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Debris K.

2 fic searches, 1 fic in the works

Hi y'all,

I'm looking for two stories. The 1st one is an Initiative-related fic, which I only remember the end of: it had Riley (or possibly Graham? one of the soldier boys, anyway) ending up turned into a demon, and Walsh or some other head doc looking forward to "working" on him... I'm fairly sure it's Spander, as 99% of vamp fics I read are. :-) (what little I remember from the actual plot probably comes from a different fic altogether, so I won't go into it)

The other one is an old(er) probably long Spander story, possibly series, which ends with the boys living together but Spike gets house-fever and goes on a walkabout a few times before Xander breaks down/gets a clue and moves to a house with vamp-friendly access points and a game room built special for Spike and his demon buddies. This fic is the one I've taken to refering as "the fic that made me dread Established Relationship Issues in fanfiction", and I'd really like to find it (again) so I could reference my phobia properly.

Lastly, I've started writing a new story. So far it's:
- untitled
- has 1 part out of planned 2
- pairing of all kinds and combinations between Xander, Anya and Spike
- rated R, so far
- warnings for het, angst, Xander introspection and no beta or real proof-reading (yet; may change as soon as tomorrow)
- planned to be a Christmas gift, so time *is* of the essense, which is why I'm posting a notice here this fast, instead of letting it sit for months on my drive while I pick away at it and polish it to something not so blatantly... blatant.
Anyone interested to nudge/kick/push me in the right direction will be rewarded, or get the dubious privilage to make demands concerning the story/plot.

Many thanks, on all counts.
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