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What Happens In Vegas 10/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 10/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a
certain vamp

Special note: There will be no Vegas posting on Christmas morning so that Spike and Xander can spend the holiday in private.
As always, feeback is greatly appreciated.

Spike felt twitchy. He could feel the sunrise not far off the horizon
and he had been trying to sleep, but how could he?
Just knowing Xander was out there on the couch was almost more
than he could stand.
So warm, so human, so Xander. Being in a situation like this
was all he had dreamed of for months before the fall of the hellmouth.
It was all he thought of in the weeks after.

He was crushed when Xander dumped him just like everyone else had.
Run off and left him behind.
Discarded him like a used snotty tissue.

Before then he had even, in his mind, planned how they
could be room mates again. Set up house in some cozy little crypt.
Xander would settle into the living room and Spike
would settle in to Xander's ass.

Ah, the coveted ass. The one that was presently sleeping
on the sofa not to far away.

Spike flopped over on his other side. He knew all he needed was time.
Time could melt glaciers.
Time could turn coal into diamonds.
Time could convince Xander he needed Spike just as much as Spike
needed him.

O.k. possibly Xander would have to be turned in order to
extend the time limit a few hundred years, but Spike was not
opposed to any plan that might work.

Spike lay as still as he could. Straining, he could hear Xander breathing.
Rough and irregular.
'Ha! So he can't sleep either.' Rolling onto his back, Spike continued
listening, wondering why his breathing was so off.

Then with a groan, it hit him.
'Oh, no. Not again'
Reaching down between his legs he knew that his cock had also heard
and was aware of what Xander was doing.

Peeking under the sheet, the happy head of his dick was looking
right at him. He could have been wrong, but he would have
sworn the slit was smiling. In the dim room it resembled
one of those big round smiley face stickers you see everywhere.

'Oh what the hell' He wrapped his fist around it and proceeded to choke.
Spreading his legs he let his hand run on it's own.
Using all his concentration, he focused on Xander's breathing.

Every once in a while Xander would moan or shift around.
Spike could just imagine him squirming underneath him.

He caught the vague smell of arousal and his hand pumped harder.
'There!' Spike tilted his head to the side.
He knew when Xander's cock had started to leak. He could detect the
wonderful smell of come in the morning air.

Spike lifted his hips so he could easily slide his other hand down
cup his balls. They were deliciously heavy and full.
Xander shifted again and Spike imagined him rolling over to offer
himself up.

Both Spike's hands pulled and rubbed a little harder.
The head of his cock was now bubbling it's own juices and the
combined smell of the two of them was more than he could take.

Turning quickly to muffle his screams of passion into the pillow, Spike
emptied his balls, pumping his juice out onto his sheets and hand.
All he could think of was that Xander was doing the same.
It was almost like they were having sex.
Spike sighed and fell asleep.

Xander finally found his other shoe. It was almost daybreak and
he was anxious to get started. He hoped he hadn't wakened Spike
with all his fussing around while he scrounged up his clothes and got
dressed. He knew he had grunted a couple times when he was jerking
up his jeans, but since he heard no movement, Spike must still be asleep.

He had several things to do, and he wanted to be finished and back
here before Spike woke up. Which, if he remembered from the Sunnydale
basement days, was probably around late-as-hell-in-the-afternoon.

Luckily there was an ATM machine in the lobby of Spike's building.
Actually Xander had noticed that there were ATM machines in the lobby of
every building in Vegas. It seemed to be some sort of city code.
Using his bank card he withdrew several hundred dollars and started on his way.

Arriving at the parking garage was the first item on his list.
He had decided that with the early morning traffic being quite a bit
easier to deal with he would drive to all his other errands then as
a final stop, get rid of the car.

He really hoped he was making the right choice, but if Spike saw the expensive
convertible, he would know Xander could pay him back. He might even be
willing to take the car in exchange.
No, Xander could not allow Spike any loop holes like that.

The garage was deserted but for a couple trucks, a van, and an old man
sleeping in the booth at the front entrance.
Tapping on the bullet proof glass, Xander woke him up and handed him
the ticket.

Despite the fact that there was only four vehicles in the
entire garage, it still took nearly 30 minutes to retrieve the car.
Xander handed over the money and was given the keys.

As soon as he slid into the drivers seat, he smelled it.
DAMN! The interior of the car smelled like a whore house.
That God damn kid had apparently had more than just his own right hand
in here for a good fucking.

The combined aura of ode pussy was interwoven with the permeating
stench of what had to have been quarts of come. Whoever bought this
car had better have plenty of little pine cone air fresheners to
hang from the rear view mirror.

Rolling down the windows and hanging his head out like a dog, Xander took off for his next stop.
A 24 hour adult supply shop.
He had only been in one of these places once or twice before
so he opened the door cautiously and peeked in.

Surprisingly, it seemed fairly normal.
There were no perverts licking feet or applying duct tape to their
body parts or any of the other things he thought might go on in a place like this. Whistling, he stepped in and grabbed a cart.
Never knew what you might find.

First item - lube. And lots of it. Oh, Look! Flavors! He scanned the row.
Being new to this he wasn't exactly sure whose preference the flavor was for.
The lickor or the lickee.

Better buy several. They all made him think of sex.
Cherry - snicker. Banana - long and curved. Orange - round and juicy
Chocolate- cause duh.
He loaded up and pushed his cart to the next isle.
Cur thump cur thump.
Damn wheel.

Condoms. Nope, none needed. Vampire - no germs. Virgin human - no
previous ass useage.

He inspected the edible undies and passed. Sounded like they might get
sticky and uncomfortable when wet.
He cruised down the leather section, perusing the whips and cuffs.
Possibly later.
That seemed more of a holiday gift item.
Finally after selecting a nice collection of butt plugs and vibrators
he headed for the checkout.

Xander felt slightly guilty tearing the clerk away from his reading of
Butt Munchers Monthly, however time was of the essence so he needed to move on. Laying everything on the counter, he watched as each item was scanned
and priced.

Hmmm. Just seemed like he was forgetting something.
Ah yes, batteries.

"Tell me, my good man" Xander asked thoughtfully with his hand on
his chin, "Does The Purple Pirate vibrator take different batteries
in the glow in the dark head than in the main part of the peg leg?"

Without looking up, the clerk added three pack of various sized
batteries and totaled the order.
"$85.98. Cash, no checks."
"Sounds reasonable." Xander counted out the money and snatched up
his treasures.

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