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Suzerain's Companion # 20

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


They were all dead. The carnage absolute, lands annexed and human stock taken.

The Cartels were commanded to attend. None dared refuse.

As the delegations entered, the Suzerain’s chief torturer stood ready a huge, ruthless K’morth demon, his own allegiance determined by the Suzerain’s blood which he had been fed as part of his contract.

In full view of the meeting, the favourite Childe of the Cartel leader of the South East region was wheeled into the room. The vampire was strapped to an old fashioned torture wheel. At the same time, her Sire was also wheeled in on an ancient wooden rack and cranked up to a point he could see his most favoured as she was slowly, repeatedly, ceremonially, impaled with a long wooden pike. At each new stroke of the wooden stake, the cartel leader gasped and felt his Childe’s physical pain, hardly registering the pain as his finger and eye were removed in quick succession.

He begged for death, but not before he watched the beautiful girl scalped then violated with a wooden instrument the length of a baseball bat... There was only one conclusion possible as it finally penetrated her heart after almost an hour. She dusted.

Her Sire, now divested of a number of his ‘parts’ by the torturer (fingers and fangs the first to go, followed by scrotum), was then near drained and impaled in similar fashion to his Childe, the final dusting being via a ceremonial like shove by the Suzerain’s own hand. Few had seen such savagery, even Angelus struggled to watch, but through the Sire/Childe link, understood the motivation.

The display was shocking, though for most in the room, understandable, and the show of strength left no question as to the Suzerain’s response to any who might attack his ‘weakness’, his family, in future. The message was clear, the brutality absolute, and none would dare again… for a while at least.

The following day, it was independently proposed by the cartel leaders that Angelus be named the new cartel ruler of the South East Cartel, none of the current rulers wanting a squabble – given the Suzerain’s mood. It was a good result from a bad situation. Angelus had longed for his own territory, had a swag of loyal minions and was a fine Childe. The Suzerain made a point of being initially reluctant but in the end, blessed the vampire he privately trusted beyond any, and exchanged blood with Angelus and the dear Lisbeth – their status was now, effectively, royalty, with their own cartel as well as a direct link to the Suzerain.

The dear Lisbeth was walking far better with her prosthetic, sometimes even able to forego the crutch, which was a relief on the abused arm. And she had committed to training with the Mistress at least three times a week (Mistress Janet admitting to the Suzerain that she had rarely come across such a fine student). Yet despite the progress and her new status as Mated Mistress of the ruler of the South East… she dutifully visited Alexander daily, spending time sitting by his bed just as he had done for her.

Strangely many of the Suzerain’s subjects were attentive beyond expectation, arriving with tributes and waiting at the compound gates for long minutes – for what, few were sure, but the attack on the innocent Claimed Companion seemed to have galvanized public opinion regards the Suzerain, their enigmatic, ancient, strong leader had been recorded keeping vigil at his dear one’s bedside. The injuries detailed. The retribution not televised but reported.

And still, surprisingly it was the amputee Lisbeth and tiny human Lillie who won the hearts of the demon population the most. It was Lisbeth’s idea. Each day the two made their way hand in hand to the gate and with two enormous guards flanking them, took time to personally thank members of the waiting crowd for their thoughtfulness. Their quiet messages of thanks to well wishers and Lillie’s public gesture of picking up as many of the flowers as she could manage (and then some) from the front gates then struggling (televised) to the Claimed Companion’s bed end, brought many demons and vampires alike to tears. Soul or no soul, there was always family, and what had been done to the Suzerain’s pretty Claimed touched them all.

Lisbeth’s impromptu interview (ushering Lillie back into the compound with yet another bunch of flowers) had suddenly made her the darling of the demon world. They all noted the missing limbs, and listened attentively as she spoke adoringly of her Sire and the Suzerain – then went on to explain the Suzerain’s (and his Claimed’s) dedication to keeping their world stable and operational. As she finished there was an audible cheer from all who were within earshot of the live feed. The networks went into overdrive as the popularity of the Suzerain apparently *skyrocketed* and the personal interest stories regards anyone close became a priority.

The Suzerain, Spike, was uninterested in all the ‘hoo hah’ and simply spent time at his Claimed’s bedside.

The picture of a devoted Claimer sitting at his abused, recovered Claimant were transmitted worldwide, and the legend grew.

Old stories of Alexander’s pedigree, his fighting ability, his devotion to his master, all were fair game. As was ‘dug up’ evidence of the Suzerain’s unwillingness to devote himself for close on two hundred years, then the claiming and occasional show of affection (caught by paparazzi), all was grist for the mill. Yet for the public it simply increased the Suzerain (and family’s) popularity.

Lisbeth became the icon for injured demons whilst the tiny Lillie became the human companion any would aspire to own. Fearless of the multitude of demons gathered at the gate of the compound, every few days the little girl would emerge with Lisbeth to smile sweetly and say “My Suzerain thanks you”, then gather as many flowers as she could carry before joining her friend the Mistress Lisbeth to slowly (still restricted by Lisbeth’s movement) retreat back to the house. The little human was quite the darling of the demon world, and though she had been born a feral, as a consequence, Natte’s and other studs had never been busier.

