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What Happens In Vegas 14/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 14/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a
certain vamp

Special note: There will be no Vegas posting on Christmas morning so that
Spike and Xander can spend the holiday in private. There will also be a four day
break from Dec. 29 - Jan 1.
In place of Vegas will be a short 4 chapter piece of pointless fluff.
Spike & Xander are still working for the Council and Giles is again
forced to call on them to save New Year.

Morning came quickly.
The evening had been a blur of beer, gropes, and tips, most of which
were shoved roughly down his spandex pants.
Which wasn't bad till they let go of the pants just to watch them
snap back against his cock like a giant rubber band.
He may have to look into a cup.

The real money came from the frottage demons.
They were definitely a wham bam thank you Xan. It was all great,
but the amount of cash he had at the end of the night was almost

Back in the dressing room, Xander stuffed most of it into a paper
bag and left it secured in his locker.
He cringed at the amount, and didn't want Spike to see.
Just as he was attaching on the lock, Spike entered to room.

"So, how did it go tonight? Seemed like you were really raking
in the dough".
"Yea, it did look like it didn't it? But you know how cheap most
of those demons are - no offense. No, I really didn't make that much.
At this rate I don't know when I will be able to pay you back"

Spike gave a long suffering sigh and a barely suppressed grin.
"Now I suppose you're hungry and I am going to have to take you home
and feed you."

"Thanks, Buddy. I'm hungry enough to eat the asshole out of a skunk"
Throwing his arm around Spike's shoulder they headed for the exit.
"Just put it on my tab."
"You can count on it , Xan. You can count on it."

Arriving back at the apartment Xander had already started to think
of as home, he kicked off his shoes and headed for the kitchen.
"How about I fix some breakfast. Eggs maybe? I'll throw a little
blood in yours."

Spike had gone straight to the bedroom to change.
It warmed his dead heart hearing Xander putter around in a kitchen
Spike already thought of as theirs.

"Sounds great, Pet. Some A+ would really hit the spot."
Doing some quick calculations in his head Spike knew a human as
scrumptious as his Xan would easily rake in enough money to pay off his
debt in no time.
It was definitely time to kick up the heat. Besides, the thought of Xander
using those wonderful toys with anyone else just set his teeth on edge.

O.k. he thought, 'It's Showtime'
Stripping down buck naked, Spike sauntered casually into the kitchen.
Xander had his back to him and was humming happily as he whipped the eggs.
Pouring the blood in half the mixture slowly, Xander turned
"So how much blood do you usually ...!!!!"

Walking over and pressing his side to Xander's side, Spike leaned
down sniffing the bowl.
"Looks about right." Then running his gaze slowly up Xander's body, looked
him in the eye and added
"Maybe you could give me more. You know how much I need it."
With that he dipped his finger in the bowl and licked and sucked it
off noisily.

'HOLY FUCK!' Xander coughed loudly to cover the gasp that wanted to escape.
How the hell can Spike do that shit and not realize what effect he
has on people?'
Struggling to regain his composure, Xander frantically whipped the eggs.
Turning back around quickly to the stove in an attempt to conceal his growing erection, he poured the mixture into the skillet.

'Calm the fuck down. Now think! The amazing heavy hooded cock that
you have been dreaming about is presently swinging sweetly between those soft hairless thighs and standing right behind you.
Act cool. Don't stare!'
Casually Xander dropped the spatula he was using on the floor.
"Oops," He laughed nervously "Clumsy me"

Turning and stepping forward he bent quickly and came face to face
with.....o.k. it is no longer swinging.
It is now standing straight.....Oh look.
When it gets really hard the head peeks out of...'

"Help you with something there Xander?"
"Nope I got it" Triumphantly Xander waved the spatula in the air,
and returned to the task at hand.

Finally pride and relief combined as the eggs were cooked and dished up.
"You, ah, usually walk around like that?" Xander waved his hand up
and down Spike's body pausing his hand and wiggling his fingers in the
direction of the pink and proud.

