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What Happens In Vegas 11/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 11/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a
certain vamp

Special note: There will be no Vegas posting on Christmas morning
so that Spike and Xander can spend the holiday in private.

There will also be a four day break from Dec. 29 - Jan 1.
In place of Vegas will be a short 4 chapter piece of pointless
fluff. Spike & Xander are still working for the Council and
Giles is again forced to call on them to save New Year.
Much like the Christmas fiasco.

Xander jumped back into his car and headed out onto the
highway. His next stop was the most important one. He
needed to find a way to spend as much time as possible with Spike
in order to sway him over to Xander's way of thinking, so of
course the only solution was the Starfish.

Obviously he couldn't hang out there every night just watching
Spike, and he sure the hell couldn't gamble or he really would be
broke. Nope, he was going to have to take drastic measures.
He was going to have to get a job.

Xander pulled in to a gas station one block from the Starfish
and jumped out. Going through his suitcase in the trunk, he
selected a clean shirt and tan dockers.

'Damn!' He held the clean clothes up to his nose.
"That fuckin' fuck smell has even seeped into my bag and clothes.
What the hell did that kid do in my car?'
Realizing he had no other options, Xander ducked into the
men's room and changed.

Arriving at the Starfish he paused at the bar to allow his eyes
to adjust to the dim lighting.
"Like a beer?"
This time Xander was ready. Slapping his hand down
and leaning in on the bar he faced off with the bartender.

"I do NOT want a beer. I want to see the manager. Now!"
Xander was so proud of himself for standing his ground he
failed to notice the subtle change on the bartender's face
when he had gotten close.

Clearing the bar in one athletic leap, the bartender slid up
next to Xander and sniffed deeply.
Flashing a smile that surpassed any he had seen the night before,
Xander almost thought he saw an extra set of teeth in the
bartender's mouth. 'Must be a trick of the light' He thought.

"So, office? Manager?" Xander squeaked attempting to retain his
feeling of control. A feeling that was somewhat in jeopardy with the
bartender pressed flat against his body and sniffing wildly.


Both Xander and the bartender jumped like they had been shot.
Hustling back to his station behind the bar the bartender smiled
up at the huge green man and ask meekly
"Like a beer?"

Ignoring him the man turned to Xander looking him up and down
"Names' Mr.Kermit. I heard you were looking for the manager."
Xander cleared his throat and brushed off his shirt.
"Yes, sir. I'm looking for a job as a waiter. Friend of mine works
here. Said he would speak for me." Yea, it was a lie,
but a small one, so it didn't really count.

One step closer and the manager smiled then quickly switched on
the scowl.
"My office now!" Kermit pointed in the direction of the back.
Xander tried to ignore the sound of both the bartender and the
Manager sucking air through their noses as he passed.
He did, however cringe when the sniff was capped off with an

Xander found himself in a small functional room. No color, no
decoration. This was a room for strictly business.
Mr. Kermit entered, waved in the direction of a chair and closed the door.
"So, you want a job. What employee did you say would vouch for you?"
Xander squirmed nervously "Ah, Spike, I mean William, the black tr.., um
black jack dealer."

Kermit leaned back against his desk. "Willllliam"
His eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned loudly.
Rubbing his hand down the front of his pants, Xander could
clearly see the outline of TWO large erections starting to
grow. Grabbing and adjusting first one then the other, the manager
quickly recovered and continued as if nothing had happened.

Xander didn't find any of that unusual, as Spike generally caused the
same reaction in him.
"Yes, of course, as a vampire, I can see what he finds attractive about
you. You do realize this is a demon bar. You have any experience
with demons?"

Xander beamed "Hellmouth born and raised."
"Excellent reference!. You're hired!" Kermit tipped back in his chair,
lit a cigar, and continued.

"We are very elite here and certain things are expected of our employees.
You will have to be waxed for the uniform"
Xander gave that some thought. He wasn't sure what that meant
or what was involved, but hell, how bad could it be.

"O.k." he nodded.
"Next, you will be expected to closely follow the written script.
Can you read and memorize lines?"
Shit, he wasn't expecting a test. "absolutely!"

Mr. Kermit handed Xander a sheet of paper which Xander studied
for several minutes.
Finally looking up at the manager Xander put on his biggest smile
and shouted
"Like a beer?"

"Holy Shit!" Kermit jumped up from his chair "You're a natural!"
Xander was thrilled. Only one thing slightly bothered him.
"I'll do my best, but to be honest I don't think I could smile as
big as Binky the bartender."

Kermit waved his hand dismissively. "Don't worry about him.
That's a bicuspid demon. Only thing you have to watch with him
is if you see the extra sets of teeth in his mouth, he is just about to
eat you. Other than that he is a very competent employee. Now if
we are all done here, I am going to send you down the hall to be waxed.
They will also give you a uniform and I will expect you back here to work
at 8 P.M. tonight."

"O.k. sure, That gives me time to go home and shower and...."
"NO!! I mean no need, my boy. The customers will love you just
the way you are."
Xander shook the manager's hand and started for the door. Pausing
as he grabbed the knob, he turned, gave his best smile and asked
"Like a beer?"

"Brilliant!" Mr. Kermit had hired a genius.
The rest of the morning was a nightmare of pain and humiliation.
In all the demon torture books he had seen in Mr. Giles library he
didn't remember any that described the horrendous practice of hair waxing.

He also didn't understand why the spanking he received was part of the
uniform fitting, but what the hell. At this point he was just trying to
keep his focus on the goal.

It was a mantra he repeated over and over in his head.
A form of meditation that got him through the worst of the day.
'Hmmmm Spike's cock, my ass. Hmmmm Spikes cock, my ass.'

At last he was done. All the necessary papers had been signed.
The uniform tightly fitted, and his entire body stripped of all hair
and at least one layer of skin. Thinking all pain was behind him,
Xander attempted to redress in his own clothes.
The rough feel of the denim and cotton against his still raw skin
felt like fire. All he wanted to do was get back to Spike's and get
out of these clothes.

One more stop.
Xander whipped into a used car lot as near to Spike's apartment
building as possible. He held a quick conversation with the unsavory
used car dealer and knew instantly he was going to be screwed out
of a fair price.

"Sorry" The dealer did his best to look disinterested in the amazing
red sports car. "Car's used. Can't offer any more than that."
Xander looked at the offered price the car slug had written on the
note pad.

Time for drastic measures. Casually Xander stepped in closer.
He knew instantly when the salesman caught a whiff of him.
The offer doubled. Xander accepted and walked away counting his money.

He was tired from lack of sleep, in pain from the body stripping and spanking,
and his arms and back ached from carrying the bags from the car dealer.
All he wanted now was a nap before he had to report for work.

Banging on the door, Xander shouted "Open up Spike, it's me"
Jerking the door open, Spike was slammed in the face with the smell of
at least three pussies and a couple of cocks.
Stunned, he fell back against the open door as Xander breezed by.
"I'm gonna need a spare key, Buddy" Xander sailed into the bedroom.

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