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What Happens In Vegas 6/22 
16th-Dec-2006 09:25 am
Title: What Happens in Vegas 6/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a certain vamp

"Well, I see you made it back. Everything work out o.k?"
"Ha Ha. Just what the world needs. A funny bartender."
Slap - $20
Clink - bottle.
"So what time is it, anyway?"
The bartender checked his watch and tucked the last bill into his already
bulging spandex shorts.
"Nearly 8 pm. If Mr. Sirrah is your Spike he should be rolling in
about any time now.
Need another beer?"

Almost time? Suddenly Xander wasn't so sure what he was doing here.
When he started out looking for Spike it was to spice up his life.
He was sure Spike would welcome him with open arms.
After all, they were friends weren't they.
Were they? It was hard to remember exactly how things were.

Maybe this was a mistake.
It seemed like Spike had moved on just like all the others.
All but Xander. Why couldn't he move on? What was missing?
Xander was lost in deep thought while the bustle of shift change
occurred at the tables behind his back.

The afternoon dealers, tired from being on their feet all day, gladly
handed over the decks of cards and stacks of chips with a clap
and wave of their hands.
The new dealers accepting both with the same gestures, dropped the cards
into the shuffler and never missed a beat.

Oblivious to all this activity, doubt,insecurity, and alcohol now caused
Xander to rethink his plans.
Maybe he would get a room and some sleep. It was a long drive
and more than a couple of bottles.
He could always come back tomorrow.

Decision made. Xander stumbled off the stool and turned to go.
Their eyes met at exactly the same time and four eyebrows shot straight up.
Spike had not seen his own reflection in a mirror on the last hundred
and twenty years, but at this moment it was not necessary.
He recognized his own expression in the reflection on the face of

Legs wobbling and eyes unfocused, Xander swayed where he stood.
"Hey, Spike. It really is you. I mean they said William Sirrah, so I wasn't
sure and you know It's not like I was really looking for you I mean
Angel said you were in Vegas and I needed a vacation so I just
thought I would swing out this way and...."

"Shit. Breath Harris! Look, I can't talk now, I'm working, so why
don't you sit down at the bar and we can talk later."
Xander turned his head back in the direction of his smiley friend
who promptly asked "Like a beer?"

By this time knowing his stomach was going to rebel if he poured any
more alcohol into it, Xander declined the offer.
At that point he may have been mistaken, but it seemed the bartender's
smile faultered, but only for a second, then returned full force.

"Tell you what, Spike, I'll just lean on the card table for a while,
and maybe we can talk while you work."
Before Spike had the chance to tell him that was not allowed, a very
large, slightly blue gentleman in what could only be described as a 1920's
zoot suit stepped up behind Spike and put a paw on his shoulder.
"You know the rules Mr. William. No personal visitors while you are on duty.
He wants to stay. He wants to play."

Suddenly this was one of those pivotal moments.
One of those light bulb over the head moments. *Click*
One of those times when Spike just knew an opportunity had thrown
itself into his lap, and what he did with that opportunity would change things
drastically in his unlife.

He too had been left floating alone after the fall of the hellmouth.
He reveled and celebrated with the Scoobies when they realized they had all
gotten out. He believed he had finally been fully accepted.
They had taken a few weeks to relax and regroup, then the shift started.

One by one they found their own interests pulling them away from the group
and in different directions.
He retreated back to himself and waited to see what would happen.
He had been a solitary figure for most of his time as a vampire.
A few decades in the beginning with the family, and off and on times with
his precious Dru, but those times were few and far between.
Spike didn't like being on his own and had been ecstatic when he
thought of himself as 'included'.

Subsequently he was now being put in the disgusting position of feeling
things a vampire should never feel. He was angry when the witch went
off on an extended vacation.
He was humiliated and hurt when Buffy, Giles, and especially his Bit had
gone to England to restart the Council.

They had left without so much as a by your leave. No one ever considering
to ask him to go along, or even what plans he might have. They just
left. Packed up, turned their backs on him and walked away.

But what really devastated him was when he came around one day
and found Xander's apartment empty.
He had vamoosed.
Climbed aboard the Kiss My Ass train and pulled out of the station.
Spike wasn't sure why that one had hurt so much, except that he and Xander
had, at some point, become friends.
Hadn't they?

As far as Spike was concerned he would have liked to be a whole lot more.
Just the thought of pressing himself against that larger hard, hot body had
him sporting a woody he would have gladly used as a stake.
On Xander. On Xander's ass.

Spike groaned and adjusted himself.
But then he was gone. They were all gone, and he was alone.
Not knowing what else to do, Spike headed for LA
Maybe some time torturing his Sire would lift his mood.

The first time he had caught Angel with his dick in Wes's ass had been a revelation.
By the tenth time it was just annoying.
It only served to remind him of what he wanted with Xander, and couldn't
have. So he did what he could.
He got drunk, he played on Angel's insecurities, and he gave Wes a thrill.

Finally, thank God, Angel threw some money at him and tossed him out.
Vegas had been Spike's idea.
It had a huge demon population which offered the opportunity to find
a place for himself, or so he hoped.
Angel had, and continued to give, huge amounts of money.

Whenever he wanted more he would call and ask about Wes's health.
BAM, the check arrived promptly the next day.
Working here was totally unnecessary, but filled in the time until he decided
what he wanted to do next.

He was lost.
What - who - he really wanted, was unattainable.
Now when he least expected it, in the blink of an eye, circumstances present
themselves and a plan formulates.
Haphazardly it plants it's self and begins to take shape.

'O.k." He thought. 'Deep unneeded breath' Don't move to quickly and
don't let this fish get away.
The fucking exact tuna that I have been dreaming about is now circling the boat.
Wiggle the bait.
Tease with the rod (He he), then when he least expects it, jerk the line,
set the hook and reel him in.
Hell yes, this one's a keeper!'

"I don't think so, Pet." Spike let his eyes wander around the casino.
Clearly the person standing in front of him was not holding his interest.
"This game is for big boys. Men who have money in their pockets, and
understand how the cards are played. Why don't you go get a roll of
quarters and sit down at a poker machine.
I'll try to catch up with you later. Run along now, Pet. I'm working."

Without glancing up, Spike returned his attention to the players at the table.
He graced them with a big winners smile and delt the hand.
Xander had been dismissed.

Outraged, Xander staggered back a step. What the fuck just happened?
This was not the welcome he had envisioned in his head.
Well he could boil a bunny in a pot, and by God
he would not be ignored!!
16th-Dec-2006 10:19 am (UTC)
Happy... you gave me Spike-age on my wedding day, very happy! I was hoping and I got, yay! *bounces*

thanks, see you tomorrow!!!!!!
16th-Dec-2006 10:42 am (UTC)
Gee, I gave a long distance happy. Congratulations.
See you tomorrow. Uh, won't you be busy? B.
16th-Dec-2006 10:49 am (UTC)
Lol, well, we have 4 kids (Pups actually) so not much on the 'busy-ness', and you post 'round noon my time so even if we wanted to be, ummm, busy the kids would be up and about and not really mood setting, ya know. ;-)
16th-Dec-2006 10:57 am (UTC)
Just had pups here on Tues. Dressed the Mom up for Christmas, and took a picture that has the whole family laughing.
See you tomorrow. B.
16th-Dec-2006 10:47 am (UTC)
Dammit woman! Every fic you write just keeps getting correspondingly angstier. *kicks Spike*
16th-Dec-2006 10:58 am (UTC)
Yea but how well do Spike's plans ever work? B.
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