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Hugh Fic Search

Okay, ya'll are going to hate me because I have a whole parcel of fic searches here. Ages ago, I wrote a story that featured Lindsey who could access alternate realities, and I asked people for their favorite ways that Xander and Spike ended up together, and then I used those for the alternate realities in Searching. Well, now I can't remember which fics I was referencing.

1.I can see you," Lindsey poked his finger toward Xander who struggled not to step back from the evil lawyer, "and you're carrying a near comatose Spike to his sire after the initiative has broken him totally."
This is A Sire's Revenge: For my Childe AND Quantum Xander. Any others?

2."And I can see demon's blood releasing the hyena and the soldier and you forcing Spike to submit and kneel at your feet."  In this one, Xander got splashed with a demon's blood and convinced the demons that he owned Spike, but the blood brought out a very dommy hyena who chased down a wild animal (bear? wolf?) for Spike to feed before forcing Spike to submit.
Tainted Returns by Kiristeen provided by maviankha

3."and I can see Xander thrown back in time and appearing before you as a three-hundred year old vampire who takes you as his consort.  I know this has Xander dropped into Russia where a Russian mobster type vampire turns Xander.
Kniaz' t'my by Kisa provided by squirlyk, fydyan, darkhavens, and onlywayout27

4."I can see you turn Xander and the two of you bathe in the blood of Sunnydale or leave Sunnydale and make a sport out of wiping out your enemy’s entire bloodline."  The first part refers to a story that was really dark with Spike raping Xander and then having to turn him because Xander started dying on him. They killed Buffy and most everyone else.
Okay, the second part is Darkhaven's Baby!vamp Xander series, but I still am clueless on the first part.
5."And I can see Xander choosing you and fighting by your side, risking his own soul until he drives you to seek the return of your soul."
No clue.
6. “I’ve seen you use a Frisian bonding ring"
Twilight Time confirmed by squirlyk
7. "and a mystical ceremony of five rings"
Josie's Five Rings?
8. "and the legendary ring of Tyrsis."
A Union of Heaven and Hell by Mihreia provided by mygothangel and darkhavens
9. I’ve seen you the damn Fountain of Youth.:
'Florida Water', part 5 of 'Submission' by Amejisuto provided by squirlyk (and how did I miss one of Ame's stories?)

10. I’ve seen him accidentally changed into a demon by his own friends
Better Living through Chemistry provided by cinderella81

11. "and turned by a vampire clan that keeps its souls."  I thought maybe Viking series, but in that, the clan doesn't keep it's soul. Any other thoughts?

Yeah, sorry about this.

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