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The Big Ball 2/4

Title :The Big Ball 2/4
A New Years Story
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring: Spike/Xander
Summary: The council is again desperate enough to call on
Spike and Xander to save the world.

It had taken some doing, but Spike had perched himself to sit in the
lap of the statue of Apollo in the fountain in the center of the city.
Xander was standing happily in front of him in knee deep water, sucking
Spike's cock.

Water shot from cherubs butts all around them as the night time lights of the
city sparkled like diamonds.
It was magical.

Giving his balls an extra twiddle and inserting his finger into Spike's
ass triggered a shooting orgasm that would have put Apollo to shame.
Smiling, Xander prided himself on his timing.
He had again brought Spike to climax just as the sound of the sirens
could be heard off in distance.

Both would have their pants up and be strolling off in the direction
of the hotel before the flashing lights could round the corner.
Yep, no one could apply tongue to dick like Xander Harris.

Just as he anticipated, both men were wet, but dressed and whistling, headed
for the nearest tavern for a post coital toss back as the car came into view.
Suddenly, barreling toward them, was the owner of the lights and siren they
had thought they out maneuvered.

Spinning to a sliding stop in front of them, a young uniformed officer came
flying over to the shocked, innocent looking men.
Taking a step back, Xander threw his hands in the air.

"It wasn't us! I don't know how to swim! I don't even like to suck dick!
He forced me!"
Pointing wildly at Spike who had casually assumed the position over the hood
of the patrol car. "Really nice, Pet."

"Huh? Aren't you two Mr. Harris and Mr. Headcheese?"
"Ah, must be a message from the Watcher, eh Love?"
Spike had now turned around and leaned against the car as he lit a cigarette.

Instantly regaining his composure, Xander joined his partner.
"Yes sir, that's us. What can we do for you?"
Fishing into his pocket, the officer brought out a slip of paper and
looking all around with his best 007 imitation, he handed it to Xander.
Following his eyes, Xander also scanned the area, not sure what he was looking
for but upon deciding he didn't find it, he relaxed and checked the note.

Spike & Xander
Against my better judgement, the Council is giving
you another assignment. Go to Times Square on
New Years eve and make sure nothing stops the ball
from dropping on time.
Don't fuck this up!
No sex till this is accomplished!
Neutralize any gremlin demons you find!
Don't fuck this up!!
I will be watching Dick Clark to make sure you succeed.
p.s. Check your cell phone. I have been trying to call
you all evening.

Xander fished around in his pockets. "He's right. I don't have my phone on me.
do you know where the phone is?"
"NO SEX??" Spike was stunned. "Thank God we don't give a flying fuck what
the watcher says right Xan?"

Spike was bouncing nervously around Xander as he stood deep in thought.
"I was sure I had it earlier. I remember playing video poker and using the
camera phone at home around noon when I was taking a shit. Oh, by the way,
you will be getting some pics on your e-mail."

Scratching his head, Xander continued to think. Spike was quickly getting
"NO SEX, Xander. Wait a minute. You don't suppose he means
blow jobs too do you? I mean after all there was a presidential endorsement
that stated officially that blow jobs are not sex. Oh, thank God we got that settled. Whew. So what do you think Xan. Are hand jobs sex?"

Xander stopped dead in his tracks with his hands on his hips.
"Did you purposely leave the phone at home?"
Satisfied they had come to an understanding on the "no sex" issue,
Spike relaxed considerably.

"Oh, yea I did. It interferes with my concentration."
Deciding that was a reasonable excuse, Xander opened the tavern door
and stepped aside.

"After you, Buddy."
"Thank you very much, partner." Spike strolled in and selected a stool.
And they sat down for a beer.

Sometime later, Xander reached into his pocket for money to pay the tab.
"I'm done, Spike. Let's take this show on the road and head back. Frowning
and scratching a butt cheek, Xander paused at the door. Seems like
there was something we were supposed to do. Can you remember?"

"Nope. Must not have been important."
Shrugging, Xander let Spike lead him out onto the street. Passing through
the park, Spike began growling deep in his throat. When Xander looked
back, he saw that Spike had switched to game face and was showing a
mouthful of fangs.

Squealing, Xander jumped back and dramatically clutched his heart.
"Oh help help. The big bad vampire is going to eat me."
With that he turned and giggling ran for the center of the park, Spike
hot on his heels.
The chase was quick and mercifully short as both men were already
hard and found the running increasingly uncomfortable.

Tackling him from behind, Spike bent Xander over the back of a park bench
and unceremoniously jerked down his pants.
Humming happily, Spike went through the mechanics of lubing and stretching
the cooperative hole in front of him.

"Ah, Spike..."
"Not now, Love. I'm in the zone."
Short stepping up to the happy hole, Spike aimed and pushed forward.
"OH, fuck yea." Spike sighed and placed his forehead on Xander's back.
"Jesus, Love, you are always so tight."

Spike pulled back till just the head was still snuggly held in Xander's body.
"Feels good Spike, but..."
"Shhh. Don't worry, Xan. I won't leave you hangin'."
Spike slammed forward.

Xander bent down further and spread his legs as far as they would go.
Setting a fast pace, Spike rammed into Xander's prostate, canceling
any thoughts Xander could muster.
Reaching around, Spike wrapped his fist on Xander's cock and began stroking.

The pace and intensity picked up.
Xander's vocabulary had slipped to "Fuck, fuck, fuck." signaling he couldn't
hold off much longer.
It was a good thing because Spike could feel the ache in his balls and
knew he was close too.

As always Spike tried to make sure Xander would come first.
He liked the way Xander's ass clenched and tightened painfully in spasms as
his balls unloaded through his cock.

Clinging to the last remnant of will power he had, Spike froze as Xander's
orgasm erupted. The interior muscles working his cock were too much
and Spike came just seconds behind him.

After giving their overworked bodies a few moments to float back to earth,
Spike slid out carefully. Gently tucking himself away, Spike then
assisted Xander with a quick clean up and jeans adjustment.

"What was it you were trying to say, Xan? Cause you know I'm not big on
the conversation during."
Xander pointed in the direction of the seat of the bench they were
previously occupied with.

Peering over the back, Spike spotted a vagrant stretched out and looking up.
"Got any spare change?"
"Spot the man a saw buck, Love. I'm ready for bed." Yawning, Spike
strolled casually in the direction of the hotel.

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