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What Happens In Vegas 9/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 9/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement
and a certain vamp

'WOW! Well that's one impressive vampire! If I was impressed
by vampires.'
Xander went back to the couch to await his turn. Sitting there
was not nearly as comfortable as it had been before he went in
the bathroom.

Xander adjusted himself and tapped his leg nervously as he waited.
'Soooo, wonder what he thinks about when he....Nope not going to
go there.'
Xander got up and paced the room.

Spike stood stock still.
Dick in hand and mouth hanging open.
He didn't know whether to kick himself for missing a choice opportunity
or be embarrassed for being caught.

O.k. that wasn't even a choice, because frankly nothing he did
embarrassed him.
Finally looking down he noticed he still had a very eager cock awaiting
his next move.
A cock, that if it had feet would have chosen the kick his ass option.

Without further hesitation, Spike soaped up and slapped skin on skin
till he bent over, moaned Xander's name and shot a wad against the shower
wall that could possibly have damaged the tile.

Xander continued to walk.
Back and forth. Forth and back.
After a few minutes he heard the water shut off.

Rushing back to the couch he leaped towards the seat and landed just as
Spike walked out of the bathroom.
Feeling much more relaxed Spike stuck his head into the livingroom
called out "All yours, Pet.", and headed for the bedroom to dress.

Xander jumped to his feet and rushed toward the bathroom. He hated the
thought of having to put on the same clothes he was wearing now, but till
he could get back to his car and pick up his bags tomorrow, he was just stuck.

Stripping quickly, he cranked on the hot and jumped in.
All he wanted to do right now was to take care of business.
Serious business.
Business he couldn't understand the exact reason for. There were no women
around, only his good buddy Spike.
Compact and muscular Spike. Amazingly well hung and -eep - hard Spike.
Xander had no more than really gotten wet and latched a strangle hold on his "business"

The shower curtain flew open. There stood Spike. Xander's hand stopped all movement.
Spike's line of vision zeroed in on the "business" directly in front of him.
5 Seconds
10 Seconds
Spike's eyes suddenly snapped up and locked with Xander's
"Towels. Forgot to give you a towel. Laying a towel here for you."
With that he was gone.

For Xander, this was one of those life altering situations.
The veil lifted and it was all crystal clear.
No more confusion, no more half thoughts.
He absolutely knew now what it was he wanted.
He knew why he was here and what he had been searching for.

His life now had meaning, and that meaning was finding a way to coax Spike's
cock up Xander's ass.
When the mental picture of that formed in his brain, Xander tugged
his painful cock, groaned "Spike" and came quickly down the shower drain.

Huh, seems his cock was light years ahead of him on purposeful understanding.
Amazingly, Xander was not all that shocked by this revelation. He was much to
relaxed by one of the most powerful orgasms he has ever had.

'WOW!' That's one impressive human.
All long and fat and really hard.
Bet it feels great. Bet it tastes even better.
Damn, if only he had turned around. I'll bet that is one sweet ass.
Oh, yea, I made the right choice. One way or another, Xander is going
to be mine.
Mine to keep, and fuck, and suck, and not necessarily in a vampire way.

Looking down at his renewed hard on he sighed disgustedly. "Not again?"
Eagerly the head of his dick bobbed and twitched in it's best effort to
nod it's head and answer
"Yes again. Very much again"
'Well hell. Some cocks just can't be reasoned with.'
Spike proceded to take matters into his own hand when Xander chose that
moment to exit the bathroom.

Slowing only slightly as he passed, Xander glanced down at the punishing
Spike's cock was enuring and strolled on to the living room. 'Yup,'
He thought smiling, 'That's for me'

Xander had redressed in t-shirt and boxers.
He dropped to the couch and settled in.
He was extremely pleased with himself.
He just knew coming here was the right choice.

Yawning, he rested his head on one of the couch cushions. First thing
tomorrow I need to go make aggangements for the car and pick up my clothes.
Then all I have to do is think of a way to make him want me to stay.
Shouldn't be too hard.
Least I know he isn't with anyone else.
That hand appeared way to experienced.

Xander was so jumpy he wasn't sure he would be able to sleep.
The butterflys in his stomach reminded him of the excitement he used to
feel on Christmas eve.
Wondering if Santa would come.
Wondering what he would bring. Course that was before he got old enough
to realize that Santa wasn't real and thank God wasn't the one who
left all those empty beer bottles under the tree.

It was slightly traumatic to think Santa was an alcoholic. But, yea,
it was kinda like Christmas.
Maybe he would write Santa a letter. Snickering, Xander composed it
in his head.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year.
I will not ask you for a bicycle like I did every
other year since you never brought it anyway.
This year I would like something very special.
This year, Santa, I would like Spike's cock up
my ass. I know that is an unusual request, but
I would be very happy if you could fill it. ha ha.
I will leave milk and cookies out for you.

Your friend,

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