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What Happens In Vegas 2/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 2/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement
and a certain vamp.

Note : Extra thanks to the lovely Petxnd who encouraged me
and added the special touch of the wonderful pics she makes
to go with my stories.

It had a busted sidewalk. Long worn out cement with grass,
weeds and even a small maple tree growing up through the cracks.

The shrubs and what appeared to be an old garden area in
the front yard were neglected and brown from lack of water
and care.

A large corner fountain had slipped over the last half century
from palatial to bird bath to racoon water to now what
suspiciously smelled like it was being used by passing homeless as a convenient urinal.

The steps leading up to the front door were all present, but
someone had obviously done a quick and poorly constructed repair
on them, although the fact that the handrail was also broken
and partially missing still caused the incline to be an
"at your own risk" type of area.

'Someone should tell The mighty Angeles he is setting himself up
for a hell of a law suit. Always did hear those LA lawyers were
vicious as snathert demons' Xander snickered.
'No problem. I'll have them right as rain in no time.
That is if Spike and I stay here. We may decide to move on.
See what he thinks.'

Confidently Xander hopped up onto the porch and slammed the
knocker down four times.
He tried again and waited.
That was odd.
It was late enough in the day that they had to be up, but to early
to be out. Damn it! He had come to far to be ignored.

Xander looked around searchingly, hands on his hips he frowned.
'If I was a caveman with only two functioning brain cells, where
would I keep a spare key? OF COURSE!'

Jumping back a step with a triumph smile on his face,
he flipped over the mat he had been standing on.
A mat that noticeably did not have "WELCOME" inscribed on it,
and found what he needed.

Whistling, he stuck the key in the lock, turned the knob and
pushed open the door.
The sight that confronted him shot fear through his body.

Something must have happened to have shifted Angel out and bring
Angelus back.
It was the only explanation.
For there on the couch in the center of the lobby was poor Wes
trying to wrestle Angeles under control.

It must have been a hell of a fight so far, as they were both
naked. Xander wasn't sure how Wes had managed to best Angeles
but he seemed to be holding his own because he was still on top.
The room was filled with sounds of grunting and swearing .

With the feeling of adrenalin coursing through his body, Xander rushed
forward to help.
Both Wes and Angelus saw him coming and tried to disengage, but
they were not fast enough.
Landing on Wes's back all three rolled to the floor with an expelled and collective "OOF"
That was when Xander noticed Angel's cock pop, obviously painfully,
out of Wes's ass.


It was amazing how three people can yell the same three words at
the same time and it comes out sounding so different.

A slight afect signaling a difference in thought.
Wes's tinged with the humiliation of being caught red dicked in
front of this young man whom he hadn't seen since Xander was a child.

Xander's at the shock of seeing Angel and Wes stark naked and doing
the nasty.
Something he had not yet had the chance to experience with
another naked man, and Angel's......

Well Angel's had no actual thought behind it other than just
"What The Fuck."

Smiling, Xander sat back on the floor leaning against the stained
(yech) sofa and watched as the entertainment scrambled to find
and jerk on their pants.

All the time Wes could be heard mumbling things about thick
headed idiots leaving keys in stupid places and something
about a sullied reputation.

While Angel continued to simply repeat "what the fuck?"

Finally dressed, although from the front of his pants, obviously
still hard, Angel towered over Xander with a scowl on his face
and his hands on his hips.

"What the fuck Xander?"
O.k. That one Xander could clearly read to mean. 'What do you want.
Why are you here? And probably why couldn't you have gotten here
about 15 minutes later?'

"Relax Batbreath. I'm not here to see you. I need to talk to Spike."
Watching him breath and sniff into the palm of his hand, Xander turned
instead to Wes. "Just call him, Wes and you two can get back to
your - ahem - sparing practice"

"Yes, well, I'd like to do that for you Xander, but he's not here."
Refusing to look him in the eye, Wes sat to pull his socks on.

Caught off guard, Xander frowned
"Don't fuck with me Wes, I need to see him"
Not caring now that, yes, his breath did have a slight
odor of Wes spunk, Angel had had enough.

"He isn't here, Xander. He was. I threw him out. It is none of your
fucking business where he is. Go home."
Xander's patience had also run it's course and he no longer cared
that Wes was embarrassed or that he was slightly envious that
Wes got to experience the wonderful world of anal sex and
Xander still hadn't.

He also didn't care that Angel was a vicious vampire that
could rip his throat out without breaking a sweat.
If vampires did indeed sweat.

All he cared about now was that these two were a brick wall
between him and his goal.
The golden fleece of Spike's gelled head.
Now he wanted answers!

"You fuckin' threw him out? You fuckin' asshole!. Where the fuck is he, Angel?"
"Language, lad." Angel smiled. He knew he had regained the upper hand
and was feeling much more in control.
This was his world.
Wes was his boyfriend.
The Hyperion was........

Wait a minute. What was the question again? Oh yes
"Spike came here right after the fall of the hellmouth. He bitched
about unrequited love, he called me names, he walked around
naked in front of Wes. WES! Quit smiling!
And he was a general pain in the ass.
I gave him some money and set him up somewhere
else. Now go away."

"I want to know where he is, you unibrowed cocksucker?" Xander
also felt the shift in power, and he refused to be Zeppoed.
Because Angel reluctantly admitted to himself that both of
Xander's descriptions were accurate, the insults didn't get the
hoped for reaction.

Angel simply shrugged and waved his hand dismissively.
Walking away he answered back over his shoulder
"Somewhere in Vegas."
and with that the great Angelus had left the room.

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