Spike glanced down and back up. "My place innit? It's what I do.
If it bothers you I guess I could pants up or somethin'. "
Xander threw both hands up and turned his attention back to the plate in
front of him.
"No, no. This is your party. I'm just passing through."

Breakfast was strained, Xander tried his best to look without looking and Spike
did all he could to keep his bold and beautiful clearly aimed in Xander's line of vision.
Encouraged, Spike could see that Xander was intrigued. That didn't mean he was
ready for an all out buggering, but hey, it was a first step.

Spike yawned and stretched. Standing, he scratched his bare butt cheek
and headed for the bedroom.
"I'm done. All tired out. See you later."
Xander watched him go. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid!'

If Xander had been more flexible he would have kicked himself in the ass.
'Now he knows you want him. You idiot' And the worst part was the with
all the ducking and dodging, he still didn't get a really close look at it.
Something that Xander found he was quickly becoming obsessed with.
He felt that if he could just get a really good look he would be satisfied.
At least for now.

Xander paced around the living room. Watching the bedroom door, it was
just killing him that Spike was right in there.
Probably sleeping naked.
On his back.
With the sheet pulled down.
With his legs open.

A plan. That's what he needed. A way to get a close up examination of the goods,
so to speak.
Checking the clock, Xander saw that it had been about 20 minutes since Spike
went to bed. Knowing from past experience that it only takes the vampire
about 5 minutes to conk out, he figured Spike must, by now, be dead to the world.
Pardon the pun.

Just a quick peek, he thought. If that goes o.k., then maybe a little longer.
Just play it by ear.
Easing the bedroom door open, Xander poked his head in.
"Spike?" He whispered. No answer.
Stepping inside the door, he tried again.
"You awake, old buddy?" Nothing.

Creeping towards the bed, Xander saw that he was absolutely right.
Spike was indeed on his back, stark naked, legs spread, and sheet down.
'Can I call it or what?' Feeling bolder, Xander slithered right up next to the bed.
'One final test' He told himself
"Spikey, old man. You in there?"

Wow, if he hadn't known Spike was a vampire, he would have thought he was
dead for real.
No breathing, no moving, no nothing.
'O.k., Xanman, this is your chance. Get a really good look and get it out
of your system.'
Bending at the waist, Xander tried to take it all in.
Visually at least.

'Damn! It's too fuckin' dark in here' Frustrated, Xander tried getting
closer, but it didn't help.
He tried squinting, and leaning to see it from different angles.
Nothing worked.

Glancing around the bedroom, Xander knew he was going to need a flashlight.
'Where the fuck would a vampire keep a flashlight? Shit! Vampire eyesight.
Probably doesn't have one.'

Snapping his fingers, that's when it came to him. The perfect solution.
Easing the bottom drawer of the bedstand open Xander extracted the
Purple Pirate he had hidden there.
Thank God he had remembered to put the batteries in the glow in the dark head.

Hunching back down, Xander flipped on the switch causing the bulbous purple
head to shine and rotate.
Pausing to admire and fantasize over it's possibilities, he then returned to
the task at hand.

Waving the glowing dildo just inches above the thick heavy piece of
heavenly ham, Xander failed to realize that Spike had been awake since
he had first entered the bedroom.
"Find what you were looking for, Pet?"

Xander froze.
Suddenly like a drowning man clutching for a drink of water, one far
fetched idea came to him.
Without missing a beat Xander stood straight up. He dropped his arms
to his sides, and with his eyes squished tightly shut he threw his head back.

Two more snorts and a snore, Xander turned, with the anal vibrator still
spinning in his hand, and goose stepped back into the living room.
He dropped to the couch, feigning sleep.

After a spit second and a tangly tussle of feet and sheet, Spike was
hot on his heels.
Skidding to a stop he glared down into the innocent face of his sleeping (?) roommate.

Spike wasn't sure if this was for real or if he was being taken for a ride on
the woo woo mobile.
He knew one thing, though.
If this was a ride, they had just come to his stop.
Grinning evilly, he returned to bed and finally slept soundly.

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