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What Happens In Vegas 4/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 4/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a certain vamp

Feedback always encourages the more depraived corner of my mind to continue
writing. Oh, and is much appreciated, of course.

It took him two days drive to get there, but the weather was great and the
tunes blasting out of his i-pod were jumping.

This was only a minor set back. Nothing to get worried over.
He would find the Starfish Club, what kind of name was that
any way? What did it mean? Oh well, then he would locate Spike.
Spike would be thrilled to see him.

He was probably missing the hellmouth excitement too and
Xander would be a welcome sight.
Then together they could - o.k. he was still stuck on
that point, but it would still be fabulous! Fabulous?
Where the hell did that word come from?
Xander shrugged.

Every once in a while since he started this trek it had seemed
like there was something, a realization of some sort, that was
trying to come to the surface of Xander's mind.
But it was an alien thought.
One he could not recognize, so he pushed it aside.
If it was anything important it would become clear later, he thought.

This was a trip for fun.
A trip for a new adventure.
Not one for deep thought or self discovery.
Leaning his head back against the head rest he put the pedal to
the metal and crossed the city limit into the bustling traffic
congested area of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

'Holy Shit!' Xander's brain could not come up with any other words.
He had never seen so many people and vehicles packed together in
one place.
Even the areas of L.A. he had been in were nothing compared
to this.
The sidewalks were absolutely alive.
The crowds moved in waves of unending motion.

The traffic was bumper to bumper with someone always slamming on
their brakes and blowing their horns.
The recipient of the horn insults seemed uninterested and unaffected,
and the waves rolled on.

The concentration it required to not hit pedestrians or other cars was
brain busting.
This type of focus was not something he was comfortable with.
Xander knew instinctively he was out of his league and resolved the first
order of business was to park his car and get off the street.

He had noticed taxi cabs an abundance and decided it would
kill two demon birds with one stone to get a cab.
He wouldn't have to drive and they would know the
address of the club. Excellent!

Locating an off strip secured parking garage was a stroke of luck
and he whipped in cutting off a delivery truck and
receiving not only an angry horn but a window waved finger.
Xander cheerfully waved back and pulled in.

He stopped and before he could jump out was instantly pounced upon
by a pimply faced teenager in a bright yellow vest with "PARKING" stamped
proudly across the front and back.
"Wow! Bitchin' car mister. I can't wait to drive - I mean park it."

Cautiously climbing out and collecting the offered ticket,
Xander watched as the boy walked all around the car running his
hands lovingly across the hood, sides, and trunk..
Xander made a mental note to check the car for white splatter stains
when he picked it back up. Reluctantly handing over the keys he ask
"Can I get a cab here?"
"Sure just stand out front. Wave your hand and they will be fighting over you"
The boy answering him had never taken his eyes or hands off the convertible.

"Yea, great. I should be back to pick the car up later today.
Maybe tomorrow."
"No problem" Xander received his ticket and the boy was gone,
presumably to return to his afternoon trist with the Miata.
Oh well, Xander could not think about his car's virtue right now,
he was in search Spike's Starfish.

By now it was late in the afternoon and he was starting to get hungry.
He had been driving all day and skipped lunch to get here.
'Wonder if I can eat at the Starfish. Sounds like a seafood place.
At this point anything meaty I could wrap my tongue around would be great.'
Rubbing his hand over his already growling stomach, he decided not to risk it
'Maybe I better find a restaurant first then locate the club.'

Decision made, Xander ducked into
one of the many hamburger joints and shoveled in two cheeseburgers
and three orders of fries.
Man, it was great not counting pennies and being able to eat whenever
you got hungry. Money was definitely a good thing.

Back out on the street he jumped into the throng and flowed with the wave.
What from a distance seemed to be chaos, was in fact fairly well coordinated.
The traffic lights and the over street walkways kept things moving easily.
Still, he did not know the area and didn't want to spend all his time
searching when he could be with Spike and they could be...
'Oh, there's a cab'

Waving his hand as instructed, the cab whipped over in front of him and
slammed to a stop.
Xander jumped in the back seat and before the door
was shut they were swerving back out into traffic.
Xander glanced down at the drivers ID card which was posted
on the back of the driver's seat.

