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Well. I'm already breaking my resolution of "Spend less time on the computer".

I'm searching for a fic. I know I found it at the SpanderFiles, but for the life of me I can't remember the title, author, or what catagory it would be under.

In it, after fighting and saving the world again, the Scooby Gang is approached by one Joss Whedon about making a TV show about their lives. They agree.
Only some true facts have been changed. Like Willow, not wanting to sully Tara's memory, refused to have someone else play the role of Tara or even have that plotline at all.
Instead, the producers, desperately wanting to appeal to the homosexual community (as if the abundance of hotties didn't appeal to everyone already), they decide to make Xander the gay boy.
Gay with Spike.
Which leads to some real "O_O" and "D:" moments until Xander and Spike just get on it.
I think there was some Xander/OMC in there as well.

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