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Spike/Vamp!Xander. Again.


Remember the Spike/Vamp!Xander masterlist?

Well, it's been updated... kind of.

The list now totals 98 95 fics with working links.

(That math doesn't work out right with how many fics came up missing, but I'm too tired to care.)

I just spent the last several hours going through every single story and trying desperately to track down some broken links. I got many of the broken ones, but sadly, many are still missing. Some of these authors I know are still active, and I'm hoping they might be able to help me out.

Reconfiguration by Ethrosdemon & Lar Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Eveyone Dies by fanbot
A Gift, My Prince by Allison Grace (sorta) found! Thanks, debris_k!
Since He Died by Allison Grace
Cold Comfort by Jackson Found! Thanks, shakatany and debris_k
People Change by Nash Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Nothing But Blood by Pablo
Lumina Zilei Umblet by rune_vampyr Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Embraced by rune_vampyr Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Blowing Off Steam by Sandra D Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Death by Meth by Scorpio Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Dead Much? by Scorpio Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Lex the Ruthless, Childe of Spike by Scorpio Found! Thanks, lit_gal!
With a twist of reality on the side by Scorpio Found! Thanks, shakatany!
Something Wicked This Way Comes by Trixx (sorta) found! Thanks, debris_k!

That sums up the broken links. I haven't removed these stories from the list in hopes that we will be able to track them down.

The second reason I'm posting is to see if any NEW fics of the Spike/Vamp!Xander variety are missing. So please, check the current list and see if there's anything to add!

This list is now affectionately named "the list that ate vichan's life."

EDIT: I suck. The last paragraph should now make sense. I was speaking English, really.

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