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'Tis The Season 4/4

Title : Tis The Season 4/4
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring : Spike/Xander
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters or
products in this story and make no money
off them, or anything else unfortunately.
Summary : Spike and Xander are already a couple and are working-
somewhat - for the Council.
Giles sends them on a mission to assist Santa,
and save Christmas.

"That's it! I want you two idiots out of here!"
"No, Santa, please" Xander's bells were tinkling loudly as he fumbled to
right himself. The last thing he wanted was to see the disappointed looks on Giles and Willow's faces.

"Everything is almost packed. We can finish this job, please, I promise,
right Spike?"
All eyes focused on Spike in time to see him cleaning himself up on the
corner of a Sponge Bob sheet set.

"Huh? Oh, right. The boy is absolutely correct. We got this task in the bag, so to speak. Be right as rain in no time."

Knowing he was out of time and options, Santa hesitantly relented.
"I can't imagine what the fuck I did to deserve this. After that
big ass donation I made to the Council benevolent fund, this
is the thanks I get."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Xander shook his head.
"Wow, Santa, I don't think that is really the kind of language you
should use especially...."
"Shut the fuck up! I just want this over, and you two gone."

Pointing to Xander he ordered
"You, go get the fuckin' reindeer!"
Spinning around to face a chuckling Spike, Santa sputtered
"Knock off the God damn laughing and finish packing those fuckin' sacks.

Grabbing a wobbly Mrs Clause by the arm, Santa disappeared into his office.
"He is just way too tense." Xander shook his head sadly.
"Headed for a heart attack for sure, Pet"

Picking up an empty sack, Spike looked over the long tables and racks of
toys still waiting to be packed, and sighed deeply.
"Might as well get this over with."
"Yea, I think this scene is played out. I'll go get the fucking reindeer." Glancing over,he and Spike both burst into a fit of giggles.

Once they were separated, the rest of the job flowed relatively smoothly
and quickly.
The sleigh was loaded, although somewhat tenuously, and
Santa was dressed and prepped.
Although it seemed to Xander that Santa's cherry nose was a little
redder than usual and Spike clearly detected the smell of alcohol on
Old St. Nick's breath.

The reindeer were harnessed up unmolested, and connected to the sleigh.
All was ready to go, and with 5 minutes to spare. By most accounts a
successful launch.

"I'll be gone all night. Mrs. Clause has washed your pants. Unfortunately
the underwear was beyond help, and I want you two changed and gone
when I get back. Understand?" Santa turned to stomp off.

Rushing after him, Xander held the door open and whispered as Santa
walked through "Did you get my letter? Basically I think I have been pretty good. I mean there were a couple slips, but gosh, I mean......"
Santa stared at him incredulously then shoved him aside. A swirl of snow and the sleigh was gone.

"Boy, just warms your heart, doesn't it Spike? I mean we really did a
good thing.
Thanks to us kids all over the world will have a Christmas"

Sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, Spike pulled Xander down beside him.
"Yea, couple of Mother Teresas we are. What time did Red say she was
going to vomit us back to California?"
Checking his watch, Xander counted the time on his fingers. She said about 30 minutes after Santa's take off time at midnight. So, near as I can figure, we got around 25 minutes. What do you want to do?"

"Do you really need to ask?" Spike was already unbuttoning the tiny snowman buttons on Xander's shirt.
"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. After all we will be gone long
before Santa gets back so he'll never know, will he?" Xander
squirmed out of his britches and laid on his side letting the warmth
of the fire toast his buns.

"Never have a clue, Pet" Spike lifted his head making sure the red light
was flashing on the record button of Santa's video cam. Pushing Xander
on his back, Spike purred low in his chest and began licking and nipping
his way up Xander's legs to his cock.

By passing the throbbing flesh, he kept climbing till he was face to face with the man he loved.
Kissing him deeply, Spike tasted every inch of the inside of his
"Mmmmm. Just wanted to see what it tasted like before."
"Before what?" Xander wondered if there was going to be a test.
"Before I come and fill your mouth and throat with my spunk."
"Oh, God yes, do that."

Pulling away, Spike turned around so that each was facing the others
wet dribbling cock.
Without a moments hesitation, Xander swallowed Spike whole.
Lifting his leg higher, Spike too a minute to revel in the sensation
of a hot wet mouth around his cool cock.

"Hey, a liddle partithapathion here."
"Don't talk with your mouth full, Love." Taking the hint, Spike leaned
forward and licked each of Xander's balls, pressing his tongue between
them, then sucking and tugging the sac with his lips.

Finally Spike smeared the stickiness off the head onto his lips and
slowly enjoyed the taste. Holding off no longer, Spike sucked Xander's
cock to the root.
Grunting as the cool mouth surrounded him Xander began
thrusting his hips, fucking Spike's mouth as he sucked his cock.

Both men, knowing intimately the quirks of their partner used
every trick of the tongue and throat enjoyed by the other to bring
about a quick and powerful orgasm.

Finishing with sparse moments to spare, each grabbed frantically
at their belongings around them just as the snow and ice started to surround them.
Just as gut wrenching as the first time, Xander found himself bent
over and bringing up a load of suspicious white fluid onto the grass outside their building.

"Jesus, Xan. That's really disgusting,"
"Thanks. And that from a guy that chomped his way across Europe then fucked Angel."
"Angelus. Whole different thing. Sides, you ate a pig."
Touche, Spike, touche." Staggering to his feet, Xander headed to
the front door of their apartment.

Stopping at the thresh hold, he turned to face Spike with an
evil grin.
"I swiped the elf suit."
Bursting into a big smile, Spike shoved him in.
"Merry Christmas, Love"

The End

Hope everyone enjoyed. Thank you so much for the kind feedback

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