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What Happens In Vegas 8/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 8/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp

Xander was filled with confidence as he sat back down at the table.
After all Spike wouldn't want Xander to lose the money he had just
lent him. That wouldn't make any sense.

The cool evening air had both cleared his mind and squelched the
desire he had to puke up every drop of alcohol he had previously
poured into himself.

So rubbing his hands together and tossing Spike a wink Xander
slapped down his fresh supply of money and ordered
"Gimme some more chips"

"Changing a thousand" Spike called over his shoulder in the
same disinterested tone he had graced Xander with all evening.
Receiving the nod from the pit boss, Spike counted out the chips
and the game resumed.

The first hand delt him was a black jack.
"Hell Yes!" Xander shouted.
Waving a chip in the air, the eager waiter hustled over and
traded it off for a beer.

Xander's plan was now taking shape in his watery brain.
'Win big tonight, pay Spike back his money, and return tomorrow.
After a few nights of hanging out here, we could get together after
Spike gets off work and ....'

'Oops. O.k. Xanman, get your focus back on the cards and
off your di...'

"14? Wow that is a really bad hand, right? What do you think Spike?"
"Sorry sir. We are not allowed to advise the players on whether they
should stand or HIT! It is your choice to stand or HIT!"
"Riiiiiight. Gotcha. Hit me."
"King. Bust"
Whoosh the chips were gone.
"What the fuck?"

And so it went. For the last two hours of Spike's shift the play went
on, as Xander's luck continued on it's steady ugly decline.
The odd coincidence was that the last chip was lost at exactly
the same time the next shift dealer clapped and waved his hands
signaling the exchange of staff.

Still trying to figure what had happened, Xander
slid off the stool and stumbled out into the early morning air.
'Shit. Might as well go and get the car.' He the thought.
'At least I have an excuse to come back tomorrow. Still gotta pay
Spike back the borrowed cash.'

"Hold up there Champ. Where do you think you are going?"
Spike's step had fallen in beside him. Lighting up a cigarette he blew
the smoke in Xander's face.
"Weren't thinkin' of slippin' off with me money were ya?"

Xander stopped walking and faced Spike.
Highly insulted at the implication
Xander huffed "No, Spike, I was not sneaking off. I'll get you
your money. Anyway I thought you were going to see to it that I won.
What the hell happened?"

"Can only do so much, Pet. Not my fault you can't play.
Now, we are about an hour away from daylight so your friendly
UV challenged vamp here needs to head home, and you are coming
with. There is no way I am letting you out of my sight till I get my
money back."
Spike turned and resumed his trek down the street
hoping he hadn't overplayed his hand and Xander would follow.

"Hey! I'll have you know I have mon...."
That's when the situation started to become clear.
This was much better than if he had won.
Oh yes, the potential of this was mind boggling.

But this needed to be handled delicately.
Don't appear to anxious, but not to resistant either.
The wording had to be exact.
Running to catch up, Xander looked over at Spike and answered
"Yea, o.k."

It was a short walk to a quiet residential area. While only a few blocks
off the strip, it seemed a world away.
Older large homes that had been tastefully turned into smaller,
comfortable apartments.
Small but very upscale.

Punching in a number code into the security system,
Spike went directly to the first apartment and keyed open the door.
He then stepped aside to allow Xander to enter.
Focusing on the interior of the spacious room Xander moved forward
and promptly bounced back landing on his ass.

Spike roared with laughter. "How's it feel, Pet? Had the entrance warded.
You need a proper invite by the owner, which just happens to be me."
"Yea, Spike I get it. Now I know how you felt all those times.
Ha Ha. Point made"

Xander actually didn't think it was funny at all.
Remembering all those times he and the gang had done that to Spike
and watched him blocked out and bounced off suddenly made him very ashamed.

"Please come in Xander Harris" Spike made the grand gesture of sweeping his arm
toward his apartment, formally inviting the fly into his web.
"Thank you Mr. Sirrah."
All hard feelings forgotten, Xander smiled and entered the
area that he would soon use as his trap, reaching down he adjusted his fly. "Speaking of which, where did you come up with the name of Sirrah?"

"Had to think of something didn't I"
Spike had already lost interest in the conversation and possibly
his guest as he disappeared into what must have been the bedroom.
"I'm going to take a shower, Pet. Make yourself at home"

Xander dropped down on to the couch. This really was a nice place.
He wouldn't mind staying here for a while.
Only question now was what was the best way to make that happen?
That's when his mind started to wander, as Xander's mind often did.

Xander could here the water running. 'Hmmm, Spike is in the shower.' he mused.
'Damn, he never did say where I would be sleeping tonight. Just like him to
leave me sitting here at 2:30 in the morning with no set place to sleep.
Well I will not be treated this way I will just march in there and demand an answer!'

Spike had just lathered himself up and was preparing for a long hot
luxurious wank.
How could he not?
The very person he had been pinning for was sitting in his living room.

Later, when the blood was no longer need in his cock, he would get his
brain on the task of thinking of a plan to keep Xander here as long as possible.

He had no sooner than gotten a good grip on the situation and one or two strokes
when the shower curtain was suddenly jerked back.


Xander stood there. Oogle, scan, stare, shrug.
"So where the hell am I supposed to be sleeping tonight? You never did say."
Xander's attitude and tone could have been the same if he had asked Spike
the time, or when the next bus would be stopping by.

Spike was frozen in mid stroke.
"Couch?" He squeaked.
"Fine. And don't use all the hot water. I'll be showering when you are done."
With that, Xander was gone.
Lucky for Spike the tire had not gone flat because he was now more
in need of that trip down the 'hurt myself highway' than ever before.

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