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Suzerain's Companion # 18

OK this is a little short... more soon promise.

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Part 18

Mistress Janet had been wonderful with Lisbeth, her own relatively lesser disability strengthening her resolve to assist the stricken Vampire. She had worked with the amputee on balance and gait, strengthening the other leg and arm, and developing fight moves that would allow Lisbeth to at least defend herself.

On some rather joyful occasions, Alexander would join them along with little Lillie. The tiny girl did her very best to join in, Janet embracing the tiny human’s enthusiasm to participate and decking her out with enormous gloves and the smallest sized karate jacket she could find (it still almost touched the floor!). The white belt wrapped around the minute red headed, would-be-warrior so many times that there was no need for pants, though she insisted on having her hair tied up “like Lizzy’s”.

Though very careful with the little girl, Janet was also demanding. At barely three (as far as anyone could tell), the little girl could dive roll and almost perform a cartwheel. She was trained to run and hide if in danger, and how to escape the grip of another human. Her penchant for biting the hand that held her was encouraged, to the detriment of Alexander who in a play fight held her down in the wrong position only to have razor sharp baby teeth draw blood on his inner thigh!

The night of Lillie’s final acquiescence to her long held grief, Angelus had gone directly from feeding and comforting Lisbeth, to sparring with Mistress Janet. The Mistress knew the signs, the tough workout was deliberate and her full powered strikes hurt, designed to allow the mated Sire to work off some of his anger and distress. Some days, of late, the focus on the fight was the only thing that allowed him to go on as he witnessed his darling Childe stoically bearing the ongoing pain from the severed limbs, and odd stares of strangers not used to seeing a crippled vampire and wondering at him for caring.

Janet met him full force and knew what he needed but it was not her place. She subdued him and shackled him. And called for the Suzerain.

Spike left Alexander with the exhausted little Lillie still in arms. He kissed his Companion encouraged him to sleep and moved to the next ‘crisis’.

His Childe was hanging limp in his chains in the back of the dojo, but upon scenting his Sire he rallied a little. Spike knew the signs… this had been coming for a long while, he nodded his thanks to the Mistress who was seated observing the bound vampire. She gave a rue smile and withdrew, knowing that what needed to be done was not her business. His Childe had been so strong for so long, and now needed his Sire, needed the hurt, so he might in turn afford Lisbeth the strength and support she deserved.

Spike approached and all but hissed in Angelus’ ear. “What is your crime young one? And do be specific…” Angelus remained silent, his head bowed. The Mistress had left a table covered in various restraints and weaponry. Spike trailed a pale hand down the edge, inspecting each piece.

The blonde picked up a leather flogger and with the first strike, caused the tails of the torture instrument to wrap around the solid torso of his Childe, scoring front and back enough to draw a little blood. There was no sound from the bound vampire.

“Why do you need the pain, Childe?”

Angelus remained silent. Two more repeats of the question followed six more strikes… twice hitting around his shoulders, two his torso and two his legs… before finally the brunette began to sob, “I failed her Sire… I *failed her* and now she has to… to… Please Sire *please* harder… Please make it hurt, just as I let her be hurt… *please*. I deserve to be punished… my Childe… My beautiful mate… Please…” Trailing off, the brunette slumped in his restraints and waited for the whipping to begin again. Spike brought the flogger down once more before moving forward to lick the wounds, and whispered “Well done, there will be no more pain... we are in this together… family.”

For Angelus the pain was cathartic and immediately followed by the overwhelming sensation of love, Sire, trust and family. He accepted the open wrist as his prostate was repeatedly struck and he was tugged to hardness. Spike then bit down hard and near drained his First, at the same time entering him hard and releasing his shackles. Still embedded he gently lowered the drained vampire to the ground, easing him onto his side and stroking him until the younger vampire found completion.

Spike chose not to release, but stayed embedded for a time until the drained youngster relaxed and finally began to cry. As he withdrew, he stroked the dark locks, reassured and kissed the savage bite mark. Angelus rallied and turned, feeling his maker leave him, then kissed his Sire, his Suzerain.

“Thank you Sire…”

“Be strong Childe. I will need you… you and your beautiful Lisbeth… We have yet to resolve this.”

The two stood slowly, Angelus on shaky legs, still rather overcome by his Sire’s attentions, and Spike simply wishing for rest. He led his Childe slowly to the suite shared by Lisbeth and pushed him in.

Arriving back at his own rooms the Suzerain was met by his beloved Alexander at the door.

He had given so much more than a beating or a hug that night, that he literally fell into Alexander’s arms. The human simply extended his neck and reached for his beloved’s private region… and then relaxed into the haze that came with a fast draining and reciprocal wrist.

Eventually Spike came, rested, then they were both aware enough to speak.


“Sleeping with Nanny.”

“Sooo … Angelus and Lisbeth”

“All good mate… Thanks to you… As good as can be... But… ummm… You just stick with Marko OK? Need you safe per so… Marko…” They were alone so Spike let his feelings be known. And so his dear companion was privy to the fear for the immediate family – including Lilly! Even as a well trained Companion, he had not realized the depth of his Suzerain’s devotion and fell asleep feeling utterly blissful. His Claimer truly loved him.


Two days later, Alexander was walking off his lead behind the Suzerain, as ever the required two steps behind, in the main street closest to their headquarters/lair, when he felt a sting in his thigh. Then everyone was running and he was being lifted and… all was simply… black.


The Suzerain’s bodyguards saw the Companion, Marko and five other of their number go down, so simply hustled the ruling vampire into a car and, despite their ruler’s pleas, drove off.

The attack was very well planned, and now they had the Suzerain’s own. They would no doubt kill the Suzerain’s Companion within days, but who knew what came before that in terms of demands... or torture for the beloved human.

Spike’s only hope beyond a desperate wish that they might recover Alexander in time?, that they get the bastards and torture them… for as many months as it took minutes to find his Companion.


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