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What Happens In Vegas 3/22

Title : What Happens In Vegas 3/22
Author : BmblBee
Rating : Adult eventually
Paring : S/X
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters in this story
Summary : Xander goes looking for adventure. When he finds
it, he gets more than he gambled on.

Wes and Xander were left standing alone in the lobby of the hotel.
Xander felt very much like a peasant that had come for an audience
with the king and had been dismissed by the monarch himself as
having been found to be unworthy.

Obviously uncomfortable with the entire situation, Wes shuffled
his feet and looked around him.
'Damn, why was there never a demon crisis when you needed one?'

"Ah, Xander, I'm sorry about that. Angel has a lot on his mind."
"Forget it Wes. I'm not interested in his mind, his problems,
or the fact that you two are doing the hubba hubba together.
All I want to know is where Spike is.
Why did Angel send him to Vegas?
And what did he mean he set him up there?"

"I'm really not sure, Xander. They had been arguing almost
nonstop from the day Spike first arrived. I know Angel was very
relieved that he had gotten out after the fall of the hell mouth,
and actually it was at Angel's invitation that Spike came here
in the first place, but the two of them in close quarters
together is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Spike never would talk about what happened to all of you, no matter
how often Angel asked. Just said that everyone was o.k.
I almost got the feeling that he was hurt that everyone
left him and moved on with their lives.

So after the night he showed up on the doorstep with a bottle
of Jack in one hand and a carton of cigarettes in the other and
he just seemed to settle in. He was never happy though.

He seldom left his room and refused to go with Angel on his
demon hunts.
Said he had done his share of that and he was not doing any more.
Spike was surly and irritable.
Angel was moody and demanding.
Spike spent most of the time drunk, and frankly Angel could have
used a drink or two."

Xander snorted. He didn't know about a drink or two, but he knew
Angel needed something to help pull that stick up out of his ass.

"When Spike did start leaving the hotel he would go out at night,
to as many bars as he could and when he came back in took great
delight in doing things to upset Angel."

"Like walking around naked in front of you?" For some reason that
comment had stuck in Xander's mind and he did not like it one little bit.
"Was he interested in you, Wes? Was there something going on between
the two of you? Was that what Angel was angry about?"

"Lord no, Xander! Yes, he did do that, but I know it had nothing to
do with me. There were certainly no feelings between Spike and I.
Spike would do it because we all know how possessive Angel can be,
and the Sire - Childe relationship is very complex..
Besides, he just enjoyed doing things to hear Angel scream."

Xander liked that.
Anything that made Angel scream was a bit of all right in his book.
Frowning, Xander rubbed his hand over the back of his neck.
Something else Angel had said bothered Xander and as much as he
didn't want to, he needed to ask.

"What did Angel mean about Spike and unrequited love. Who was
Spike in love with? Was it Buffy? Shit! Was Dru back?"

"I don't know who it was. Dru wasn't back or I would have seen her
and I never heard her name mentioned.
In fact the few times I did hear Angel say her name Spike would react
very badly. Telling him that was the past and to shut the fuck up, so
no I am very sure whoever it was, it was not Dru. Thank God.

He never really said, but I am also fairly sure it was not the
Slayer as he would often refer to her as "The titless wonder"
or laugh that he knew she was a bleached blond because,
as he put it, the carpet did not match the drapes.
But I did have the impression it was someone he left behind
in the hellmouth."

Xander paused.
It was time to take stock of the situation.
Nothing this morning had gone the way he saw it happening
in his mind.
He was supposed to swoop down collect Spike from an unhappy
situation and the two of them would....
well he wasn't sure what would happen next,
but he was pretty sure of things up to that point.

Now he was still vampless.
A condition he had hoped to find a cure for here in LA.

"Xander. XANDER!" Snapping out of his musing, Xander focused to see
Wes waving his hand in front of Xander's face.
"Oh, sorry Wes. So Vegas huh? Kind of a big place.
You got any idea where in Vegas?"

Slowly Wes was working his way back to the front door. Hopeing to get
rid of Xander as soon as possible, he knew from past experience
he had a rough evening ahead of him.

Angel would brood and mope and pout.
Wes would blow him.
Angel would brood and mope.
Wes would rim him.
Angel would brood.
Wes would take it up the ass.
Angel would take a nap.

"All I know is that I have seen Angel send him money. I don't
know the entire address, but the name on the envelope is a
place called the Starfish Club."

It took only seconds for it all to sink in, and Xander was elated.
He hadn't even found Spike yet and the vamp already was spicing
his life up.

He had never been to Vegas before, but this could be fun.
He and Spike out on the town.
Walking the strip at 2 in the morning.
Lots of money, gambling, shows, drinks, get a room.......
Oh, yea.
He was heading to Las Vegas.
He just knew this was the right choice.

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