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Seven Christmases, by piratepurple, PG

Title: Seven Christmases

Author: piratepurple

Feedback: The crack cocaine of the fanfic world.

Archive: I'd be honored, but if you don't tell me, I can't be.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I stuck hot pokers into Joss until he gave me the boys. No, really, I did. Okay I didn't, they're still his. But I'm a pirate, pilfering is kind of my thing. Oh, okay! I'll return them when I'm done, but they'll be a bit... dirty. Scratch that, I'll bathe with them before they go back. If I made a profit from this, why would I keep my day job?

Warnings: Pure, unalduterated holiday sap. Keep your insulin nearby.

Notes: Betaed by the always lovely Tsavoritegarnet. After Christmas we'll return you to your regular posting of Transgression.

Summary: Seven years that changed everything.

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