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FIC Challenge

Okay so My name is Venus and I want to issue a Challenge.... but not so much a challenge but a thought that I figured would be a good idea. lol..... Anyways let me be your muse!

S/X Of course is the pairing.

Okay so I am sure many people have seen this plot but I kinda have a twist to it.... Spike is Injured okay. For whatever reason and it has to be during the time that Spike was Chipped and after he lived with Xander....... When he was injured he lost his memory okay.... People are probably bored with this plot line but Say Xander for some unknown reason... feels for the Man-pire and takes him under his wing... Spike has gotten his bite back... for whatever reason but Xander teaches him how to hunt unknowingly. Takes him out on Patrols.... Kinda like how a watcher teaches his slayer.... See What I'm Getting at!!!!! Okay.... I'm kinda stuck on that.... BUT I'm sure someone will like that idea and roll with it...... Mating would hott.... and an avol scoobie... Ethan+/Giles Doesn't mind.... Roll with it Roll with it i set out the Muse vibes. LOL

Sry I babble.... and I hope this os okay for postage....
Laters.... Venus

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