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Fic: Road Trip Part 6 + Epilogue (S/x, Adult)

I've been doing Christmas stuff all day and almost forgot to post this here. Oops!

The prequel to this story, Observations, has been nominated for the White Knight Awards. Thank you to the lovely person who did that.

It also won at the Forbidden Awards! Twice!!! - best Spander and best new writer. Pleased? Are you kidding? - I was chuffed to bits!

darkhavens, please let me know if I shouldn't be cluttering up the journal with these. They look so pretty and no one really sees my LJ, but they do take up space.

The whole saga can be found, in reverse order, here

Title: Road Trip 6/6 + Epilogue
Author's name: Maz
Disclaimer: here.
Pairing: definitely S/X, anything else is just a toy.
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Dom Spike, sub Xander
Summary: What do you do when your just travelling around and you come across a puzzle? More importantly, what do you do if you are a vampire with a soul and his human pet?
Spoiler warnings: None
AN: Beta'ed by the wonderful maggie77. Thank you Maggie.

Part 6 is here
Epilogue here

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