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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
What Happens In Vegas 17/22 
28th-Dec-2006 09:58 am
Title: What Happens in Vegas 17/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and a certain vamp

Special note:
In place of Vegas will be a short 4 chapter piece of pointless fluff. from Dec. 29th
to Jan.1.
Spike & Xander are still working for the Council and Giles is again
forced to call on them to save New Year.

Traffic had been light and they were well on their way to work.
Taking the back streets and avoiding the congested Strip, Xander
was glad Spike knew his way around.
With his sense of direction, Xander would have been lost.
Spike, on the other hand appeared to have a built in vampire GPS.

'Wonder if that sense of direction will help him wind his way around
my tushy when the time comes?'
Xander squiggled in his seat.

Spike snuck a peek over. It seemed as though Xander would give
off waves of arousal at the oddest times.
'Even back in Sunnydale, never could figure what was on that
one's mind'

"So, I've been puzzling on something, Pet. If you drove here and
then retrieved your bags from your car, where did you park it? I
assume you are still driving that rat trap you bought from your
disreputable Uncle Rory."

"Rat trap? Oh, right. Yea, funny thing." another twitch, followed
by much seat squirming,
"I drove it here, it broke down, and when I left it parked on the street
they must have towed it away. Maybe a car thief stole it.
Anyway, it's just gone. Poof."
Xander smiled, proud of his quick thinking.

Spike was tickled.
That couldn't have worked out better if he had paid someone
to steal it. He didn't want Xander having any avenue of escape.
Not till he had a chance to show him how good they could be together.

Truth was Spike had been lonely since leaving California.
He had spent a lot of long solitary nights thinking of Xander, and now
that he was here, he had no intention of letting him go.
Loneliness was not good for a vampire.

Looking down at his right hand and flexing his fingers, Spike wondered
if it was possible for a vampire to get carpal tunnel.
Shrugging, he relaxed back in his seat, one hand on the wheel and
darting rapidly through traffic, he tried to sound helpful.

"Well, we could call the police. You know, have a report made and all.
Really don't think they would spend much time looking for it, though,
Piece of shit and such. Car was hardly worth driving. Frankly if
they do find it I wouldn't want it parked anywhere near my place. Total embarrassment it is. Can of crap. Bucket of junk....."

"I get the point!!!" Xander wasn't sure why he was so insulted,
but damn it, he was.
That little red sports car had meant a lot to him and he missed it.
It was the first nice thing he ever owned.

Course Spike had never even seen it, and he didn't know that the car he
was cracking on had died months ago.

Xander still remembered the day he bought the Miata.
The really good looking salesman had winked at him and told him it
was a hell of a phallic symbol.

Xander wasn't sure what that meant, but it sounded like something magic.
Like something Willow would order at the Magic Shop.
"Get me two bat eyes, a cup of powdered ginseng root, and a phallic
symbol. We can save the world with this spell!"

Xander smiled. He missed Willow. He also missed the car.
Whenever he wondered if selling the Miata was the right thing to do
he focused on why he had done it.
And the why was sitting right next to him.
Looking sexy and smelling even better.
Guess the only thing to do is make sure it wasn't sold in vain.

"So, Master, just how the fuck is this pet shit supposed to work while
I am schlepping beers and graciously accepting gropes and tips?"
Xander turned sideways in his seat.

It was much better focusing on Spike rather than the scenery that
was whizzing by at the speed of light.

Ignoring the blasting horns and waving fingers that followed his path,
Spike cut through a parking lot and around a taxi picking up four nuns.
Xander blinked. 'Wow, I didn't even know nuns knew words like that'

Spike never took his eyes off the road.
"Simple. I am a master vampire, and you are my pet. As soon as we
enter the Starfish, everyone in there will recognize and respect
my claim.
They will not touch you and they will not speak to you without my
You will be allowed to continue working there because it suits me to
keep you close, however, things will be different."

Xander glanced up in time to see the casino parking lot approaching
rapidly on the left.
Before he had the chance to suggest they slow down, Spike slammed on
the brakes, spun around as he hit the gravel, and slid to a stop neatly
in the first available parking place.

Xander took a minute to than God he had not shit himself.
Considering the fit of the spandex pants, it could have resulted in
a very ugly evening.

Spike made no move to exit the car.
Xander waited to see why.
"Xander, Love, a good pet gets the door for his master."
Xander's eyes glazed over as his brain picked up that train of
thought and took off at high speed with it.
'A good pet sucks his master's cock.
A good pet rolls over on his tummy for his master.
A good pet spreads his....'

"Xander! Open the damn door!"
In a flash Xander was out, around, and opening the door as Spike
stepped royally onto the curb.
Pausing as Xander closed the car door, Spike straightened his bow
tie, smoothed back two errant hairs on his stiff over gelled head and
rearranged his somewhat puffy package into a more comfortable position.

"Ready Pet?"
"Yes, Spike. I mean Master Spike. Or is it Master William? Or
Master Sirrah? Or "
Spike groaned and left Xander musing on the walk.
Somehow this was not quite how he has envisioned it.

At least he would finally get the respect he deserved from those wanker
demons in the Starfish.
Reaching the back entrance he waited as Xander ran to catch up and open
the door for him.

The inside of the casino was always the same.
Slot machine bells ringing, coins clanking as they hit the metal trays.
Lights flashing. Red, blue, white, streaming, promising.

People laughing, shouting as they hit or just miss that one big jackpot.
Dealers calling hands, and waiters with the ever present "Like a beer?"

It was all background noise.
Sounds that can be tuned out without effort or conscious thought.
It was all low on Spike's list of priorities.

Stepping in confidently, Spike was nearly bowled over as he was
roughly shoved aside.
"Xander! My boy! Now that's the scrumptious treat I hired!"
Kermit had rushed out of his office as they passed.

Xander wondered briefly how he could say all that and sniff him
at the same time.
Seconds later, feeling a cold nose work up his back, Xander glanced
over his shoulder in time to hear Binky, the bartender growl low in
Xander's ear "Like a beer?"
Furious, Spike stood back observing what appeared to be a Xanwich.
28th-Dec-2006 10:55 am (UTC)
Aww, poor Spike *pats head*... or maybe that should be poor Xanpet- nah, lol.
28th-Dec-2006 11:16 am (UTC)
I think Xander is definately going to benefit
from Spike's evil plans. B.
28th-Dec-2006 11:05 am (UTC)
poor spike, another sure fire plan goes all to hell; can't wait to see how he stakes his claim. such fun watching them flounder around each other
28th-Dec-2006 11:17 am (UTC)
After this four day break, the floundering is just
about over. B.
28th-Dec-2006 12:57 pm (UTC)
Another great chapter! I was a bit worried that Xan would misunderstand and think Spike was just yanking his chain and didn't really want him. I much prefer seeing Spike furious and ready to stake his claim then them both getting all angst-ridden and mopey. Can't wait to see where this goes!
28th-Dec-2006 01:27 pm (UTC)
I don't care for a lot of suffering and Angeling.
Next chapt. on Tues. B.
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