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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
The Big Ball 1/4 
29th-Dec-2006 09:28 am
Title :The Big Ball
A New Years Story
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring: Spike/Xander
Summary: The council is again desperate enough to call on
Spike and Xander to save the world.

Giles sat back in his plush leather chair behind his huge phallic
symbol desk.
It was good to be king.
He had been head of the new Council for about two years and all
was wonderful.

Each new crisis that crossed his desk was handled efficiently and
quietly by any one of the teams of agents or slayers he had stationed
at various posts around the world.

At least five major and twelve minor apocalypse had been averted and
there was nothing that he couldn't handle.
Pressing the button on the phone in front of him signaled the receptionist
to hustle to do his bidding.

Within ten seconds the door opened and the attractive young man stuck
his head in.
"You called, Ruppy?"
Smiling indulgently, Giles sat back in his chair.
"Yes, and Steven,I thought I told you, it has to be Mr. Giles while we
are here at work."

The small brunette giggled.
"Of course. In fact I may just call you Mr. Giles after work too.
Then we can play boss and naughty employee again."
Giles eyes glazed over at the prompted memories. Shaking his
head to clear it he coughed and tried to remember what it was that
he wanted.

"Oh, yes, were there any messages this morning?"
Hustling back to his cubby hole, Steven returned with a small stack
of pink post it notes. Reading through them as he passed them one
by one to his boss.

"First one. Willow called. She is staying another week with Kennedy
in Paris practicing being french or practicing frenching. Not sure which."
He handed over the note.
Obviously nothing about it interested him.

"Second one, there has been an outbreak of toad demons in Ireland.
We have a couple slayer teams over there. We can dispatch one immediately.
Should be no problem. After all, wouldn't be the first time. Ireland.
Toad demon infestation. Kinda go hand in hand."
He tossed that one casually.

Wrinkling his nose and sniffing audibly, Steven held the next note
by the tip of the corner.
"Third message was from that bitch Ethan Rayne, he wanted to meet
you for lunch. Oops, guess that one should have been delivered yesterday.
You missed."
That one he crumpled and dropped distastefully.

"Last one is from the Powers. Seems they are taking a two week vacation in dimension Q^ and the Council will need to handle any problems that arise."
Trotting around the large curved hard wood desk, Steven plopped down on
Giles knee and fluttered his eyes coyly.

"Need any DICKtation?"
Smiling, Giles ran his hand up the inside of Steven's thigh and settled
in for a pleasant morning.

"Yes, I definitely feel a message rising. How is you short hand?"
Just as his fingers reached a pivotal point, on Steven's zipper, the
red phone ran.

The red phone always meant trouble. Earth ending tragedy. Nothing
Rupert Giles couldn't deal with though.
Snatching it up, Giles used his most professional tone.
"Ahem, Ruppy Giles here. Yes? NO! What?
Where? When? Right, well thank you for the information."

Hanging up, he gave Steven's crotch one last squeeze then pushed him
off his lap. Assuming his "Mr. Professional" face he snapped his fingers.

"I need you to check our data base and see what teams we have available
in New York City.
That was one of our best snitches. He says there are a pack of gremlin
demons planning on stopping the ball from dropping New Years Eve
in Times Square.

Ordinarily I wouldn't care but apparently when the Powers left for their
holiday, they set the time line to trigger on the dropping of the ball.
In other words if the ball doesn't drop the new year doesn't start.
Time will freeze, the world will end yadda yadda. I don't think it should
be a real problem.
Gremlin demons are fairly harmless. We send a team to New York.
Problem solved."

Rupert sat back in his chair. He tried not to look cocky, but there
really was nothing he couldn't handle. Smacking Steven on the ass he
sent him back to the outer office to locate the names of which of his
highly trained agents were available to deal with this.
Even from London, he was master of the USA.

Before long Steven returned.
The look on his face did not stoke the fires of confidence in Giles .
"I believe we have a situation Ruppy. Near as I can tell you have
dispatched nearly all of our agents to other cities around the globe.
There is almost no one left in that region to deal with the New York problem."

Giles stomach was rapidly getting that sinking feeling.
It was a question he would have given his right testicle not to hear
answered, but he knew he must.

"Who is it Steven? Who do we have left?" Standing in the door way and
ready to duck back out of the office, Steven answered quietly
"Spike and Xander. They are in New York on vacation."

From the look on Ruppy's face, Steven knew there would be no boss and wayward employee games tonight.
"NO NO!" Giles sputtered and gestured wildly at the small outer office.
"You get your ass right back in there and look again. There has to be
someone we can reassign.

What about Smyth? He is only on bereavement leave because his grandmother
Send him.
After all, she'll still be dead when this assignments over won't she?'
After pausing for a moment and realizing he couldn't remember if Smyth
was 100% human he glanced at Steven.
"She will still be dead won't she?"

"Yes, Ruppy, She will still be dead, but I'm sure he will refuse.
Especially after you cancelled his last three vacations."
Shit, he had forgotten.

Resignation was sinking into his stomach like a week old oyster, and
threatening the same result.
Dropping back down into his chair, Giles rubbed his hands sensually over
the smooth surface of his heavy hard wood desk.
Sighing, he laid is cheek down on the desk top.
He loved his job.
He loved his desk.

He loved that he could snap his fingers and have a juicy little receptionist
like Steven rush in and cheerfully climb under said desk and suck Giles cock whenever he wanted.
There was only one thing in the universe could threaten his happy little
Make that two things.
29th-Dec-2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
great start, i could use a good laugh on this very grey day
29th-Dec-2006 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yea, gloomy here too. Glad you smiled. B.
29th-Dec-2006 04:00 pm (UTC)
Okay... that's just silly.

29th-Dec-2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked. More tomorrow. B.
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