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The Big Ball 3/4

Title :The Big Ball 3/4
A New Years Story
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring: Spike/Xander
Summary: The council is again desperate enough to call on
Spike and Xander to save the world.

Laughing and tumbling back in the front door of the apartment,
Spike headed to the kitchen for a pint of A+, already dropping
his clothes as he went.
"Cup of cocoa before bed, Xan?" Xander dropped down on the
couch and kicked off his shoes.

"Sounds good, just wish I could remember what it was I forgot."
"Don't stress yourself, Love. Stress can cause impotence.
Can't have that now can we."

Xander chuckled, "Imagine us going without sex."
Xander's eyes got big.
"NO SEX. Giles note.! Spike, you ass, you were trying to
distract me so I would forget weren't you?"

Spike came out of the kitchen with a blood mustache and an
innocent look on his face.
"You wound me pet. My feelings are hurt. I'm crushed. I don't
know what you can do to make this up to me. Well, o.k. maybe
a blow job, but only if you rim me first."

Xander stood his ground.
He would not be swayed by a pretty cock wearing a beehive hair do.
"Giles gave us an order. No sex. Besides, it's an easy job.
Tomorrow night we go to Times Square make sure the ball drops
and BAM - world saved again. After that we come back here and
I blow your brains out your dick. Good plan?"

"Not bad. Not bad." Spike appeared to actually be giving it some
serious thought.
"Might be even better if you suck me for a few minutes first.
I can be quick. Besides why the fuck should we take orders
from ole Rupert. Not like he's doin' without.
Got that little tart Steven doin' his bidding."

"Think about it Spike, if we don't do what Gile's says we lose the
cushiest job either one of us has ever had. The Council sends us
a big paycheck every month and pays the rent on
our apartment. Keeps you in blood and me in twinkies. Besides,
in exchange, we get to save the world and have an adventure.
I don't know about you Spike, but I have no intention in fucking
up this good thing."

"Well well, Pet. Seems your not as stupid as you look."
Xander beamed with pride.
"Thanks Spike, you're not so bad yourself. Let's go pack some
equipment for the job."
Before Spike could complain, Xander was gone.

Packing was one of the few things Xander was actually good at.
You start with the must haves such as lube -at least 2 flavors- tooth
brush and mouthwash - he never wanted a repeat of the look on
Willow's face when he kissed her cheek after - and a small cooler
for blood and snacks.

All this went into a back pack along with rope, cuffs, and anyting else
they might need for the job at hand.

The amount of toys taken depended on the length of time they
would be gone and whether the trip was business or pleasure.
If it was a Council trip they left the whips and cuffs at home,
packing only an assortment of small butt plugs.
A major sacrifice, but hey, Xander Harris could be very professional
when he needed to be.

Standing in the doorway, Spike watched as the love of his unlife
riffled through an impressive number of plugs that were spread
out on the bed.

Spike smiled and sipped from his cup as Xander selected and
rejected certain sizes and colors.
The boy was a true romantic.

This being a one day job, really didn't require sex apparatus, but
Giles orders had only specified no sex till after the job was done.

"So how we doing this? Cause I gotta tell you Xan I am NOT
going through another one of those fuckin' vortex thingys."
Spike drained his cup and set it on the dresser as he approached
the bed.

Pressing himself to Xander's back, he circled his arms around the
human's waist and pulled him back roughly against a very hard
insistent vampire chubby.

Moaning, Xander leaned back resting his head on Spike's shoulder.
"Oh, God. We promised, Spike. We can't have sex till the job
is done."
Despite his protests Xander was grinding his ass against the hard
on behind him.

"You promised, Xan, I didn't. And anyway, I can't possibly save
the world with this monumental woodie. You know vampires and
wood are a lethal combination. Save me, Xan. Show me what a
white knight you are."

Knowing Xander had already switched to his hero mentality, Spike's
words hit just the right cord.
Spinning in Spike's arms, Xander dropped to his knees and looked
up at Spike with his most noble expression.
"I'll save you, Spike. I'll save you."

With nimble fingers and the speed of a superman, Xander
unzipped Spike's pants and extracted his cock.
Holding the cock firmly in his fist, Xander looked it in the single
weeping eye and promised.
"I'm here for you." and he swallowed it whole. Spike went weak
in the knees as Xander did his damnedest to rescue his partner from
the heavy, hooded, swollen cock monster.
He tugged and rolled the evil ball sac that was assisting the dick demon.

He assaulted the slit with his hot persistent tongue, and he strangled
the monsters head with his experienced throat muscles.
Glancing down Spike could see that in sympathy of his plight, Xander
was roughly stroking his own sneaky snake.
He was a good man, his Xander.

Finally the combination of licking the bundle of nerves under the
head and the deep hard sucking were to much for Spike.
Always the unselfish vampire that he was, Spike wanted Xander to
come with him.

"Come on, Pet. Come for me."
Unable to wait, he doubled over and shot down Xander's throat,
Spike screaming out one more time "COME"

He had knocked three times already. Mr. Giles promised they
would be home and ready to go.
Pulling out his cell phone, the driver was just about to call in and
ask for further instructions when he heard the voice from inside
the apartment call out "COME"
"Well it's about fuckin' time." The driver mumbled before opening
the door and following the sounds to the bedroom.

"SHIT! Oh my God, I' sorry. I thought...."
With his hands wrapped around Spike's knees, Xander peered
between his legs, and saw the man standing in the bedroom doorway.
"Oh, look Spike. Giles sent a driver. Hey do you think we could
stop for some food? I'm starved"

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