Pout” eyes. Wil knew he’d lost and just got up and started pulling on whatever clothes he saw, not really caring what it was. Xander bounced a little, then left Wil to it. Wil sighed and moved on.


“Where are we going? There’s nothing down this way, Xander. It’s a dead end.”

Wil had groused since they left the apartment. He may have gotten up, but he didn’t have to like it.

They finally stopped. Giles’ car was parked next to them, but it was empty.

“Did Buffy find a vampire nest out here or something? ‘Cause I would have worn a different shirt if I knew I was going to be fighting the Not-so-Big Bad.”

“Come on, Wil. We’ll be there in just a minute.”

It wasn’t easy to walk on sand in Docs. Wil knew they were near the Pacific. The sound of the surf was soothing to his ruffled nerves. Finally they topped a dune and Wil couldn’t believe his eyes. The Scoobie gang was standing around a bonfire, no where near as large as the Beltane flames, but not small either. There were blankets laid out all around it and Wil could see several picnic baskets too. But the most surprising thing consisted of 2 poles stuck into the sand with a sign hanging in between. “Happy 130th Birthday, Wil!” Wil gaped!

“Come on, Wil. We’ve got a birthday party to get to. You can’t make me wait too long for chocolate cake. And if you’re good, you might even get your birthday presents.”

“Present?” Wil said softly.

“Of course presents. This is a birthday party. I’ve been planning it all week. Why do you think I was getting home so late?”

Wil just shook his head and let Xander lead him to the first birthday party he’d had in over a hundred years.


so there we are. i will be writing this for a while, so don't give up. I really don't like disguarded fics. those are often the ones i find most interesting.


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