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What Happens In Vegas 12/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 12/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a
certain vamp
Notice: There will be no Vegas posting on Dec. 25th.

Without realizing it, Spike had slipped into his demon face and was
growling at the mental picture of the wild orgies that were forming
in his brain.

"Where the hell have you been, and why do you smell like a whore house!?"
Spike demanded, rushing ahead and blocking the doorway.
Tapping Spike on the wrinkled snarling forehead Xander calmly walked
past him and into the bed room.
"Tut, tut, my friend. You know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

"We're still in Vegas, you moron. Now I want to know who's juices you
apparently have been bathing in."
"Calm down, Spike. It isn't what you think." Xander grabbed the hem
of his stained t-shirt and started to pull it over his head.

Spike had cooled himself and forced his human face back to the front.
Possibly he had jumped to conclusions. After all Xander had only been
gone a few hours.

Just then the shirt came off and Spike caught sight of the
pink, raw, hairless skin. Arms, chest, stomach, lower for Gods sake.
In a move so fast it threatened to cause whiplash, the
demon face was back.

"What the fuck?"
Xander looked down at himself.
He really hadn't wanted Spike to find out about the job until it was
to late to stop him.

"Oops Been a long morning, Spike. I need a wash up. We can talk later"
Xander grabbed the shirt and took off for the bathroom. Fuck what
Mr. Kermit said, Xander needed a shower.
Hustling into the bathroom, he grabbed a towel, turned on the water
and dropped his pants.

Spike was hot on his heels. This was a conversation he didn't want
Xander wiggling out of.
"I want some fucking answers now!" Spike kicked the door open
and charged in. Catching sight of Xander just as he jumped into the water,
Spike caught the distinct outline of hand prints on HIS Xander's ass.
HOLY SHIT! He had been spanked!

Taking a deep unnecessary breath, Spike knew this was a make or
break point in his plans. If he didn't get a grip on his emotions he would
do something incredibly stupid and scare Xander off.
Stomping off to the kitchen he grabbed another pack of blood, a pint of Jack
and his trusty cigarettes.

'Get hold of yourself, Spike. Take a look at the big picture. Sure,
the boy smells like six different kinds of come, but to think of it
I didn't smell Xander come, so either he didn't shoot his wad or
someone caught every drop - ACK.
The boy was spanked for Christ sake!'

His brain was spinning in its grave.
'O.k. let's go at this from another angle.
He had a good time. So what.
Not going to happen again is it? I can see to that.

Boy does not need to have a good time till I'm ready to give him one.
Just going to have to keep a closer eye on
him till I bring him around to my way of thinking'

Well, now that was a decision he could live with.
The past was past.
He would just go in there and inform Xander that Spike was the bigger
person in all of this and he was willing to forgive him.
Hopefully Xander would not question why he was being forgiven.

Spike entered the bedroom and was stopped in his tracks.
There in his bed was Xander.
All curled up, tucked in and sound asleep.
He had the face of an angel and snored like a truck driver.
Spike was struck by how sweet that was.
Quietly he closed the door and backed out.

Returning to the living room he spotted Xan's suitcases sitting by the door.
'Curiosity killed the cat' He thought, but thank God he was already dead.
Anyway it was just expected of a vampire.
He popped the locks.

Tumbling out onto the floor was four bottles of lube, all different flavors,
several packs of batteries, six varied sizes of butt plugs and
the king of all anal vibrators, The Purple Pirate.

'Huh' Spike scratched his head. Wonder where he found one of those.
I have looked everywhere for the Purple Pirate.

'Well this is just the last straw' He was fuming. 'If he thinks this
thing is going up anyone's ass but his own, or maybe mine, he has
another thing coming.

Stuffing it all back in, Spike made a decision. Enough pussy footing around.
Scratch that.
No more dicking around.
I have been a patient vampire. Tonight I stake my claim.
Xander will be mine!'

Xander stretched and yawned. He felt fantastic. The nap had done him a
world of good, and his plan was right on track.
He would stay right under Spike's nose until he had no other choice
but to fuck him.

Funny thing was, it's more than that, Xander admitted to himself.
He really liked Spike. He had missed him terribly and everything
felt better since coming here.
He really wanted this to work. He really wanted Spike to want him.

Checking the clock he knew he had to get up and moving if he was going to
make it to work on time.
Padding barefoot to the kitchen, he found a note on the counter.


Left early for work. Help yourself to anything in the frig.
Do not go out!
See you when I get home,


Xander kissed the note and folded it neatly. Whistling, he returned to the
bedroom to dress. Taking advantage of the fact that he was alone in the
apartment, Xander grabbed the suitcases he had left in the living room.
Luckily he had thought to hide his new purchases in one of the smaller ones.
There was no was he was ready to explain all this to Spike.

He took it all into the bedroom and hid his prizes in the bottom drawer
of the night stand. Nice and handy. Just in case.

Noticing Spike had a computer in the corner of his bedroom, Xander
also thought this would be an excellent time to drop Willow an e-mail.
He really did miss her, and knew she carried her laptop with her every
where she went.
Still it wasn't like the old days.
She had moved on and now, thank God, he was too.

Spike arrived at work. Removing the cover shirt he wore on the street,
he hung it in his locker. Rubbing a little oil on his chest, and he
was ready to go.

He needed this familiarity to calm himself and get grounded.
Relaxing, he rolled his head from side to side.
He flexed his muscles and took a few moments to admire himself.
He had let the whole situation get out of hand.
He was in charge of this plan
Xander would fall in line. Period.

With a clap and a wave of his hands, Spike took his position and plastered
the required smile on his face. Three hands later and the routine of the
evening was falling into place.

"Like a Beer?"

Spike looked up and thank God he no longer had a working digestive
system or he would have shit himself on the spot.

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