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What Happens In Vegas 16/22 
27th-Dec-2006 09:54 am
What Happens in Vegas 16/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp

"Let's go, Harris! Chop Chop. Time to get movin' Don't fancy
being late for work. Cards to shuffle, chips to count and such."

Xander scrambled into the bathroom. Not sure exactly what to
expect, he was surprised none the less, to find Spike sitting,
stark naked, legs crossed, on the closed toilet seat, filing his

Pointing casually at the shower he tossed instructions without looking up.
"Start the water and let me know when it is good and hot. Also, my
favorite sponge is hanging on a hook. Do be a good little pet and
get it all soapy for me."

Clearly this was not to be the x-rated shower fantasy Xander had playing
a loop through his brain.
"Uh, sure thing, Master." Unfortunately, the sarcasm of the last word
was lost on Spike, who only caught the title and not the tone.

His cock twitched.
Still, he refused to look up. Spike was determined that when he
finally let his cock pack it's little overnight bag and rent a room in
Xander's ass, it would be because Xander himself had ask.

He would not make the first move.
He would not beg.
All Spike had to do was encourage him to see the light.

Xander scurried about foaming the sponge and periodically testing
the water till it was good and steamy.
Finally, all was ready.
Carefully schooling his expression to conceal the happy grin
that threatened to explode, Xander began to disrobe.

"Ahem. Pardon, pet, but what do you think you are doing?'
"Well, I don't intend to take a shower with my clothes on."
"Xander, Love, you are not going to take a shower at all." Spike casually
pushed by him and stepped into the water.

Letting out a long happy sigh, he stood under the spray and let the
water cascade all down his body. Xander, on the other hand, stood,
half dressed, watching.

"What..?" Xander sputtered, jerking the curtain back.
"Oi! Letting all the heat out!" Spike snatched the shower curtain back
into place.

Watching Spike's outline as he shampooed his hair and lathered his body
with the very sponge that Xander himself had so carefully soaped, he tapped
his foot as he waited impatiently for an explanation.

He watched as Spike rinsed his hair, and he waited.
He watched as Spike rinsed his body, and still he waited.
Xander was beginning to remember why he always thought Spike was
such a pain in the ass, long before he wanted Spike to be a pain in his ass.

"Look, Spike..."
"Hold that thought, pet. Go fetch me a towel. Believe I'll have a pleasant
little wank then be ready for you to dry me off. Quickly, Pet, Quickly"
Xander could mentally hear Spike snapping his fingers.

'Fetch a towel? What fuckin' nerve....... A WANK? Doesn't that mean....?'
With the speed of a rumrunner heading south, Xander was back in 4 seconds
with the towel.

Apparently 4 seconds was enough.
Through the curtain, Xander could clearly see Spike's outline as he
slowly, slickly,lovingly, massaged a perfect, proud, protruding prick.

Xander's jaw and the towel both hit the floor at the same time.
His fingers twitched and itched to reach out and touch something.
Spike's hand sped up and he started making the most erotic low growly sound
deep in his chest. Xander's body swayed forward.
Desperately he held himself back.

He wanted Spike so badly he thought he would faint from need,
but he also needed to know he would not be rejected.
His past love life left a lot to be desired, and as much as he wanted
Spike, he would not make the first move.
He would not beg.

Carefully, Xander peeled back the elastic waist band of his sleep pants.
It was still dry and crusty and stuck to his belly hair from his earlier
conversation in the livingroom.
He had really been looking forward to that shower.

Peeking down, he could see that apparently Bubba was also ready for
a romp in the water.
Ordinarily this could be an awkward situation if it weren't for
the fact that Spike was slapping away just a couple of feet and a thin sheet
of plastic in front of him.

Xander shrugged and took a choke hold on Bubba.
Watching Spike, he could see him standing with one hand on the shower wall.
His head was down and it sent a thrill down Xander's stomach to his balls
knowing Spike was watching himself as he stroked.

Xander could hear Spike growl and grunt.
It looked almost painful the way he was pulling and squeezing himself.
Xander wished it was his cock that Spike was punishing.

Xander tried to imagine standing, bent over, with Spike pressed against his
back as that thick cock pounded into his ass.
Just as he thought he could take no more, he saw Spike stiffen and heard him
whisper "Xander" as he spurted down the drain.
Pressing his cock against his body, Xander came seconds after.
Swaying with blissful aftershocks, Xander smiled sleepily.

Slamming back the curtain, the sight that Spike faced caught his
unneeded breath.
Xander stood there, deflating cock in his sticky hand.
Hair mussed and face and body flushed a perfect pink. Xander looked up
with half hooded eyes

"You called my name."
"Sure did, Pet. Was wondering where you were with the towel."
Stepping out, Spike reached down snatched up the fallen towel and
proceeded on to the bedroom.

"By the way, Harris. You can wash your hands and wipe yourself up with a
damp cloth, but no shower. Now, hurry up and dress. Our shift starts at the
Starfish in 30 min. Time enough to grab a sandwich if you hurry."

Tossing his used towel to Xander he watched as Xander stomped, cussed and
dried himself with it.
This was NOT what he had in mind.
This was degrading.
This was restrictive.
He felt owned.
He felt.....

Xander may often be accused of being slow off the mark, but he did
eventually catch up. He stopped drying. His eyebrows shot up and
his very best "Like a beer" smile spread across his face.
Possessive Spike.
Submissive Xander.
YES! This was headed in the right direction after all.

Now that Spike had taken Xander on as a pet he had no intention of letting
anyone or anything get their mitts on him.
By using Spike's towel, Xander now smelled like both of their spunks smeared together.

It was a major announcement to all the demons at the Starfish.
It promised to be a very interesting evening.
Spike had no idea.
27th-Dec-2006 11:12 am (UTC)
this is wonderful, i don't think either of them know what they've gotten themselves into, can't wait to see which of them caves first
27th-Dec-2006 11:28 am (UTC)
Best laid plans of pet and vamp seldom go well.
Thanks for reading and commenting. B.
27th-Dec-2006 11:22 am (UTC)
Spike is such a tease, I love it.

27th-Dec-2006 11:30 am (UTC)
Spike is definately waving his carrot under Xander's nose.B.
27th-Dec-2006 03:55 pm (UTC)
and the word of the day is:


*happily drools over her keyboard*
27th-Dec-2006 04:34 pm (UTC)
*Dabs your chin*
See you tomorrow. B.
27th-Dec-2006 05:01 pm (UTC)
I wonder how much deeper they'll dig themselves in before they realize they both want the same thing?
Boys!GRRRRRRR!So dense, so frustrating,so funny.

27th-Dec-2006 05:56 pm (UTC)
So ripe, so plumb, so juicy, so....oops
what was the question?
Oh, yes, thanks. B.
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