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Annoying fic search

Hi, fellow Bloodclaimers! I'm throwing myself at your mercy with yet another fic search. Please throw a recently unemployed, depressed-as-hell-during-the-holiday-season, broad a bone.

I'm looking for 3 fics. The first is Morrigushout's 'Never Leave Me'. Her journal hasn't been updated since '05 and her site has disappeared. I have the story but it ended right where Xander is going to confront Spike. Was any more ever written?

Second is a fic where Spike is a spoiled, up-and-coming racecar driver and Xander is his pit boss. Willow is Spike's sister and Giles is his homophobic, abusive father.

Third is a fic that has Xander as a handyman/gardener with a dog named Cordy. He is working for Angel and Darla, their daughter Dru and their spoiled kid William who falls for and seduces Xander.

Lastly, anyone who might have a rec for a lesser-known, longish fic that has Spike as the 'catcher'. Not necessarily D/s or bdsm, just Spike on the bottom - at least some of the time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm going to go eat chocolate and whimper in the corner, now.
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