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The Big Ball 4/4

Title :The Big Ball 4/4
A New Years Story
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult
Paring: Spike/Xander
Summary: The council is again desperate enough to call on
Spike and Xander to save the world.

This is the final chapter. Thanks to all who
read and commented. Vegas resumes tomorrow.

"Well clearly you two are Mr. Harris and Mr.Asole. I must say
the description given me by Mr. Giles was spot on."

Unconcerned, Xander got to his feet and straightened his clothes.
"How about a little privacy, mate?" Spike had wanted a few more
minutes alone with his partner before they left for the mission.
Unmoved, the driver stood his ground.

"Mr. Giles said I was to drive you to the edge of Times Square.
Due to the crowds you will have to walk from there. I am supposed
to make sure you arrive on time. Mr. Giles specifically said to
make sure you kept you dicks in your pants."

Most men would have been outraged, embarrassed or at least
miffed by such an invasion of their privacy. Xander was unfazed.
He had been with Spike long enough that very little affected him.
Spike had given Xander a confidence and inhibition that to be
honest, most of the other Scoobies envied.

Scooping up the tools of his trade and tossing them into the
backpack, Xander flipped the pack over his shoulder and smiled,
"Lead the way McDuff."

The driver led them to a long black Lincoln Town car parked at
the curb.
Opening the door for them, Spike slid in easily. Following closely
behind, Xander froze half way in.
Clutching his stomach, he doubled over.

"Xan?" Concerned, Spike rushed to his side.
"I'm o.k. I just think maybe that mexican food we had earlier
isn't going to sit too well."

Realization dawned on Spike's face. "Hell No! You are not
getting in this car like that!" Spike tried frantically to push Xander
back out of the car as the driver, no sure what the problem was,
attempted to push him in.

Slapping them both off him, Xander put a stop to the tug of war.
"Knock it off!' Pointing at the driver, he faced off with Giles flunky
"You! Keep your dick beaters to yourself!"

Shoving Spike over, he dropped into the seat.
"And you, you don't need to breath any way, so just can it."
Conceding the point, Spike slid as far over in the seat as he could
and they were off.

Huffing, Xander folded his arms and scowled.
"You hurt my feelings, Spike" Xander hid his glee. Truth was he
knew Spike would never hurt his feelings.
Instantly by his side, Spike was apologetic.
"God, Love I am so sorry"
Spike knew damn well Xander was not upset, but it was all
right, because he was not sorry.

Grudgingly, Xander accepted Spike insulting comment as a slip
of the tongue with his own slippery tongue. Glancing in the rear
mirror, the driver realized he had lost control of the situation as
the two men in the back seat rolled groped and tonsil
hooked each other.

Whipping over to the curb, he turned and reached over the seat
in a fumbling attempt to separate them.
"Stop it! Stop it right now! Mr. Giles said...." Sniff. Sniff
"JESUS CHRIST!! What the fuck did you eat?"
Xander and Spike each snickered.

"He is right, Pet. You really are rank."
Xander shrugged "Not really that bad. Remember the time
with the cabbage rolls?"
Spike chuckled "Or what about the three bean casserole?"
Xander roared "No, no, wait. How about the time I lost the
bet and ate a...."

"OUT! Get the fuck out of my car! We are only two blocks away.
You two ignorant fuckers can just walk!" The driver had rushed
around and opened the door, holding a hand over his face.

"He's right Spike. Time is getting close and we still have to work
out way through that crowd ahead. Looking up, Spike was taken
aback by the number of people packed shoulder to shoulder on the
street. It was humanity at it's worst and best.

People eagerly anticipating the new year and unaware of it's possible
disaster. Mingling among them were the thieves, pick pockets and
sexual deviants.

Spike wiped a tear from his eye. It was heaven. "Um, Xan,"
Spike tapped him on the shoulder.
"Not now Spike. Mission first. Eat a mugger later. First order
of business is working our way through this mob."
Giving it just a quick minutes thought, Xander reached into his back pack.

Xander had always been a tool kinda guy. He could take a stick
of gum and a shoe string and put McGiver to shame.
It was a talent that was often used to leave his vampire smiling and sated.

Finding his favorite vibrating butt plug, the one with the twirling head,
he flipped the switch, aimed it low,and started moving forward.
"Well hello there"
Parting the throng like the red sea, it took less time than they
had thought to reach their destination. Checking his watch,
Xander looked back at Spike. "Just two more minutes. We
need to get up there and stop the gremlins."

Spike took the lead and Xander's hand.
"Come on, Pet." Shoving people forcibly aside, they hurried
inside and onto the elevator to the top floor.
As soon as the doors shut and the haunting sound of Muskrat Love
filled the air, Spike pounced.

Nibbling Xander's neck and groping madly at his crotch, they
collapsed to the floor.
Gasping, Xander tried weakly to stop what he had been way too
long with out.
Flipping them over so he could for once be on top, the doors opened
and the two of them still clutched together rolled out onto the floor.

Never missing a beat, Xander jumped to his feet and rushed forward.
Kicking open the door to the inner sanctum, he rushed in to find three
humans tied up and gagged.
Two green tiny gremlin demons sat in front of the switch, laughing
and bouncing, and guarding it from being triggered.

"Spike, what do we do?"
Receiving no answer, Xander turned to find Spike blocked out by
an invisible barrier.
Searching the room frantically with his eyes, Xander found what
he dreaded.
In one of the corners lay two ting sleeping bags.
The gremlins were living here and Spike could not enter without their
invitation. Out the window Xander could hear the roar of the crowd


"Spike! What do I do?" Xander was terrified. He had nothing
in his backpack that would kill a gremlin and no vampire backup
to stand by him.

"It's on you, Xan. Use what you have. You can do it" Spike stood
with his hands flat on the invisible wall.


Realization dawned.
Spike saw when the light came on in Xander's eyes and he
knew the world would be saved again by the underappreciated,
underestimated Scoobie.


With the speed of light, Xander turned his back to the gremlins,
dropped his pants and let loose a cloud of gas that could strip paint.
The humans muffled screams behind their gags were the only
sounds they made before passing out.
Xander turned back in time to see the gremlins instantly combust
and burn to ash.

Rushing forward and holding his breath, Xander threw the switch
just as the crowd boomed below


Horns honked and confetti flew.
The ball dropped and the New Year started.

At the instant the gremlins turned to toast, the wall fell and Spike
tumbled forward.
Gathering Xander up in his arms, Spike kissed him passionately.
"You did it, Love. All by yourself. Do you know how much that
turns me on?"
"Oh, hell, yes, Spike. Let's go back to the hotel."

Arm in arm they headed out into the night.
Full of love and hope for the future.
"Hey, Spike, do you think we could stop off somewhere on the
way back? I'm hungry as fuck."

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