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What Happens In Vegas 15/22

What Happens in Vegas 15/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp

'WOW' Xander peeked open one eye to make sure the coast
was clear.
'That was close. Love a gullable vampire.' Realizing the Purple
Pirate was still twirling happily in his hand, Xander lifted his head
looking around the room.

'He must have gone back to bed. Hmmm. I'm out here all alone.
Just me and my purple buddy here.
Really should test this thing before I let Spike get his hands
on it.
After all consumer research is vital to customer satisfaction.'

Lying back, Xander stretched out fully on the couch.
Rubbing his left hand down his chest felling his nipples harden,
he followed the path with the vibrator.

He hadn't noticed before but when held in your hand it had an almost
pulsing motion combined with the warmth felt almost like a human cock.
Fumbling for the top button, he switched off the heating element.
No, he wanted it cool.

Lifting it to his lips, he sucked and licked the head to moisten it.
Then rubbing the wet pulsing hardness over his nipples, he closed his
eyes and pretended it was a cock. A cool, stiff, vampire cock sliding down
his chest.
Xander bit his lip to keep from moaning.

Gliding it further down he let it tease around his belly button, imagining
Spike hovering over him.
Lips just inches from his.
Moving it down again he lightly pressed the rotating head against the
seeping slit of his own cock.

They swirled together in sticky sweetness.
SHIT! That felt good.
Pulling it back, Xander didn't want to come so soon.
Giving his anxious cock a rest, he rubbed the vibration down the
crease between his thighs and groin, squeezing his legs together to
feel the tingle throughout the whole area.

Sucking it again to rewet it, he slid it down and ran it up and down
the underside of his sac, pressing gently between the balls.
The zing ran both up his cock and down to his hole.
It was glorious.

Finally gripping his cock he let his mind run silently with all the
things he wanted to say out loud.
'Fuck, yes, Spike! God, I've wanted you so long. You feel so good.
Please fuck me, Spike. Fuck me.'

Stripping his cock harder and faster, Xander pressed his buccaneer buddy
to his waiting ass. The feel of it was too much.
Thrusting his hips up, his asshole slammed shut and his cock came suddenly,
spurting on to his hand and stomach.

His body remained rigid as the after shocks slowly eased.
Finally relaxing back down, he peered down at the cooling mess in the
hair on the stomach.
Flipping of the switch he tucked his new friend under his pillow and wiped
himself up with the sheet.

'Well,' He snickered 'The speed of that could have been embarrassing.
Better keep practicing several times a day so that when the time comes to walk
Spike's plank, my little pirate buddy will have me ready. Arrrrg me matey'

Snuggling down, Xander slept like the dead.

Late afternoon arrived, and both occupants started to stir.
Spike woke first.
Stretching and rolling over, the details of the night before came back
to him in full color.
Thinking it over, Spike decided it was time to take charge of
the Xander situation.

The way he saw it, if Xander was awake last night it was proof that he
wanted Spike.
If he was asleep he must have been acting out what his subconscious
was telling him, which was that he wanted Spike.

The only thing preventing the natural progression of the pleasures
of the anus was Xander's hesitation.
No problem.

With Spike taking over the plan, things should take off quickly and
run smoothly.
His past being what it is, Spike had resolved not to declare his
feelings first and risk the pain and embarrassment he had so often
been slapped with.

As much as he wanted Xander it had to be Xander that came to him.
He wasn't, however, adverse to helping him come to the right decision.

Marching, stark naked, into the living room, Spike kicked the end of the couch
Xander was just starting to rise from.
Falling back, Xander leaped to his feet,startled.
"What the...?"

"I want my money, Xander." Spike crossed his arms and took a very
no nonsense stance.

Xander mirrored the stand. "Well obviously I don't have the money.
So what are you going to do?"
Temporarily distracted by the heavenly aroma of Xander's last night
spend on the sheets, Spike momentarily lost track of his train of thought.

Finally, however, it was just that fragrance floating in the air that
got him more determined than ever.

"I think you are forgetting who you are dealing with.
Vampire here Harris.
You don't fuck a duck and you don't owe money to a vampire."
"Why the hell would I fuck a...."

"Missing the point Harris!!" Spike refused to lose control.
Taking a deep breath, he painted on one of his best leers.
"You're a smart boy, Xander. I'm sure you have read all those nasty vampire
books the Watcher used to keep hidden.

Spelled out simply.
You owe me. I'm collecting.
Until the debt is paid, you are mine.
Pet, slave, call it what you want, you're mine."




Spike staggered back.
The blast of pheromones in the air was overwhelmingly delicious.
'Oh yes! Let's just see how far we can take this' Spike paced back
and forth in front of the sofa.

"First, there will be rules. You will treat me respectfully.
You will serve me when ever and where ever I say."
Xander's cock twitched
"You will dress and undress me."
Xander's cock lurched

"You will meet all my demands, REGARDLESS, of what I want you to do."
Xander pressed his joined fists roughly against his swollen cock and came
silently in his sleep pants.

Seeing the body flush and smelling the increase in semen in the room,
Spike smirked,turned and went back to his room to dress.

Xander did a quick version of the snoopy dance and barely controlled
his need to giggle.
His brain was bubbling and boiling with the fantasies of all the horrible, degrading, evil things that the vampire could do to him.
Beyond his control, the giggle popped out.

'O.k., Xander. Get a grip. Don't be to obvious. He probably just
wants his blood warmed and his socks washed. All I need to do is
switch that to his cock warmed in my ass, and his asshole washed
by my tongue.'
Slapping his hand over his mouth, the giggle reappeared.

Just as Xander felt he was regaining some small amount of control,
Spike stuck one hand out the bedroom door and snapped his fingers.
"Shower time pet. Need the water heated and my body sponge soaped"

Xander roughly slapped himself across the face to make sure he wasn't
really sleep walking after all.

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