Meanwhile, Alexander was oblivious to it all. Drugged for good reason, his bones had been reset, wounds licked and bled on with the healing juices of his Claimer. Abused parts had been carefully tended to and the eye socket and raw stump of a finger carefully dressed.

Spike had insisted his surgeons examine the Companion internally and check for *any* other damage. They found a ruptured spleen, burst ear drum and a right teste that had been so badly damaged by rough binding that there was risk it too might need removal.

What had to be done, was done, the spleen removed, the manhood and ear left to heal along with constant attention to the whip marks and abused rear end, and thankfully Alexander slept on and slowly healed.

He woke on and off after a few days but every time he even turned his head he had a sense of vertigo that was akin to seasickness. In the end he simply went back to sleep. With but a drip to feed him, Spike worried as Alexander continued to lose weight over three more days. Finally a young demon doctor suggested the Suzerain push his own blood through the system. Spike sat in a chair not dissimilar to a dialysis chair of the old human world, drank a steady supply of fresh human blood and watched as his own blood was syphoned into his stricken Claimant.

And the outcome was quite extraordinary. No doubt his blood was having remarkable healing effects but also, every time the cycle of vampire to human and back was completed, their claiming bond became stronger. By the third day, Spike felt the missing eye as though it was his own injury, he even checked occasionally for the missing finger and felt his nether regions for memorized damage that was not his. The reciprocal benefit, however, was the recovery of the Claimant. Not just a normal recovery – but complete reparation, except for the missing parts…


The demon press had a field day, not only with the violent demise of the perpetrators of the crime against the Suzerain’s Claimant, and the recovery of the Companion, but also reporting on the First Childe Angelus investiture as cartel leader, and doing ‘interest’ stories on the family - Lisbeth and Angelus in particular. The vast majority of political pundits applauded the astuteness of the appointment of Angelus as Cartel leader, though the general populace were simply happy that stability would return to the South East region.

The media attention was irrelevant as far as tiny Lillie was concerned and her gestures of bringing the flowers to her friend Alexander’s bed were a simple, genuine act of hope… that he would wake, that he would smile at her, that he would give her ‘that hug’. Her regular collection of the flowers and open eyed thank you’s to those offering tributes, were heart warming and (not so oddly) the Suzerain’s popularity continued to skyrocket.

Lisbeth collected little Lillie from the door of the Suzerain’s room several times, the little girl seemed quite lost without Alexander. Finally Lisbeth asked permission of her Sire and Angelus carried the tired little soul to their bed, placing her on Lisbeth’s ‘good side’ before spooning his lovely claimed from behind. Lillie settled and somehow it worked for all of them.

After that it was a nightly ritual and Angelus’ broad, powerful arm was flung over the two forms as Lillie snuggled into Lisbeth’s cool chest. And Lillie’s tiny hand always first stroked then held her lovely protector Lisbeth’s arm stump as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Lisbeth had never expected to have offspring, nor wanted to be a breeder, but came to know why one might. It was only two weeks until they moved to the South East Cartel’s head quarters (a rather beautiful classic blue stone building – complete with turrets!), and Lisbeth resolved to ask the Suzerain that he might release dear Lillie to go with them – at least for a time.


Alexander came back to full consciousness late on the seventh day after his rescue. The Suzerain was at his side in seconds, their new link now holding such power that there was no option but to attend the Claimant.

The Companion woke to find his Suzerain, his master, his all, leaning over him whispering endearments, feeding him blood from an open wrist and stroking him gently. As he came to he registered that his eye socket still throbbed, but in an odd, detached sort of way. The human companion focused on the link with his Claimer and felt the strength and the love, and for the first time was able to reciprocate the latter at least, the other would come.

He was awake for barely an hour before feeding directly from his wonderful Claimer, then fell asleep in his arms to caring touches and worried looks to the doctor who attended the Suzerain’s recovering Claimed. It seemed most wounds were healing though the eye socket was still a worry.

The next time he woke it was to Lisbeth’s gentle touches from her good hand. Little Lillie was also in attendance but simply stood on a chair, fresh flowers in hand, and grinned as his good eye focused on her. But something was wrong, even as he smiled, he began to sweat and his heart rate accelerated – something Lisbeth could hear clearly thanks to her vampire status.

She was about to call for her Sire through their link but there was no need, the Suzerain flew into the room, past the two vigil holders and swept the invalid into his arms once more. And for the first time since his ordeal, the Companion spoke, “My … L…ove! Ohhh … sorr… Ssssssspp…” then gave in to the temptation to drink from the opened wrist before collapsing once more.

Lillie was swiftly ushered from the room by Lisbeth with the explanation that Alexander was ‘probably just very hungry’. After which a physician reinserted the so recently removed drip, delivered a hefty antibiotic injection and added a light sedative.

It would be another two days before the Suzerain could have a full conversation with his beloved. It was two more days of Alexander waking on and off, of feeling himself being carried to the bath and waking to his Claimer’s gentle touch. And it was two more days of his Suzerain’s blood. But finally he did wake and Spike was there, and not just ‘there’ but lying on the bed caressing him slowly, lovingly, and this time the greeting came out clearly.

“My lovely Spike. Hey…”

To which he was given the most natural of replies, he was kissed soundly.


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