Looking up into the mirror he matched face with driver and the driver
smiled back. "Where you wanna go sir?"
Checking the name again Xander returned the smile "Well, Ackmed,
I need to go to the Starfish Club. Do you know where that is?"
Ackmed's smile disappeared.

"You want Starfish? You no look like starfish type.
I take you to Ceasars, yes?"
"No. I need to go to the Starfish. I am hunting for a man
and I was told that is the place to go to find what I am looking for.
Now either take me there or I will get another cab."

Xander was indignant. How dare this cabbie
tell him what he wanted. What did he want? Moving on.
Flying down the street and up two blocks the cab came to a stop in front of
a small two story brick building.
It could have been and office complex or a small business.
There was no fancy neon billboards on the front or hawkers standing
around coaxing people in.

The only identification was a neat door placard hanging on the
door that stated "Starfish"

The second they had stopped the cabbie flipped off the meter and
announced "$15.00."
"$15.00 my ass. I saw the meter before you shut it off and
it said $9.00. What the hell is your problem?" Even now with plenty
of money in his pockets, Xander hated feeling like he was being scammed.

Outraged and somewhat english handicapped the driver was furious.
"You want $15.00 for ass? Get out of my cab! You pay me and get
out of my cab!"
"Shit, man. I don't know what the fuck your issue is, but here's your
fuckin' $15.00. Maybe use should use it to get some anger management."
Xander had no sooner stepped out than the cab was gone in a screech
of tires and puff of exhaust.

"Fuck him, I'm here."
All negativity forgotten, Xander was elated. He pushed through the double
glass front doors into the dimly lit interior.
The room was larger than it looked from outside. The colors and decor were
rich and plush, but the sounds were purely casino. The far walls circling round
the room were filled with slot machines. Wheel of Fortune, Top Dollar, and
more video poker than he could count.
All with bells ringing and lights flashing.

Most of the stools in front of the machines were occupied by older women.
Teased hair, long fake red nails flipping half burned ashes onto the expensive
carpet, and all looking serious enough to warrant cutting them a wide path.

Some in wheel chairs, some sucking alternately on oxygen and a puff or two
of suspiciously poorly rolled cigarettes. The center of the room was roped
off for the blackjack tables. Four of them lined up in a row. And the entire
set up smelling of pure money. This was definately a class act.

Giving himself a minute to let his eyes adjust to the dim lighting he had to admit
he was impressed. The Starfish appeared to be a small, but very upscale bar/casino.
Confused as to what objection the cabbie could have possibly have
had to a nice place like this, Xander headed straight for the bar to
collect a drink and some information.

"Good evening sir." The bartender leaned towards Xander flashing a
blinding mega watt smile. "What can I get for you?"
Matching smile for smile Xander hopped up on the stool and slapped down
a twenty.

"I need a lite beer and I'm looking for a man."
Mega watt kicked on the high beams and set the bottle on the bar.
"Of course you are, sir, and you have come to the right place. Although
good looking guy like you should have no problems on your own right?"
'Well that's an odd thing to say.
What would my looks have to do with finding Spike?'

"Um thanks, anyway the guy I am looking for is supposed to be working
here. Name of Spike. You know him?"
The bartender appeared to give it a moments thought before answering.
"Nope. Never heard of him. Want another beer?" Snappy smile never faultering.
"Sure." Xander reached into his wallet. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but
aren't you chilly dressed like that? I know it is the desert and all, but it seems
rough to make you and , um, all the waiters dress in spandex shorts with no shirts on"

By now Xander was looking around the room and something was slowly starting
to sink in. He has never been accused of being the sharpest pencil in the box,
but even Xander eventually gets the point. His eyes had adjusted to the dark
and it was all becoming clear.
Crystal clear.
Abundently clear.
Windex with a lint free paper towel clear.

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